Wang Teng almost spat in Round Ball’s face.

What did it mean by the son of some hidden boss?

Its imagination was running a little too wild.

If he was the son of some boss, he wouldn’t need to work so hard to collect attributes to raise his ability.

“Seriously!” Wang Teng glared at Round Ball.

“Come on, don’t be angry.
I’m just shocked that a native of this underdeveloped planet possesses so many good things.
Even cosmos-stage martial warriors will be tempted by these things.
You can’t blame me for being surprised.” Round Ball chuckled.
It knew that Wang Teng didn’t have a powerful background, but it just wanted to tease him because it was caught off guard.

Wang Teng was too lazy to explain.
Maintaining a level of secrecy would ensure that this little fellow wouldn’t look down on him.
He was sure that there would be more shocking moments for Round Ball in the future.

Round Ball would never think that he was a bug.

The devil lords turned into ashes as they got burned by the flames.
Attribute bubbles floated down.

Wang Teng suddenly felt thankful toward the fake baron.
If he hadn’t taken care of these devil lords, he wouldn’t be able to kill them so easily.

After a moment of gratefulness, Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles around him.

Constellation Force (Dark)*3000

Imperial Realm Spirit*650

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*350

Constellation Force (Dark)*2800

Imperial Realm Spirit*620

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*330

There were three devil lords, so they dropped a sizable amount of attribute bubbles after they died.
Wang Teng felt as if he was struck with a great fortune.

He accumulated more than 20 thousand points of constellation dark Force.
They turned into a stream of pure constellation dark Force and gathered in his body.

The stream of constellation dark Force surged through Wang Teng’s limbs and meridians, giving off a buzzing sound.
The reserve of Force was huge, so the Force nucleus in his body was unable to contain it anymore.

The constellation dark Force in his body had exceeded the limit of the 13-star general stage.

All the constellation dark Force spurted out of the Force nucleus and spun around Wang Teng’s body violently.

Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly.
He didn’t expect this to happen.
He immediately added blank attributes to the Dark Devil Scripture he had received in the past.

This dark scripture came from a devil lord.
Wang Teng planned to practice it properly after this battle, but accidents happened without any warning.

He had no choice but to use the blank attributes to raise his Dark Devil Scripture first.

Dark Devil Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

He spent more than 30 thousand blank attributes before raising this scripture from the well-versed to the perfected stage.

Fortunately, he had gained many blank attributes during this battle or he wouldn’t know what to do.

He was also lucky that a planetary-stage dark scripture had dropped from a devil lord.
After all, he couldn’t make bricks without straws.

Wang Teng immediately activated the Dark Devil Scripture after it reached the perfected stage.

The perfected-stage Dark Devil Scripture started working furiously.
The restless constellation dark Force in his body calmed down.
The normal dark Force in his body was being converted into constellation Force.

This was an unexpected gain.

If he went by the book and cultivated step by step, he would need a long time to convert the normal dark Force into constellation dark Force.

But the vast amount of constellation dark Force scattered the normal dark Force and merged it into the constellation dark Force.

The normal dark Force was diluted.
It was like a small stream merging into a roaring river.
It became part of the river!

The conversion speed was increased by more than ten times.

Just when Wang Teng was converting the dark Force in his body, Round Ball noticed the fluctuation.
It stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“What a strange fluctuation.
It seems to be suppressed.
What is it?” Round Ball muttered to himself curiously.
“He seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough!”

“This fellow has many secrets!” Round Ball stroked its chin and squinted slightly.
It was extremely interested.

Then, it waved its hand and created a layer of spiritual shield around them.

It didn’t tell Wang Teng that it was a divine spirit master too.
It was able to use its spiritual kinesis.

But its situation was different from a human divine spirit master.
The person who created it probably never imagined that it could grow to such a stage.

It formed the shield to prevent outsiders from interrupting Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was its master now.
They were on the same boat, so it didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Wang Teng was at a crucial moment.
Boundless constellation dark Force formed a black bridge and crossed over the sea of nihility.
The remaining dark Force merged into the sea of nihility continuously.

The silent sea of nihility started churning until all the constellation dark Force sunk into the bottom and got compressed and hammered.

Dull thuds rang continuously like the palpitations of the heart.

It was hard to tell how much time had passed.
The sound suddenly disappeared and the surface of the sea started to toss and turn.
A pure black star rose gradually, seemingly formed by numerous black crystals.
It was magnificent.

Dark Force—first-level planetary stage!

His dark Force finally reached the planetary stage!

Wang Teng opened his eyes slowly.
His gaze was profound.
He let out a long sigh.

“Breakthrough?” A voice sounded beside him.

Wang Teng was stunned.
He turned hurriedly and stared at Round Ball.

“Don’t look at me like that.
It’s just a breakthrough.
You’re just an ordinary talent.
I’ve seen someone advancing to another stage while eating.
Yours is nothing,” Round Ball said nonchalantly.

This little thing was so conceited.
Just a breakthrough? Do you think it’s something as simple as eating and sleeping?

It even said that his talent was ordinary.

Wang Teng didn’t believe that there were many such talents in the universe.
Most of the people were probably normal talents.

He finally realized that Round Ball liked to boast.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
He didn’t want to argue with Round Ball.

He looked at his attributes panel and saw that his dark Force had indeed reached the planetary stage.
He was elated.

He achieved a breakthrough after killing these devil lords.
How simple!

If Round Ball knew how he achieved his breakthrough, it wouldn’t have said those words.

How could a genius be compared to a bug? What a joke.

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