This guy really spoke without any restraint.
He had no qualms about Argus and the other talents, even thinking about stealing their items.

No one else would dare to think of it.

Wang Teng was too shameless!

“Oh yes.
If they all have their own armor, why do you not have one?” Wang Teng suddenly asked.

“I have one!” Biluo answered.

“Shouldn’t you be wearing it? Are you stupid?” Wang Teng glanced at her in disbelief.

“Oh… I forgot,” Biluo said with embarrassment.

Wang Teng looked at her strangely and sized her up a few times.
This woman was attractive, but she wasn’t very smart.

“What’s with that look of yours?” Biluo glared fiercely at Wang Teng as she blushed slightly.

I was just surprised.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

Wang Teng smirked and stopped teasing her.
Turning around, he looked inside the hall.
There were several corpses.
Three of them were alien martial warriors, while the other two were devil lords.

Five planetary-stage warriors died all of a sudden.

Biluo also noticed Wang Teng’s gaze.
She said solemnly, “I didn’t expect a powerful trap here.
Those were probably laser attacks emitted by the rune devices which stored Force.
They are several times stronger than ordinary laser weapons and can kill planetary-stage martial warriors.
They were all caught off guard and killed before they could even react.

“It isn’t that I didn’t want to use my armor; there was just not enough time for me to think of it.
If I was a step late, I might be dead as well.”

Wang Teng nodded and accepted her explanation.
The white beams of light were very fast, and they had appeared abruptly.
It was normal to have no time to react.

Sometimes, a thought could mean the difference between life or death in a critical situation!

“Don’t think that planetary-stage martial warriors are strong.
In fact, the planetary stage is just the bottom of the barrel in the universe.
There are just too many things that can kill a planetary-stage martial warrior,” Biluo added.

“I thought you didn’t know.” Wang Teng glanced at her.

These alien candidates thought so highly of themselves, acting all haughty when they descended on Earth.
Fortunately, they knew that they were just at the bottom on the universal stage.

Biluo felt gloomy.
She gave him a kind reminder but got dissed instead.
How ungrateful.

However, when she saw Wang Teng looking at her, she became a little embarrassed.

In the universe, the planetary stage was nothing.
But on Earth, someone in the planetary stage was formidable.
It was not unusual for people to look down on Earth’s martial warriors.

But she was rescued by Wang Teng twice.
She couldn’t really refute him.

“They gave us quite a big welcoming gift.
Looks like there are more dangers waiting for us.” Wang Teng didn’t take it to heart and laughed.

“You’re still joking around.” Biluo rolled her eyes.

Five planetary-stage warriors died just after entering, and more would follow later.

“The more dangerous it is, the greater the opportunity.” Wang Teng chuckled.

Biluo’s eyes flashed.
She had to admit that Wang Teng was right.
There was definitely a great opportunity here.

Wang Teng saw Biluo’s gaze and smiled.
He then released his spiritual power, collecting the attribute bubbles around him.

There was already a small opportunity here in front of him.

Another pleasant surprise!

A bunch of attribute bubbles was dropped when the planetary-stage warriors and devil lords lost their lives.
It was a good thing for Wang Teng.

Constellation Force (Fire)*1700

Emperor-Level Fire Talent*210

Imperial Realm Spirit*660

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*530

10th-Level Fire Sword Conscious*780

Constellation Force (Wood)*2100

Imperial Realm Spirit*680

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*550

Constellation Force (Earth)*1850

Imperial Realm Spirit*560

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*490

10th-Level Earth Blade Conscious*1100

Constellation Force (Dark)*2050

Imperial Realm Spirit*600

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*120

Constellation Force (Dark)*1900

Imperial Realm Spirit*570

The attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body.
The gains were impressive.

Boundless Force attribute bubbles merged into his body and flowed into his limbs and meridians.
Then, they swarmed back into the constellation stars above the sea of nihility like swallows returning to their nests.

Fire, Wood, Earth.
These constellation Forces skyrocketed instantly.
His Spirit and Enlightenment increased simultaneously as well.

The deaths resulted in a large number of Spirit and Enlightenment attribute bubbles being dropped.
Moreover, they were all Imperial Realm attributes.

Although they were just a fraction of what a planetary-stage attribute was worth, it was still a lot.

There were a total of 3070 Imperial Realm Spirit attributes, which could be converted into 307 Planetary Realm Spirit attributes.

Spirit: 566/10000 (Planetary Realm)

A total of 1570 Imperial Realm Enlightenment attributes were converted into 157 Planetary Realm Enlightenment attribute points.

Wang Teng’s enlightenment had already reached the Planetary Realm.
After all, several planetary-stage warriors had fallen, and he managed to obtain many enlightenment attribute bubbles.
He just didn’t have the time to check the number.

He absorbed large numbers of enlightenment attribute bubbles, and his tally increased by 157 points.

Enlightenment: 357/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Wang Teng’s mind was invigorated with the improvement of his spirit and enlightenment.
The corner of his mouth revealed a slight arc.

“Why are you smiling?” Biluo asked when she saw him smiling for no reason.

“I feel like I’ve become a little bit smarter today.

Biluo’s lips trembled.
Her impression of Wang Teng worsened.
This guy seemed a little narcissistic!

Wang Teng ignored Biluo.
Hmph, mortals could never understand him.

He continued looking at the attribute bubbles.
Emperor-level fire talent was an attribute that Wang Teng didn’t have.

Out of the five elements, only the wood talent had achieved the emperor level.
Now, Wang Teng had emperor-level fire talent too.

Fire talent was different from wood talent; it was a Force attribute with extremely high attack power.
An improvement in fire talent would help in the control of the fire Force.

Next were two conscious attributes.
Wang Teng didn’t expect to see the two tenth-level conscious attributes here.

Tenth-level fire sword conscious!

Tenth-level earth blade conscious!

After obtaining the Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious, Wang Teng now had two more tenth-level sword conscious attributes.

This was good news for him.
After all, he had more confidence to brag now.
Not just that, he even obtained a planetary-stage blade technique—Star Alps Blade!

Wang Teng felt emotional.
He finally obtained a battle technique that wasn’t macho like Mountain Cleaver Battleax.

He didn’t want to be a brawny man.
He wanted to be elegant and unrestrained~

Wang Teng was elated after gaining a planetary-stage blade technique.
He felt stronger again!

The remaining attribute bubbles, Constellation Dark Force, Emperor-level Dark Talent, and Devil Transformation, were all dark attributes.

Despite getting a lot of dark attributes, Wang Teng didn’t take a closer look for now.
He decided to check them after everything was over.

Besides collecting the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng also used his spiritual power to take the space equipment from the dead planetary-stage warriors.
Of course, this was done without anyone noticing.

Now that their owners were dead, the space equipment no longer belonged to anybody.
Wang Teng immediately used his spiritual power for his benefit.

He realized that the planetary-stage martial warriors had constellation armor and place them inside his space.
It was convenient for him to wear the armor.
He just had to activate it.

There were a total of five constellation armors.
Three were from humans, and two were from dark apparitions!

Wang Teng sniggered.
Now, he had an armor as well.

However, it was a pity that they had died.
Even though they had their armors, they were still killed by the white beam.

Wang Teng pretended to lament.

At this time, the others had regained their senses and turned to look at the situation in the great hall.
The armor covering their faces slowly faded away, revealing their distorted expressions.
When they saw that Wang Teng and Biluo were unscathed, they felt as though their hearts had been pierced by arrows.

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