“You have a favor to ask? Is this the price to pay for accepting the legacy?” Wang Teng asked.

“It’s just a request from me.
Since you are going to accept my legacy, you’re my successor.
It’s not too much to ask a favor from you, right? Of course, it will be within your means.
I won’t force you.” The man in the white robe smiled calmly.

“Won’t I seem a little selfish if I don’t agree with you? Go ahead.”

The man smiled again and continued, “Besides my knowledge, skills, and wealth, my legacy also consists of the baron status in the Great Qian Empire.”

“What?” Wang Teng’s expression changed.

“Yes, it’s true.
This is a heredity rank.
Besides my descendants, my successors will also possess the right to inherit my rank,” the man in the white robe said.

“Why didn’t you pass your position to your descendants? You have lived for a long time, so you should have plenty of descendants, right?”

“I don’t have any descendants,” the man in the white gown replied calmly.

“Erm… sorry.” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

“But I have a disciple,” the man in the white robe said softly.

“Do you have to pause between your sentences?” Wang Teng felt speechless.
He rolled his eyes angrily and continued, “Why are you saying this to me when you have a disciple?”

“My disciple was one of the people that persuaded me to chase after Agulus,” the man in the white robe answered.
“However, the information they gave me was fake.”

“You were fooled and died because of it?” Wang Teng was astounded.

“You were tricked by your disciple? How tragic.
You have bad eyesight,” Wang Teng complained.

The man in the white robe: …

“Cough, anyway, it has been a million years.
Your disciple is either dead or has become a cosmos-stage martial warrior like you.
Are you planning to ask me to take revenge?” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and changed the topic.

“That’s why I said you can wait until you have the ability.
You won’t have a chance now.”

“Although you’re saying the truth, it’s still heartbreaking,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“Hahaha, I didn’t know you can feel frightened too.” The man in the white robe laughed.

“No, I’m not.
Why would I be afraid?” Wang Teng shook his head.

The man in the white robe smiled and said, “So, will you accept my request?”

“Of course, why not? I’m receiving your legacy.
Unfortunately, I don’t like to owe people favors, so I will help you complete your request.
This is my way of repaying you,” Wang Teng touched his chin and said.

The title of the baron attracted Wang Teng’s attention the most.
Since he wanted to enter the universe, he needed an identity and a stepping board.
Nothing was better than the baron status of an ancient empire.

Based on the other alien martial warriors’ attitudes, he knew that this baron’s status was noble and powerful.
If they knew that this baron status was within his grasp, would they turn green with envy?

Wang Teng wasn’t worried about facing a cosmos-stage martial warrior.

“Since you don’t like to owe people favors, you don’t have to accept my legacy,” the man teased him.

Wang Teng choked.
He almost stopped breathing for a moment.

He stared at the man in the white robe strangely.
This holy-looking figure was quite good at teasing people.

He was always the one teasing others, but now, someone managed to refute him.

The man in the white robe looked at his constipated expression and laughed.
“Alright, I’ve finished everything I wanted to say.
After you receive the legacy, you will get my token.
Your identity will be recognized when you bring this token to the Great Qian Empire.
You can decide when you want to go.
I won’t speak anymore.

“Good luck to you.
This is all I have for you.” The man in the white robe looked intently at Wang Teng before his body scattered into droplets of light.

A mysterious mark made of runes floated at the spot where he disappeared.
It hung in mid-air quietly.

A few attribute bubbles were dropped around the mark.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He picked up the attribute bubbles first.

Planetary Realm Spirit*380

Planetary Realm Spirit*420

“It looks like he really is gone,” Wang Teng murmured to himself.

He controlled his body and floated towards the mark.
Stretching out his hand, he touched it.

The instant he made contact with the rune mark, glaring light shot out.
The rune mark exploded and turned into numerous mysterious runes.
They spun around Wang Teng’s spiritual form like stars in the universe.

Very soon, the runes transformed into rune chains.
They gave off a golden glow and seemed exceptionally divine.

Suddenly, the rune chains dashed towards Wang Teng’s head and merged into his forehead.

The entire process took only a few breaths.
All the rune chains disappeared within a few seconds.
At the same time, a complicated rune appeared in the middle of Wang Teng’s forehead.

He touched his forehead and felt the mark.
His mind felt refreshed.

He waved his hand and the golden palace Agulus used to trick him appeared in front of him.

Although this was the legacy palace, the real legacy mark was the mark he had just touched.
It wasn’t some legacy key.

Wang Teng shook his head and moved his thoughts.
The door of the legacy palace opened, and he strolled in directly.

It was still the same shining and magnificent palace with books piled on the bookshelves along the walls.
The collection of a cosmos-stage martial warrior over countless years must be incredible.

With a wave of his hand, a few books flew down, floating in front of him.

The Essentials of A Divine Spirit Master, Controlling Your Spiritual Power, Spiritual Illusion Techniques…

Ancient Language of the Great Qian Empire, Common Universal Language, Ancient God Language…

Wang Teng was surprised when he scanned the titles of the books.
He just chose a few books at random, but they were all extremely useful.

The Essentials of A Divine Spirit Master, Controlling Your Spiritual Power, and Spiritual Illusion Techniques were all divine spirit masters’ books.

After receiving the legacy mark, Wang Teng also received some memories.
The man in white robe was called Nangong Yue.
Besides being a cosmos-stage martial warrior, he was also a cosmos-stage divine spirit master.

Thus, it was normal for such books to appear in his legacy palace.

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