At this moment, the continent was the focus of everyone’s attention.

The continent was scarred and devastated.
There were sword marks everywhere and ravines were carved on the ground.

An ancient ruin appeared in the ravines.

It proved that a terrifying war had happened there.

And right above the mainland, a dark cloud shrouded and obscured the sky as if the end of the world was imminent.
People trembled in fear.

This meant that the war was not over yet.

However, a figure stood there in the air just under the dark cloud.
Just one person was facing the sky that was covered by dark apparitions.

The scene was shown all over the world and was witnessed by the eyes of ordinary people.

Everyone knew who Wang Teng was.
He had killed several devil lords alone in the previous battle, inspiring everyone.

Many youths regarded him as their idol, and even more people viewed him as a hero of the humans!

Now, Wang Teng was standing under the dark cloud and facing the dark apparitions alone.
As they were seeing it via screens, no one knew what he was going to do.

Grandpa Wang, Wang Shengguo, and other members of the Wang family were all clustered around the screen.
They were all worried and anxious as they looked at the figure.

Although Wang Teng had already killed multiple devil lords, he was facing so many dark apparitions alone now.
Was he really going to make it?

The dark apparitions were clustered so densely that it made people’s scalp tingle just by looking at them, let alone dealing with them.

Li Xiumei’s whole body was tense as she clutched Wang Shengguo’s arm tightly.
Her face was pale, but she didn’t make a sound.
She knew that her son was saving the planet and that he was a hero.
She couldn’t say anything.
She could only hope that he would return safely.

Wang Shengguo patted Li Xiumei’s hand and consoled her.
Although he was worried as well, he had to stay strong as a man to support his wife.

Over at the side, Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were holding their hands tightly together as they stared at Wang Teng on the screen with worry.

At The First University, Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang, and the others were watching as well.
Their faces were filled with complicated emotions—worry, nervousness, envy, and jealousy.

They used to stand on the same starting line as Wang Teng, but now he had already left them far behind.

They already knew about that!

That was a stage beyond the boundaries of a planet.
Wang Teng was already at that stage while they had only just reached the general stage.
They were still so far away from the planetary stage.

A gap like this made them feel powerless!

They were called prodigies since young.
When faced with such a huge gap, they felt extremely bitter, doubting if they were even talented, to begin with.

Over at Donghai, Xu Jie and Bai Wei were also staring at the screen.

“Brother Wang Teng… You will be fine,” Bai Wei bit her lip and muttered to herself.

“Come on, Brother Teng!” Xu Jie and Yu Hao’s eyes were red as they clenched their fists.

At the White Eagle Nation, Shuen and the others had already returned from the Central Continent.
They were fighting against the star beasts that were ravaging the human cities.
In the cities that were full of ruins, there were still undamaged screens that were showing what was happening over on the Central Continent.

While fighting, they looked up and watched, feeling complicated inside.
Their former opponent had grown so much, yet they were still struggling at the general stage.
They didn’t know when they would catch up again.

“Kill!” Shuen’s heart trembled, and his eyes were focused.
He fought the star beasts even more ferociously.

At the same time, in Country Bat, Country Boar, and the other countries, everyone who was familiar with Wang Teng was paying attention to the battle.

In the sky above the Central Continent.

As the spatial fluctuations continued to spread, the space around Wang Teng suddenly made a crisp noise like the sound of glass shattering.

He heard the sound and suddenly increased the output of his Force.

The space shook violently…

At a certain moment, the space around Wang Teng suddenly split into deep and dark rifts, into a bottomless abyss.

These rifts were not the same as the Space Tornado that Wang Teng used at Donghai.
Every rift that appeared was as thick as an arm.

Even 13-star general-stage martial warriors would be ripped apart if they approached them.

After the rifts appeared, a gust of wind from the void gushed out and surrounded Wang Teng as if it was manipulated by a certain force.

The speed of the wind changed from slow to fast and instantly turned into a violent wind, making a piercing sound like an eagle’s cry.

It spun rapidly, tearing apart the surrounding space, forming a terrifying piece of the void.

The expressions of the dark apparitions changed as they looked down in horror.

“Run! Run!” a 13-star general-stage dark apparition shouted.

“Don’t wait for the devil lords.
If we wait any longer, we will all die here!” another 13-star general-stage vampire dark apparition yelled frantically.

The 13-star general-stage dark apparitions were commanders of the dark apparitions and could take the lead and control the dark apparitions.
With the order, there was a commotion.
All the dark apparitions wanted to escape far away.

“Thinking of running away?” Wang Teng’s cold voice resounded throughout the sky.

His figure had vanished in the eye of the tornado.
However, everyone stared at the storm that enveloped the sky and was terrified.

As the tornado swept over ferociously, a devastating suction force broke out.
The dark apparitions who were trying to escape lost control of their bodies and flew towards the tornado.

Countless dark apparitions were thrown into the Space Tornado and had their bodies twisted and crushed into powder.
They were then sent into the abyss.

The dark apparitions screamed and roared as they tried to break free from the suction of the Space Tornado.
But it was all in vain.
With Wang Teng’s current strength and at such a distance, the dark apparitions had no chance of escaping the Space Tornado.

Even the 13-star general-stage dark apparitions couldn’t escape from the Space Tornado.
They struggled desperately, using up every ounce of their dark Force as their bodies were shrouded in black light.
However, they were still slowly dragged into the Space Tornado.

At this moment, the sky was a spectacular sight.

A terrible tornado hovered over the Central Continent as countless deep and dark rifts appeared in its surroundings, casting darkness over the sky.
The endless dark clouds poured downwards, like water flowing down a funnel, into the tornado.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… The dark apparitions that seemed unending disappeared from the world!

The leaders of the countries were all shocked and speechless as they looked up at the sky.
They even forgot to blink.

People all over the world who saw this scene also fell into silence.

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