While Wang Teng was attracted by two figures, he heard Biluo exclaiming beside him.

“Examiner?” Wang Teng was stunned.
Then, he realized their identity.

After experiencing many sudden changes, he almost forgot that this was a trial.
Hence, there would definitely be examiners!

He knew that there were instructors from the Saint Star Pagoda watching over the entire planet.
It must be these two.
But the sudden appearance of the two examiners didn’t give him much time to think.

Biluo stepped forward and greeted the two examiners.
She was extremely respectful.

“You did well.
We saw your performance during this trial.” Ma Dayuan nodded slightly with a look of approval.

“Thank you for your compliment.” Biluo was elated.

The words from the examiners meant that she got a position in the Saint Star Pagoda.
It was confirmed.

“You must be Wang Teng, right? You should know about this trial too,” the other examiner, Ning Honglang, glanced at Wang Teng and said sternly.

Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t speak.

“You’re a martial warrior from Earth.
This planet is the trial ground, so we set aside three slots for the locals.
Your performance allows you to get one of the slots,” Ning Honglang said calmly as he glanced at Wang Teng’s face secretly.

To his disappointment, Wang Teng didn’t show any signs of excitement.
His composure didn’t seem like that of a young martial warrior from an underdeveloped planet.

Ning Honglang and Ma Dayuan glanced at one another.

“Do you know the status of Saint Star Pagoda in the Olant Federation?” Ma Dayuan asked.

“I do.
It’s the most famous academy in the Olant Federation.” Wang Teng nodded indifferently.

What an arrogant fellow.
He didn’t even seem to think much of the Saint Star Pagoda.

Ma Dayuan coughed awkwardly when he saw Wang Teng’s nonchalant expression.
He turned to Biluo and said, “Biluo, please leave for a moment.
We have some things to speak to Wang Teng personally.”

Biluo was surprised.
She wondered what the two examiners wanted to say to Wang Teng.

She remembered that Wang Teng was a genius that managed to get the baron’s legacy.
These two examiners would probably try to rope him in with some special treatment.

Biluo didn’t dare to be slow.
She nodded quickly and walked out of the command room.

Ma Dayuan waved his hand and closed the door.
Releasing the Force in his body, he formed a soundproof wall around them.
Then, he looked at Wang Teng.

“Wang Teng, you’ve already gotten the legacy from the baron of the Great Qian Empire, right?” The examiners exchanged glances with each other before Ning Honglang opened his mouth.

Wang Teng sneaked a peek at the soundproof wall.
Many thoughts flew into his mind.
He nodded slowly.

“Wang Teng, you don’t understand how dangerous the universe is.
The news that you have received the legacy wasn’t concealed, so it will spread soon.
At that time, many beings will come and snatch the legacy from you.
You’re just a planetary-stage martial warrior.
To put it bluntly, there’s an abundance of planetary-stage martial warriors in the universe.
Even celestial-stage martial warriors like us aren’t rare.
You don’t have the ability to protect your legacy, and it might even endanger your life…” Ning Honglang said seriously.

“That’s right.
The legacy of a baron from the Great Qian Empire is extremely tempting.
Even cosmos-stage martial warriors might not be able to resist the temptation,” Ma Dayuan nodded and agreed.

“Do you have any suggestions?” Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He appeared frightened and sought help from the examiners.

The two examiners looked at each other with an undetectable smile in the corner of their eyes.
“It’s simple.
You just have to pass the legacy to us, and we’ll bring it back to the Saint Star Pagoda.
No one will dare to do anything to you.
The Saint Star Pagoda is the biggest academy in the Olant Federation.
We groom numerous formidable martial warriors, including cosmos-stage martial warriors.
If an ordinary cosmos-stage martial warrior wants to snatch it, they will have to weigh their power first.
You will also gain the protection of the Saint Star Pagoda.”

“Of course, the Saint Star Pagoda will give you some compensation.
We won’t take your legacy for free.”

Wang Teng gave a look of hesitation when he heard their answer.
But in his heart, he was smirking.

They wanted to snatch the legacy, but they beautified their intentions with pretty words.
The Saint Star Pagoda also wanted to get the baron’s legacy!

Wait, this might be the examiners’ personal intentions.
They might just be using the Saint Star Pagoda to disguise their greed.

To them, Wang Teng was just a martial warrior from an underdeveloped planet.
He had no knowledge of the universe, so they could fool him however they wanted once he passed them the legacy.
At that time, they could just compensate randomly, and no one would say that they were thieves.

What a great plan they had!

Many thoughts went through Wang Teng’s head.
His mind worked furiously as he tried to find a solution.

It wasn’t hard to tell that these two examiners were celestial-stage martial warriors.
That level was still a little hard for Wang Teng to deal with.

If they were at the first level or second level of the celestial stage, he could have a chance at defeating them with an ultimate move like the Space Tornado and his spiritual power.
But the third-level celestial stage and above was out of his reach.

“If I hand over my legacy, what compensation will the Saint Star Pagoda give me?” Wang Teng hesitated for a moment before asking.

The two examiners looked at each other again.
There was happiness in their eyes.

“We can open the top three levels of the Saint Star Pagoda library for you free for three years.”

“The top three levels contain cultivation information and scriptures for the planetary stage to celestial stage martial warriors.
You can view them whenever you want.

“We will also provide you with 50 billion Olant Federation coins (OFC) worth of cultivation resources.
These resources are enough for you to reach the peak of the celestial stage,” Ma Dayuan replied to Wang Teng immediately.

Wang Teng snorted in his heart when he heard this.
Three years of access to the library and 50 billion OFC worth of cultivation resources? Did they think that he was a beggar?

Even if he didn’t understand the prices in the universe, he knew that these two examiners were fooling him.

Putting aside the 50 billion OFC, the three years of free access to the library was a speck of dust when compared to the legacy palace.

The collection of books in the legacy palace consisted of celestial stage and even cosmos stage scriptures.

Moreover, he had inherited the wealth left behind by the baron.
This was calculated in Great Qian coins (GQC), not the currency of a low-tier civilization.
The difference was vast.

Wang Teng turned grim.
Just as he was thinking of a way to resolve his situation, a voice sounded in his mind.

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