The baron from the Great Qian Empire felt unhappy, very unhappy.

The spiritual labyrinth was his way of testing this bunch of talents and weakening their spiritual power.
Anyone who wanted to reach the end of the labyrinth would have to exhaust a large amount of their spiritual power.
This was his real aim.

Yet, Wang Teng destroyed the labyrinth and took the shortcut.

However, he also realized that Wang Teng best matched his requirements.
His spiritual power was powerful enough, and he hadn’t reached his 20th birthday.
He was still very young.

He seemed to be the perfect candidate sent from heaven.

Squinting slightly, he muttered to himself, “I mustn’t let him reach here easily.
Let’s give him more trouble!”

The labyrinth started changing silently.

The stone walls on the original dead ends moved.
They turned into opened paths while the opened paths became dead ends.

Some unconnected roads got linked up.

Based on the figure’s arrangement, Argus, Kathu, Loggins, and many other people’s path overlapped with the paths Wang Teng had to pass.

That meant that they would definitely meet!

Wang Teng didn’t know what was happening.
He was still immersed in his attributes picking work.
He destroyed the labyrinth wherever he went and turned everything into ruins.

This labyrinth wasn’t soundproof.
When he destroyed the stone walls, the noise echoed in the air and landed in the ears of the people who were getting closer to him.

“Who’s bombing the labyrinth?”

“Idiot, this labyrinth can’t be destroyed using brute force.”

Everyone was appalled.
They turned in the direction of the sound as they guessed which idiot was smashing the labyrinth.

After pausing for a second, they continued dashing towards the center of the labyrinth.

The voice sounded close.
This meant that the other martial warrior was just nearby.
They didn’t dare to waste any time in case someone beat them to the draw.

Only one person didn’t move.
This person felt that the explosion was extremely close.
It was just a wall away.

He stopped in his tracks and turned around, staring intently at the stone wall behind him.

The next instant, the loud bang was heard again.
It couldn’t be any nearer.

The stone wall collapsed violently, and a figure strolled out amid the dust.

“Hey, it seems like I can’t avoid my enemy.” A cynical voice rang in the air.

“Wang Teng!” Loggins squinted.
He said each word with great emphasis.

He recognized the voice.
At the same time, he was astounded that this fellow was able to destroy the walls of this labyrinth.
He couldn’t maintain his composure.

“Don’t be nervous.
I’m not going to eat you.” The dust dispersed, and Wang Teng’s figure appeared before him.
There was a faint smile on his face.

“Don’t put on an act.
Since we met, we should have a duel,” Loggins said with a cold expression.

“You’re straightforward!” Wang Teng nodded.
He hooked his fingers and continued, “Come, I have an advantage in this place, so you can make three moves first.”

“You’re tempting fate!” Loggins felt humiliated.
Anger burned in his heart as he stomped his feet on the ground.

He dashed towards Wang Teng, leaving a trail of shadows behind.
There were no weapons here, so they could only attack in the most basic manner.

He released his fist ferociously and hurled it at Wang Teng’s head.

Wang Teng seemed relaxed.
Tilting his head, he evaded the attack and counted calmly, “One.”

Loggins was fuming.
He turned his body and swept his leg at Wang Teng’s head.
No one could use their Force attacks in this spiritual labyrinth, but they knew the basic fighting skills.
As a talented martial warrior, Loggins was skilled in this area too.

His attack was violent and fast.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Wang Teng, whose basic combat skills were all at the peak level.
He could evade Loggins’s attack without any effort.

“Two!” Wang Teng counted again.

“Bastard!” Loggins’s face turned as black as an ink bottle.
He wanted to catch Wang Teng off guard, so he flung his head towards Wang Teng’s head when he attacked.

Wang Teng moved his body and disappeared on the spot.

Loggins’s attack failed again.

“Three!” Wang Teng suddenly appeared behind Loggins and said calmly, “You have a hard head.”

Loggins’s expression changed, and he panicked.
He took a step forward without much thought and spurted out.

A gust of strong wind followed him, striking him at the speed of lightning.

A dull thud was heard.
Loggins felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, sending him into a daze.
He stumbled and almost fell flat on the ground.

Numerous questions popped into his mind.
He could tell distinctively that it wasn’t a fist.
It felt like a huge metal brick.

Before he could think further, another gust of wind struck him.

Loggins didn’t have any time to react.
The object smashed the back of his head again.

This time, he couldn’t withstand it and collapsed to the ground.

“Don’t you have a tough head? Why are you collapsing after just two blows?” Wang Teng’s calm voice entered his ears.

Loggins turned hurriedly and saw a golden brick in Wang Teng’s hand.
He was shocked.

“What about me?” Wang Teng played with the brick in his hand with a smile.
“Are you surprised? How’s the hardness of my brick? Is it harder than your head?”

“Why do you have a weapon?” Loggins asked in disbelief.

“Oh, I took one from the wall.” Wang Teng came up with a random excuse.

Loggins almost went mad.
His expression turned ugly, and he said, “You’re cheating.
You won’t be able to prove that you’re stronger than me even if you win!”

“Idiot, who cares?” Wang Teng rolled his eyes, deciding not to waste any more time.
He raised the brick and brought it down on Loggins’s head.

Loggins’s pupils constricted.
He kept retreating to dodge the brick, but it was all in vain.

The emotionless brick landed on Loggins’s head several times.

Where did he get the courage from?

Loggins was infuriated, but this emotion was soon overpowered by the pain in his head.
He started screaming uncontrollably.

“Bastard, you shouldn’t hit a person’s face!”

“Ah, Wang Teng, I hate you…”

After some time, Loggins’s voice died down.
He wasn’t able to scream anymore.

“I’m getting out of practice since I haven’t been using this brick lately.
Not bad, I can practice it on you,” Wang Teng said slowly.
He finally stopped and let out a long sigh.

Loggins hadn’t fainted yet.
He felt like vomiting blood out of frustration.
This brat was using him as practice.

Wang Teng stared at Loggins’s badly bruised face and touched his chin.
He said guiltily, “Look, why do you have to use your head when fighting with me? You got me excited.
I wanted to know which one is harder, the brick or your head.
You can’t blame me.
It’s your fault.”

“Pfft!” Loggins spat out a mouth of blood as boiled in anger.

F**k, you beat me up badly only to tell me that it’s my fault?

Loggins detested Wang Teng, but at the same time, fear crept into his heart involuntarily.
He finally understood that the bastard in front of him never went by the book! Any reason was a valid reason for him to attack.

Why did he provoke this fellow in the past!

Why did he have to step out first? No one else did!

He also regretted using his head!

His head wouldn’t have been beaten up so badly otherwise!

Tears of regret flowed down Loggins’s face.

The top talent from the Uros Galaxy cried after getting beaten up by Wang Teng.
No one might believe this news if they heard it.

“Hey, why are you crying so easily? You’re acting like a lady.” Wang Teng felt speechless when he saw the tear at the edge of Loggins’s eye.

Loggins couldn’t speak, but his heart’s exasperation flowed endlessly like the water in a river.
He couldn’t beat him in a fight or contest of words, so he decided to close his eyes and pretend to be dead.

“Alright, I shall send you out.” Wang Teng shook his head and raised his feet.
Before Loggins could react, he had already smashed his head.

Loggins’s spirit dissipated gradually.

As a universe talent, his head was crushed by Wang Teng’s single step.

In the final moments, Loggins felt extremely humiliated.

Killing the spirit might not kill the person directly, but it would still cause great damage to the physical body.

Loggins’ main body would be unconscious after suffering such a heavy blow.
He wouldn’t be able to wake up anytime soon.

At the same time, he had failed the assessment.

Wang Teng remained indifferent.
He continued moving forward.

The baron at the center of the labyrinth was astounded.
“He killed one of them.
As expected of the person I chose.
It’s rare that such a talent got born on Earth.”

Then, he sighed.
“If he had appeared earlier, I wouldn’t have been stuck here for a million years!

“Fortunately, heaven treats me well.
They gave me hope when I’m almost at the end of my life.
This is the silver lining.

“However, this fellow is a little strange.
What an odd way to kill his talented opponent.
I have never seen anyone like him in the universe for as long as I’ve lived.”

The figure shook his head.
He was caught between laughter and tears.
Rocking his chair, he looked at the screen lightheartedly.

“This fellow isn’t easy to deal with.
My current state is too weak.
Alright, let’s release the souls of the star beasts.
Let it be a waste if it must be.”

The figure waved his hand and numerous star beast souls appeared in the labyrinth.
They darted in Wang Teng’s direction.

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