“Are you telling me that this entire historical site is the QY-E63 spacecraft?” Wang Teng was astounded.

“No, only the center part is the spacecraft.” Round Ball shook its head.
“Our spacecraft has been on Earth for many years.
To ensure that it has enough energy supply, I sent it into hibernation.
I also asked the previous human civilization on this planet to build a civilization around it to provide the spacecraft with endless energy so that it can set sail again one day.”

“The entire historical site is an energy absorption device.” Wang Teng was in awe.
He couldn’t speak for some time.

The previous human civilization!

And this entire historical site was an energy absorption device!

Did the spacecraft need such a frightening amount of energy?

“Don’t underestimate the energy needed to travel in the universe.
Even though I’ve let the spacecraft enter hibernation mode, the energy it absorbed is only enough for you to fly to the Great Qian Galaxy.
It might break down if any accidents happen along the way,” Round Ball said.

“Seriously? That’s troublesome.” Wang Teng was speechless.

“What do you think? This QY-E63 spacecraft has been on the earth for a million years.
You can still use it because I maintain it well and had foresight.
If I didn’t save up enough energy for this spacecraft, you won’t be able to do anything with it.
Other intelligences aren’t as smart as me,” Round Ball said proudly with its hands on its hips as it glared at Wang Teng.

“Alright, alright, you’re the smartest.
I have to thank you for ensuring that the spacecraft can still be used,” Wang Teng consoled it hurriedly.

Round Ball was an intelligent lifeform with incredible abilities and high intelligence but it had the temper of a kid.

“Hmph, this is better.” Round Ball snorted.

“Wait, the alien candidates have their own spacecraft too.
There are many spacecraft here now.
They should have reserve energy, right?” Wang Teng suddenly remembered the aliens’ spacecraft.

“Yes, quick, bring me there instantly.” Round Ball’s eyes lit up.
It said excitedly, “The QY-E63 has many spoiled parts.
We can use the materials on the other spacecraft to repair it, making the journey safer.”

“Huh? The QY-E63 spacecraft is damaged? Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Wang Teng’s face turned black.

For some reason, he felt that Round Ball wasn’t reliable.

What if an accident happened when he was traveling in the universe? He wouldn’t even have a place to cry!

This fellow was making things difficult for him!

“Haha, I didn’t have the time to mention it,” Round Ball touched its round head and said in embarrassment.

“You!” Wang Teng almost vomited blood out of frustration.
He said angrily, “Why don’t we use the other aliens’ spacecraft? Why must we repair this QY-E63? It’s a million-year-old antique.
I feel scared to travel in it.”

“What do you know?” Round Ball shouted, “I dare to promise that none of the alien candidates’ spacecraft can be compared to this one.”

“Why is that so?” Wang Teng asked curiously.
He had to admit that Round Ball knew more than him.

Round Ball thought for a moment before showing off the spacecraft.
“In the universe, based on the level of importance to a formidable martial warrior, we have scriptures, battle techniques, weapons, battle armors… and finally universe spacecraft.”

“I’ll share the first four with you when we see them.
Let’s talk about spacecraft first.
It might be the last on the list, but it’s extremely important since it can be listed along with the first four items.

“The universe is vast.
If you want to travel across it, you need the help of a universe spacecraft.
Even universe stage or eternal stage martial warriors need it.

“If not, you will need to spend a few hundred years traveling.
No one is willing to waste this time.”

Wang Teng nodded as he listened.

Round Ball continued, “Now, we can talk about the different classes of spacecraft.”

“The higher the class, the faster the speed.
A good spacecraft might need ten days to travel tens of light years, but an ordinary spacecraft would need tens of years to do that.

“High-quality materials and high-level craftsmanship are required to build a high-class spacecraft.
This QY-E63 is an extremely high-class universe spacecraft in many galaxies.
Only a small portion of cosmos-stage martial warriors or people with powerful backgrounds can afford it.
Coincidently, Master Nangong has both the ability and the background.

“The material used to make this spacecraft is a rare ore called star-sand metal.
A cosmos-stage martial warrior will need to use much force if he wants to damage the body of this spacecraft.

“This ore is also extremely expensive.
A ton of it cost 3000 GQC.
An entire QY-E63 weighs 2.56 million tons.
Just the ore will cost more than 7.68 billion GQC.

“That’s GQC, not some coins of low-tier civilizations like the Olant Federation.

“Based on the official exchange rate, the currency of a high-level civilization is a thousand times that of a middle-tier civilization.
A middle-tier civilization’s currency is a thousand times more than that of a low-tier civilization.

“Think about it.
How much does this QY-E63 cost?

“This is a luxury product!”

Round Ball stared at Wang Teng intently after it finished speaking.
It was anticipating his astounded reaction after he heard the astronomical figure.
After all, he came from an underdeveloped planet.

It wasn’t looking down on Wang Teng.
It just wanted to tease him.

However, Wang Teng remained composed.
“Are you telling me that this spacecraft is expensive?”

“What else?” Round Ball widened its eyes in surprise when it saw his reaction.

“That’s all!” Round Ball jumped up.
“Shouldn’t you give a reaction after knowing how amazing this spacecraft is?”

“What reaction do you want from me?” Wang Teng felt speechless.

“Astonishment, excitement.
Don’t you feel anything after hearing that you own such an impressive spacecraft?” Round Ball went mad.

“Well, a little.” Wang Teng nodded indifferently.

“A little?” Round Ball was disappointed.
It felt like a deflated balloon as it spoke dejectedly, “I feel no sense of achievement at all.”

Wang Teng chuckled in his heart.
Honestly, he was shocked.
However, he didn’t want to see Round Ball gloating, so he maintained a calm expression on his face.

“Alright, since you need to repair the spacecraft, let’s quickly bring the other spacecraft back and dismantle them.
We’ll use their parts to fix this QY-E63.” Wang Teng waved his hand and made the decision.

“That sounds good.” Round Ball gathered his thoughts and nodded in satisfaction.

Wang Teng touched his chin.
He kept the two corpses on the ground and executed the Darkness Clone Technique.
Two balls of black light flew out from his body and gradually transformed into two figures.
They looked exactly like the two instructors from the Saint Star Pagoda.

“F**k, you possess a clone technique? Even Master Nangong didn’t have it.” Round Ball was thunderstruck.

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