Biluo was speechless.
She felt grateful to him for saving her life, but she also felt helpless when she remembered his eccentric personality.

In the end, she turned and looked out of the passageway.
She didn’t want to see Wang Teng anymore.

Rays of white light continued shooting through the great hall with great force.

The alien martial warriors and the devil lords executed various skills and charged towards the passageway.

Argus and Kathu protected themselves with battle armor.
Argus’s golden armor had a metallic reflection.
It was dazzling and brilliant.
On the other hand, Kathu’s armor was crimson.
It was a little dark and gave off an eerie feeling.

The style of their battle armors was totally different.

Argus’s armor was like the black tailcoat one wore to a banquet for the upper class.
It was refined and noble.
Kathu’s was rough and savage like a coat made from wild beasts’ skin!

The two of them were moving at the same speed.
They evaded the blockade of the rays of white light like two bolts of golden and crimson lightning, heading straight for the passageway.

Although these light beams couldn’t penetrate their armor, every single strike caused them to pause for a moment.
If they had nothing to step on, they would have been pushed back forcefully by the impact.

Fortunately, they were well-prepared.
If they were caught off guard, the terrifying force would have thrown them off their feet.

The others behind noticed them and copied their actions.
Their bodies started glowing, and an armor appeared around them.
Even the devil lords were wearing different black armors.
They braved the light rain and flew toward the passageway.

Sonic booms were heard continuously.
Argus and Kathu were the first to escape from the range of light attacks and reach the passageway.
The others lagged behind and came one by one.

Surprised, Wang Teng looked at their battle armors.
These armors were quite unique.
They covered the entire body, including the head, and protected the wearer from all sides.
There were two plates of crystal in the eye area.
The eyes of the martial warriors and devil lords could be seen behind them.

Wang Teng also realized that besides Argus, Kathu, and the devil lords, the battle armors on the other martial warriors were like uniforms.
Some of them had the same style with the same symbol.

For instance, two of the martial warriors had a phoenix symbol on their left shoulder while three other martial warriors had a special symbol on their chest.
These symbols were exactly the same in terms of color and design.

“This is the constellation armor,” Biluo said using voice transmission when she noticed his gaze.

“Constellation armor?” Wang Teng was puzzled.
Then, he remembered the constellation armors of the holy knights.

However, there was no point in comparing the two.

The divine constellation armors of the holy knights could be damaged by the attack of a general-stage martial warrior.
On the other hand, this constellation armor could withstand powerful light beams.
Although there were many marks on the armor due to the attacks, the wearer wasn’t injured.
This was enough to prove the armor’s defense ability.

“It’s made using various precious ores and special forging techniques.
It boasts amazing defense ability and has an energy consolidation rune device that is able to gather the strength of many powerful attacks and use it as an ultimate move,” Biluo introduced.

“There are also special runes carved in it to make it easier to wear.
Once the owner of the battle armor activates the runes, he can wear it directly.
It’s a convenient and great support during a battle.

“The armor also has a special trait; it’s made using memory-type ores.
Along with the power of runes, it can restore the damage inflicted on it.
As long as it’s not too serious, the armor will heal by itself.
Of course, the higher the level of the armor, the greater its restoration ability.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
Indeed, he saw the battle armors restoring at a visible speed.
It was amazing.

This constellation armor seemed like a good item!

“Are these armors common in the universe?” Wang Teng asked.

You’ll be able to buy it if you’re rich enough.” Biluo smiled.
“Of course, there are different grades of battle armors.
Argus and Kathu’s are custom-made.
They used many precious materials the common man can’t afford.
Look at the others.
Their armors are mass-produced.
There are many similar battle armors in the market.
The defense ability is not bad, but they will still break under a formidable attack.”

“Of course, this is just in comparison.
Argus and Kathu’s armor might be better, but they can only withstand a first-level celestial stage attack.
It will be used when faced with anything more powerful.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He sized up Kathu and Argus while touching his chin.
“They are very rich!”

“What’s with that expression?” Biluo asked.
She felt speechless.

For some reason, she felt that he was up to no good.

I’m just taking a look.
I’m not planning to snatch their armor.
I’m not that kind of person,” Wang Teng said firmly.

Can you be a bit more obvious when you say that?

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