The center of the labyrinth was a little out of Wang Teng’s expectations.

After passing through the exit, he walked through a ten meters long path without any danger.
Then, he reached a place that looked like the garden of a palace.

Plants and flowers flourished.
Trees cast beautiful shadows on the ground, making it look heavenly.

Yet, this wasn’t the strangest part.
The most incredible thing was, when Wang Teng raised his head and looked up, the gray sky had turned into a night sky with countless shimmering stars dotted on it.

The stars shone brightly.
It was gorgeous.

What attracted his attention was a huge planet.
It hung above his head and filled up half of the sky.

“Don’t be astounded.
This is just a piece of cake for me.” A calm voice sounded from the side.
The speaker was smiling.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze and turned around.
The baron was half-lying on a comfortable chair with a thick and ancient-looking book in his hand.
There was a small coffee table beside him with hot tea and exquisite snacks on it.

Wang Teng was stunned when he saw his relaxed posture in the labyrinth.
This wasn’t what a person who was about to die would do.

“Do you find it strange?” The baron put down the book and smiled gently.
Then, he answered his own question.
“A million years will be torture if I don’t find something to do.”

Wang Teng nodded and walked over.

“Have a seat.” The baron waved his hand and a chair appeared out of thin air, signaling Wang Teng to sit down.

“You’re being too polite.” Wang Teng sat down as he spoke.

The baron shook his head helplessly.
He had a better understanding of Wang Teng’s shamelessness.
“I’m not surprised to see you here.
I placed my bet on you, and indeed, you didn’t disappoint me.”

“Elder, did you notice it already?” Wang Teng sighed.
“Oh my, I’m so amazing!”

“Erm… can you let me finish speaking?” the baron said after pausing for a second.

“Of course, please continue.”

“You’re indeed outstanding and fulfill my criteria.
I believe that my legacy will shine in your hands again and won’t be buried,” the baron continued.

“Don’t worry.
I won’t disappoint you,” Wang Teng promised confidently.

Promises were easy to make.
They didn’t cost anything.

The baron seemed satisfied.
He nodded and got up.
“Come with me.”

He turned around.
He didn’t do anything, yet a towering golden palace suddenly appeared n front of him.

“What is this?” Wang Teng was stunned.

“This is the legacy I left behind before I died.” The baron raised his feet and walked into the palace.

When they reached the entrance, the five meters tall golden gate of the palace slowly opened by itself.

Wang Teng hesitated for a moment, but he didn’t stop.
He followed closely behind.

After walking in, Wang Teng noticed that the inside was extremely spacious.
The decorations were extravagant.
Everything seemed to be giving off a golden glow.
The walls were filled with bookshelves that were packed with countless books.
It was a dazzling sight.

A stairway leading up lay quietly at the corner.

“That is the second floor.
It’s still too early for you to go up.
Once you reach the celestial stage, you will have the right to go to the second floor,” the baron said.

“You’re paving the way for me step by step,” Wang Teng laughed and said.

“I need to be thorough while I’m searching for my successor.
Every step must be treated with care during cultivation.
A single mistake can ruin your foundation and your potential will be limited.
There’s only one ultimate cosmos stage martial warrior in one universe.
You need to understand the difficulty of it.”

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.

“Alright, let’s stop wasting time.
Sit down cross-legged in the center of the palace and accept my legacy key.
You can only look at the books in this palace after you accept it.”

“Legacy key?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“Legacy key is a spiritual mark.
You will be recognized by this legacy palace after you get this mark.
This is the safety net I created when I was still alive,” the baron said.

Wang Teng nodded and sat obediently on the ground.

The baron crossed his legs and sat opposite him.
“Release your spirit and accept my legacy key.
Don’t resist.
If it fails, the legacy key will disappear.
We only have one chance.
Pray for yourself.”

“It can fail?” Wang Teng was surprised.

“Of course.
It’s hard to deal with anything at the spiritual level,” the baron explained patiently.

“Please be gentle.
I’m afraid that my little soul can’t accept your vigorous insertion,” Wang Teng said weakly.

I think you’re being vulgar, but I can’t prove it!

He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Control your breathing and calm down.
Release your spirit.”

Wang Teng kept quiet and closed his eyes.
He released his spirit.

The baron raised his finger and pointed at Wang Teng’s forehead.
A beam of white light shot out, entering Wang Teng’s forehead.

Wang Teng’s spiritual soul went back to his body.
At the same time, his mind trembled, and a ray of light gathered in it gradually.
It turned into the baron.

He glanced around and was overjoyed.
Laughing loudly, the baron said, “Amazing, this is the widest consciousness I have ever seen.
Your talent is amazing.”

“Thank you for your compliment,” Wang Teng’s figure appeared and replied calmly.

“You don’t have to be humble.
Not many people can be compared with you,” the baron said.
Under Wang Teng’s surprised gaze, a mysterious mark appeared on his hand.

Golden light shone, and gradually, the ball of light turned into the shape of a key.

“This is the legacy key.
Prepare to receive it,” the baron said softly.

Wang Teng nodded.
The legacy key turned into a beam of light and flew towards him.

The legacy key slammed into Wang Teng’s spiritual form and exploded.
It turned into golden strings and twirled around his body, tying him up.

His spiritual form froze.
He couldn’t move.

“What are you doing?” Wang Teng was shocked.

“Hahaha, your body is mine now.” The baron’s face changed abruptly.
The calmness on it disappeared, with greed and desire filling up his gaze.
He stared at Wang Teng’s spiritual form intently and laughed in joy.

“What do you mean? What do you want to do?” Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

“What do I mean? I’m going to snatch your body.
I’ve been waiting for a million years and finally found what I want.” The baron was elated.
He turned into a ball of light.
A large mouth appeared on the ball of light and bit at Wang Teng’s spiritual form.

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