If anyone looked at the labyrinth from a bird’s eye view, they would see a complicated and magical maze situated in a space shrouded in mist.

There was a faint golden mist hovering around the labyrinth, making it look like a heavenly palace.
Only the people inside knew how dangerous this labyrinth was.

Half a day had passed since they entered the labyrinth.
They could already feel the tiredness on the spiritual level.

Finding a way out of the labyrinth exhausted much of their spiritual power.
Moreover, other life forms had appeared in the labyrinth.
No one knew when they came.

They were powerful star beasts that attacked them ruthlessly the instant they met them.

In the spiritual labyrinth, no one could use their Force, so there was a lack of battle techniques they could use.
They realized that they were in an extremely dangerous position when they faced the star beasts.
One mistake and they would be brutally mutilated to death.

These star beasts were different.
They possessed attacking skills.
However, they didn’t use Force attacks either.
It was a pure light sphere attack.

These light spheres would explode when they got near and cause serious injuries to the martial warriors’ spirit.

It was a spiritual attack!

The labyrinth suddenly became even more dangerous.
Everyone shuttled back and forth frantically as they rushed towards the center.

The star beasts must be part of the assessment too.
Once they reached the end of the labyrinth, they could escape from these star beasts.

A loud explosion suddenly rang through the labyrinth.

A gigantic beast that looked like a lizard pasted itself on the stone wall as it spurted a light sphere out of its mouth.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grim.
He moved his body like a cat and dodged the light sphere.
It crashed into the ground and exploded.
A powerful spiritual impact swept through the path.

Wang Teng felt the strength of the explosion and understood the power of the attack.
A sharp gaze flashed across his eyes, and his lips lifted at a sinister angle.
He stared at the lizard star beast.

The lizard shuddered for some reason.
It felt a chill running through its body.

“Little lizard, it’s my turn now!” Wang Teng smirked and stepped on the ground, which cracked as he shot out like an arrow leaving the bow.

The lizard wasn’t afraid.
It hissed and leaped up from the stone wall, pouncing on Wang Teng.

Wang Teng punched forward.
His spirit was much more powerful than the other alien martial warriors.

Contempt appeared in the lizard’s eyes.
It seemed to be mocking Wang Teng for overestimating his strength.
It opened its wide mouth and wanted to bite him.

In terms of size, it was many times bigger than Wang Teng.
It would be able to munch him into two with its mouth.

But when it closed its maw, there was nothing inside.

Wang Teng had disappeared without a trace directly in front of it!

The lizard was stunned.
It widened its eyes in confusion and glanced around it.

What did it bite just now?

“I’m here.” Wang Teng’s voice came from above it.

The lizard looked up, and its pupils constricted.
Countless sharp spikes were reflected in its pupils.
It started to feel a little frightened.

Wang Teng waved his hand.
His spiritual power turned into sharp beams and rained down.

Multiple spiritual spikes pierced through the lizard’s gigantic body, pinning it firmly on the ground.

The lizard roared in pain.
It struggled frantically, but it soon started to lose its vitality.

A few moments later, its body turned into countless dots of light and dispersed in the air.

“As expected, it’s a soul!” Wang Teng landed on the ground.
His gaze was sharp.

This lizard reminded him of the holy knight called Margus from Mount Saint.
There were similar souls in his death space.

However, this lizard star beast was stronger than those souls.
If Wang Teng didn’t possess spiritual skills, he wouldn’t be able to kill this star beast easily.

Earlier, Wang Teng had executed the Spiritual Illusion skill and created an illusion of himself to fool the lizard.
This was how he was able to catch it off guard.

Wang Teng looked at the area where the lizard disappeared.
There were a few attribute bubbles floating there.

Planetary Realm Spirit*100

Three attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body.
He was stunned for a moment before happiness overtook him.

50 points of Origin Of Soul!

The lizard had dropped 50 points of Origin Of Soul!

He knew how difficult it was to drop the Origin Of Soul attribute.
This was the energy stored in the depth of one’s soul.
It was extremely precious!

50 points of Origin Of Soul merged into Wang Teng’s Origin Of Soul.
It felt so comfortable that he almost moaned.

The tremble came from his very soul… It felt incredible!

His spirit and enlightenment attributes rose slightly too.

There were 100 points of Planetary Realm Spirit attributes too.
It caused a rise in his spirit attribute.

Two consecutive increases.

Lastly, there was a spiritual skill… Spiritual Missile!

This was the light sphere the lizard used a moment ago.
It was a powerful move.

Most importantly, it could cover a wide range.
Once it exploded, anything within a certain area would be affected.

10 points of Spiritual Missile!

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
A new line had appeared in the spiritual techniques portion.

Spiritual Missile: 1/100 (well-versed)

10 points of Spiritual Missile were enough for him to advance from the foundation to the well-versed stage.

Wang Teng’s eyes shone brightly.
At first, he felt that he was a little unlucky to meet the lizard, but now, he realized that his luck was not bad.

He received a rare spiritual battle technique so easily without spending a single cent.
Others couldn’t experience this amazing feeling.

“There must be other star beast souls.
Let me find all of them and kill them!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He moved his feet and started running.

The stone wall in front collapsed as Wang Teng rushed out.
He pushed forward with brute force all the way until the end.

Very soon, he saw another star beast soul.

This was a hideous dog with two heads.
Before Wang Teng came, it was staring at another alien martial warrior.

The alien martial warrior was in a poor state.
His forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his clothes were a mess.
He must have suffered greatly because of this double-headed dog.

When Wang Teng appeared, both parties turned and looked at him.

The alien martial warrior was elated.
It ran towards him while the double-headed dog was focused on Wang Teng.

The instant the alien martial warrior moved, the double-headed dog started charging toward Wang Teng too.
Both of its heads barked simultaneously.

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