At first glance, Lin Chuhan’s operation didn’t seem like much, but if you thought about it carefully, it was awe-inspiring.

Among all the examinees here, even counting generously, not more than five people could come up with this method.

This was a safe estimate.
It could even be said that Lin Chuhan was the only person who thought of this idea!

But… the things she did to win!

Tsk, it feels a little creepy!

Lin Chuhan was stunned when she noticed Wang Teng’s gaze turning strange as he looked at her.
A second later, she understood what he was thinking.

This bastard is always laughing at me!

All I wanted was to pass the exam!

Don’t you know how smelly the tree juice was when I wiped it on my body? When I was waiting for the mutated beasts to fall into the trap, I got stung by bugs again and again… 

She felt sad just thinking about it!

She glared at Wang Teng furiously.

“No matter what, you will definitely pass the martial arts exam this time.
Let me congratulate you first,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and said.

A hint of happiness appeared on Lin Chuhan’s face.
But, she still felt worried.
“I still hope that I can get selected by top universities.
However, my actual combat assessment result isn’t good.
I hope that my papers will be better.”

Some top universities emphasized a lot on the result of the written exams.
They would admit outstanding students especially, even if their actual combat assessment result was a little lacking.

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” Wang Teng consoled her.

“Hey, do you think that the results this year will be counted after the accident?” Yang Jian suddenly asked.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan were stunned for a moment when they heard this.


Wang Teng looked at the sky.
It was almost dawn.
The sky was already turning white, and the first ray of sunlight could be seen on the horizon.

“When the beast tide appeared, it should be less than an hour until the end of the exam.
Its impact on the result shouldn’t be too great.
Most likely, they won’t cancel the results.”

“Also, have you forgotten what the purpose of the actual combat assessment is?” Wang Teng asked in a meaningful tone.

“In actual combat, any accidents are assessments!” Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian said simultaneously.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng nodded.
“I think the performance of the students during the beast tide would also be considered.
Thus, those examinees that didn’t kill five mutated beasts but performed well might have a chance.”

“That would be great.
I only killed four mutated beasts.
When the beast tide happened, I was fighting with my fifth mutated beast.
Just as I was about to kill it, it ran away.
However, I saved an examinee after that and even got praised by the principal of Bailian Martial House.”

Yang Jian was still worried.
After all, these were just their guesses.
What if the examiners were fixated on the numbers?

That would be unlucky for them!

There was nothing Yang Jian and the other unfortunate examinees could do.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan stood in silent tribute for a few seconds to express their pity.

“Oh, right.
How did they take care of the beast tide?” asked Wang Teng.

“What else can they do? They used the cannons and fired at the mutated beasts until the ones behind got so frightened that they didn’t dare to come down anymore,” Lin Chuhan explained.

“There’s a limited number of mutated beasts on the island, so this was just a small-sized beast tide.
Once the cannons are put into action, all demons and devils have to retreat!” Yang Jian smiled and said.

Wang Teng chatted casually with his friends.

On the other side, Governor Jiang and the other leaders went to the central control room and held a meeting for an entire hour.
After that, they walked out and came to the platform in the center of the camping ground.

Governor Jiang placed his hand behind his back and looked at the depressed examinees below.
He opened his mouth and said, “Everyone, I’m the governor of Donghai.”

The governor of Donghai!

Everyone looked up when his voice rang out.
They stared at him absent-mindedly.

Then, an uproar occurred.

“Oh my god, it’s the governor of Donghai!”

“Our governor came personally?”

“Did he come to see our actual combat assessment?”

“Governor, how will the result be calculated? Many of us missed the criteria to pass by just a little.”

“Governor, many of our classmates died in the beast tide.
It’s really sad…”

The examinees started shouting continuously, as though they had found a pillar of support.
Governor Jiang didn’t stop them and allowed them to vent their emotions.
He only continued speaking after the voices died down.

“It’s our responsibility and fault that such an accident happened.
We will compensate all the examinees that died in this unfortunate incident.


“However, you have to remember one thing.
The martial warrior path is a thousand times harder and tougher than this.
You might have only seen the glamorous and powerful side of martial warriors, but you don’t know the amount of blood and sweat they had to pay.
The world of martial warriors is cruel and bloody.

“Your performance during the beast tide will be calculated in your results.
People who performed well will have additional points, and those that performed badly can only rely on the number of mutated beasts killed for their final result.

“Now, let me announce the official ending of the actual combat assessment!”

The instant he finished speaking, a commotion exploded among the examinees.

Was the world of martial warriors really so brutal?

Before the exam, they had heard of the brutality and viciousness of the martial warriors’ world.
After experiencing the beast tide, they realized that what they heard didn’t hold a candle to the real thing.

And, this was just the start…

Thinking about this, the expressions on many examinees’ faces changed slightly.
Some of them had decided to take part in the martial arts exam because they were dazzled by the fame and glamor.
They hoped to have good prospects in the future.

Now, the dangers of the martial warrior world changed their perception entirely.
They were considering whether they wanted to continue walking on this path.

There was no free lunch in the world.
If you were given a certain position, you needed to bear the relevant responsibility and risk.

Of course, to the examinees that were firm and resolute in becoming martial warriors, Governor Jiang’s speech instilled them with even more confidence.

Truly powerful people wouldn’t perform badly during the beast tide.
Thus, including the performance during the beast tide was beneficial to them.

People like Yang Jian, who were on the brink of getting accepted, were happy with this announcement.
At least they would be able to get into the martial arts course.

As for danger…

Looking at how happy Yang Jian was even after getting injured, it was easy to tell that he didn’t take it to heart.

“All examinees, please prepare to return!”

A voice came from the platform.
It was the officer in charge of the exam.
Governor Jiang had already left.

The examinees were all covered in blood.
Some of it was their own, while some belonged to the mutated beasts.
They queued up and boarded the Force floating airship parked on the empty field at the side.

A few examinees were in a coma, so they were carried onboard.
Others walked up with the help of their friends.

“The… the dead examinees!”

An examinee suddenly pointed to the stretchers covered with white clothes in front of them.
They were carried into the back of the Force floating airship.
Normally, that was where the luggage would go.

The examinees instantly stood up straight and saluted with their gazes.
They looked at the bloodstained white clothes.
A dark and oppressive atmosphere pervaded the air around them.

They were peers, but these people had reached the end of their lives.
The same thought appeared in the examinees’ hearts.
They felt complicated.

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