Country Xia’s battlecraft landed nearby.
The Leader of martial arts and the other martial warriors came out to welcome Wang Teng.

The other countries noticed Country Xia’s movement.
After some hesitation, they ordered their battlecraft to land too.

“Wang Teng!” The Leader of martial arts came forward.

“You’re here!” Wang Teng nodded.

“Why are there only two of you? Where are the others?” the Leader of martial arts pondered before asking.

“They can’t come out,” Wang Teng replied lightheartedly.

They were shocked and elated.

The important figures from the other nations glanced at one another in astonishment when they heard his reply.

“The devil lords…” someone asked agitatedly.

“Not a speck of them is left,” Wang Teng said indifferently.
His gaze turned sharp.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

All the important figures of the various countries stared at Wang Teng in awe and disbelief.
He came out, yet the alien candidates and the dark apparitions didn’t.
This meant something.

They had to believe it even if it seemed impossible.

Also, the attitude of the only alien candidate who came out with him was worth contemplating.
She didn’t stand beside Wang Teng.
Instead, she stood half a step behind him.

Oh right, this was the only female alien candidate, right?

All the leaders seemed to realize the crux of the problem.
Their ambiguous gazes went back and forth between Wang Teng and Biluo.
However, they didn’t dare to stare too long.
They were planetary-stage martial warriors, so they couldn’t afford to offend them.

They thought that they found something Wang Teng was interested in and decided to flatter him so as to build a closer relationship with him.
After the invasion of the dark apparitions, he had undeniably become the most powerful martial warrior on Earth!

Their policy decisions changed when it came to how they should treat Wang Teng and Country Xia.

“What about those dark apparitions?” someone looked up at the pitch-black sky and finally asked the question everyone had in mind.

This was the head of state of Country Star.
He was a middle-aged man around 50 years old.

Biluo looked up and frowned slightly.
“These dark apparitions won’t pose any threat.
However, there are too many of them, so it will be hard to finish them off quickly.
It will be devastating if they land on the planet.”

She was speaking using her consciousness, so Earthlings couldn’t understand.
But Wang Teng could.
He nodded, and a sharp glint flashed in his eyes.
“Let’s put an end to them once and for all!”

To him, these dark apparitions didn’t just represent a disaster.
There were countless attribute bubbles too.
He would never let them go.

Without the devil lords, the dark apparitions were like an army without a general.
It wouldn’t be hard for Wang Teng to take care of them.

“What are you planning to do?” Biluo asked.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to her.
His body rose into the air slowly.
His black hair danced even when there wasn’t any wind.
An invisible and strange fluctuation spread out from his body, sweeping through the sky above the Central Continent like circles of airwaves.

“Space fluctuation!” Biluo exclaimed in shock.

She never expected Wang Teng to possess space talent.

He had never used his space talent when they were fighting.
This fellow concealed himself well.

Biluo felt bitter.
She finally understood that they, the talents from the Olant Federation, were nothing in front of Wang Teng.
To think that they felt superior to him in the past.
In reality, Wang Teng’s talent was much higher than theirs.

At the same time, Round Ball, who was inside the life energy stone, exclaimed, “Wang Teng, you possess space talent!

“This is an extremely rare talent in the universe! Only one in a hundred million talents will be born with it, yet you have it!

“Oh my god, I’m going crazy.
How is this possible!

“Is this really an underdeveloped planet that just welcomed the martial arts era? Why are you here?”

Round Ball started to question its life.
Wang Teng gave it too many surprises.
It never thought that he had such a rare talent.

At first, it felt grateful if Wang Teng could become a cosmos-stage martial warrior like Nangong Yue.
Now, it believed that his accomplishments would be even higher.

He could advance to the heaven stage or the universe stage…

“What’s Wang Teng doing?”

“Is he going to destroy the dark apparitions?”

The commander from the White Eagle Nation and the other leaders of the various countries raised their heads and stared at Wang Teng.
They had witnessed how powerful he was, but they still wondered if he could get rid of the numerous dark apparitions.

Many powerful martial warriors felt the sudden space fluctuation.
They were dumbstruck.
They didn’t know what Wang Teng’s move was.

Some people suddenly remembered the Space Tornado technique Wang Teng used during Donghai’s sea beasts’ riot.

“Is he going to use that move?” The Leader of martial arts wondered in disbelief.

“Quick, this is the last battle.
We must send the images back to Country Xia and let everyone see the battle!” He suddenly remembered the live broadcast and gave his order immediately.

The other leaders glanced at each other silently and chose to follow Country Xia.
Everyone was panicking because of this calamity.
Earth needed a hero.

Their battle with the dark apparitions some time ago was broadcasted to the rest of the world.
Wang Teng’s performance was extremely eye-catching.
He had killed several devil lords, and everyone was heartened.
If they saw him annihilating all the dark apparitions alone, it would definitely ignite everyone’s desire and belief to live.

In an instant, all the cameras in the battlecraft turned to Wang Teng and the endless dark clouds in the sky.
This image was displayed to the rest of the world through the internet.

Many 13-star general-stage dark apparitions lowered their heads and looked down at Wang Teng from the clouds.

He appeared exceptionally small amid the huge patch of dark clouds like an ant.

However, none of these 13-star general-stage dark apparitions dared to underestimate him.
They couldn’t forget the moment when Wang Teng turned into a rock giant and beat up the devil lords.

He was merciless and powerful.
They could only see his face, but they already felt fearful.

“Why didn’t the lords come out? Why are there only two humans?”

“What happened inside? Have all the lords died?”

The 13-star general-stage dark apparitions frowned.
They glared at Wang Teng in anger and astonishment.

Suddenly, the air trembled violently.
A loud buzzing sound resounded in the sky.
Visible airwaves spread out continuously.

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