As the robot collapsed, Wang Teng turned to look at Biluo and blew the muzzle of his gun pretentiously.
Then, he said, “What did you say just now? This robot is tough and sturdy?”

Biluo was fighting with another robot.
She almost choked on her own breath when she heard Wang Teng’s words.

The robot seized the chance and attacked furiously.

“Go away! I don’t want to see you!” She shouted as she hurriedly defended herself against the robot’s attacks.
She didn’t even look at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng chuckled.
He wondered if he was a little out of line here.
She was fighting, but he still talked to her and distracted her.
This wasn’t good.

“Cough, alright, I won’t disturb you.
Please continue.” Wang Teng became a spectator.
He squatted down and sized up the robot curiously.

The technology involved in making this robot was highly advanced.
Although Wang Teng had destroyed it, he admitted that it was powerful.
Look, the other people were having a hard time dealing with them.

One could only admit that Wang Teng was too powerful.

“Well, I should bring this back to my country and let them study it.
The technology on Earth might take a huge leap because of it,” Wang Teng touched his chin and mumbled.

He kept the robot in his space ring directly.

Then, he raised his head and glanced at the duels around him.
There were many more robots compared to the human martial warriors and devil lords.
He counted approximately 30 of them.

Many people were being attacked by two to three robots.
Wang Teng was luckier since only one robot had charged at him.

He didn’t plan to help them, though.
He was perfectly happy watching them battle violently with the robots.
He also took the chance to observe the robots’ attacks.

Just like what Biluo said, the robots’ attack pattern was simple.
They either changed their arms into sharp blades or guns.

“There’s nothing much to see.
The robots are disappointing.” Wang Teng shook his head.

At this moment, two laser beams shot out from one robot’s eye.

The martial warrior opposite couldn’t react in time.
The armor in front of his eyes was penetrated by the laser, which then hit the martial warrior’s head.

The planetary-stage martial warrior slammed to the ground and died.

“Huh? They can shoot lasers out of their eyes?” Wang Teng was shocked.
It looked like the eyes were a weak spot of this armor.
It would get easily damaged by external forces.
He wondered to himself.

Everyone was astounded when they saw this scene.
They became vigilant of the robots’ eyes.

Wang Teng released his spiritual power and picked up the attribute bubbles dropped by the planetary-stage martial warrior.

Constellation Force (Water)*1800

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*600

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*540

Tenth-Level Water Sword Conscious*400

Tenth-level water sword conscious! Wang Teng was elated.
This was another tenth-level conscious.
What a great gain for him.

A sonic boom shot through the air.

Wang Teng raised his head and saw the robot who had killed that planetary-stage martial warrior dashing toward him.

“Be careful!” Biluo called out spontaneously.
Her expression changed when she saw Wang Teng still squatting there.

“F**k, do you think I’m easy to bully!” Wang Teng frowned and scoffed.

This time, he had the experience of fighting with a robot and had been observing it for some time.
He knew how the robots attacked.
Getting rid of one was just a piece of cake.

In the next instant, a few rays of light flew out from his body and headed for the robot.

He used his spiritual power to control numerous flying daggers, targeting the robot’s weak points: joints, eyes, etc.

Wang Teng’s spirit had reached the Planetary Realm, so the flying daggers became even more powerful under his control.
They moved as fast as lightning.

The flying daggers crashed into the robot’s knee.
It staggered and fell forward.
However, its outer layer was extremely tough, so the flying daggers couldn’t penetrate it, even with Wang Teng’s spiritual power.

The quality of these flying daggers is not good enough! Wang Teng frowned and wondered to himself.

Along with two explosions, two of the flying daggers hit the robot’s eyes.

After seeing the laser attack, it only made sense for Wang Teng to destroy its eyes first in case the robot gave him a death glare.

Once its eyes were destroyed, the robot turned sluggish.
It couldn’t lock onto Wang Teng’s position and started attacking frantically in all directions.

The martial warriors around it were in trouble.
The robot’s random attacks didn’t hit Wang Teng but them.

The martial warriors bellowed in anger.
Their resentment towards Wang Teng was extremely strong.

“Erm…” Wang Teng felt awkward.
He shrunk his neck and complained to himself. It’s not my fault.
The robot is the culprit.

However, he didn’t dawdle.
He took a step out, appearing behind the robot instantly.
He wanted to use his fist to smash the robot’s head, but he remembered that he had to bring it back for research.
So he kept his fist and twisted the robot’s head by 180°.

The robot froze on the spot.
Then, it started jerking as if there was an error in its circuit.

Wang Teng kept it in his space ring.
One robot was taken care of quickly.

The other people were stunned.
They suddenly wondered if the robot attacking Wang Teng was of the same kind as the one they were fighting against.

Why did it seem so simple for him!

Argus, Kathu, and the five great stars were the first to realize the issue.
They stopped using brute force and copied Wang Teng silently.
Very soon, they destroyed the robots too.

Biluo dragged a robot over and threw it at Wang Teng.
“This is for you! You seem interested in it.”

“Thank you.” Wang Teng kept it instantly.

“You don’t even pretend to be polite,” Biluo complained.

“There’s no need to be polite with someone you’re close to,” Wang Teng said in an intimate tone.

“How am I close with you?” Biluo was speechless.

“I know you don’t mean what you say.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Ignoring his reply, she asked, “Are you planning to study the robots?”

“I’m just going to dismantle them for fun.”

“You don’t have to hide your plans.” Biluo rolled her eyes and continued, “Studying them will be a waste of time, manpower, and resources.
Y’all might not be able to get results in the end.
The technology on this planet is too backward.
A better option will be to buy some technology patents from the Olant Federation directly to raise the level of your civilization first.”

“Sigh, you don’t understand because you’re not in our shoes.
Earth doesn’t have the money to buy patents from the Olant Federation.
They must be expensive.”

“Well, not that much.
Basic patents are easy to get.
Earth’s technology is too far behind, so you just need to get some basic ones.
It won’t cost much.”

“Is it cheap? Why don’t you donate some?” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.

“In your dreams!” Biluo glared at him.
This fellow was thinking too much.

Wang Teng noticed that the other people had gotten rid of their robots too, so he flew over quickly to recycle the ‘trash.’

“Can you give me this robot?”

Wang Teng asked everyone he met.
The alien martial warriors were arrogant and couldn’t be bothered about the robots.
They were lazy to reply to Wang Teng too, so they flew away directly.

Without minding it, Wang Teng kept the robots happily.

“Hey, do you want this robot?” Wang Teng came beside Kathu and asked.
He was already planning to keep it.

“I’m sorry, I actually like this robot.” Kathu pressed the robot down and stared at him bitterly.

Wang Teng looked back at him.
When their eyes met, sparks flew in the air.

“You can keep it then.
I thought you didn’t want it since you left it on the ground.
You need to throw your own rubbish away.
We’re adults.
We need to be considerate,” Wang Teng pulled his hand back and said seriously.

The edge of Kathu’s eyes started trembling.
He had cursed multiple times in his heart.

He had never seen someone as thick-skinned as him!

Kathu kept the robot with an angry snort.
He moved away from Wang Teng and stood at the side.
What he couldn’t see wouldn’t hurt him

Wang Teng turned and looked at Argus.

Argus immediately kept the robot.
He didn’t give Wang Teng a chance to speak.

“Tsk, keep it all you want.
It’s nothing,” Wang Teng murmured.
He didn’t stay on the issue.

After clearing up, everyone’s gaze landed on the huge door in front.

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