“You!” Loggins’s face turned green in anger.
He was vexed.

However, Wang Teng didn’t plan to continue talking to him.
He glanced around him and sneered.
“If you want it, you can come forward and take it.”

The crowd’s expressions turned complicated.
In the end, none of them acted.
Their gaze landed on the large building behind Wang Teng.

The entire structure was silver white.
The bottom part was flat while the top was pointy.
There were numerous pointy towers that merged together and pierced right into the sky.
The design was unique.

A large metal door stood erect in front of everyone.
This was the entrance of the building.

In the middle of the door, there was a skull totem.
It looked exquisite and was a different shape compared to a human’s skull.
It was bigger, much bigger than a normal human’s.
The brain capacity was around twice that of a human’s.

“This skull!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He thought of something.

He felt a sense of familiarity when he reached this area.
However, his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the other martial warriors and devil lords.

After looking at the skull carefully, he finally remembered where he saw it.

This skull was surprisingly similar to the crystal skulls he had!

To be safe, Wang Teng instilled his spiritual power into his space ring and compared his crystal skulls with the skull totem on the door.
He realized that they were almost the same.
There seemed to be no difference.

So, what’s the connection between them?

Many thoughts went through Wang Teng’s mind.
However, he maintained his indifferent expression and stood at the side without saying anything.

The alien martial warriors walked forward and sized up the huge door.
They seemed to be searching for a way to enter.

Even the devil lords started moving.
They stared at the huge door as if they were extremely interested in it.
Well, to be more exact, they were interested in what was behind this door.

No one was willing to act.
They kept their distance and remained on high alert.

After some time, someone finally touched the skull totem on the door, which started vibrating.

The huge skull totem started shrinking into the door amid the vibration.
Within a short moment, 13 holes appeared.

Everyone was astounded.
They looked over and realized that all the holes were shaped like skulls.
But this time, they were the same size as a normal human skull.
They formed the outline of the giant skull totem.

“Oh my god!” Argus’s eyes shimmered.
An object suddenly appeared in his hand.

When Kathu, Pulin, and Loggins saw the item Argus was holding, they took out a similar item.

The objects in their hands looked exactly the same.

Wang Teng was already paying close attention to them, so he glanced at them secretly and saw what they were holding.
His pupils shrank.

They were holding crystal skulls!

“If I’m right, these crystal skulls must have an intimate connection to this place.
If any of you have this, please take it out,” Argus scanned the crowd and said calmly.

Everyone blinked when they heard him.
A few more alien candidates took out their crystal skulls.

They counted them carefully.
There were eight crystal skulls in total.

“Anyone else has it? We only have eight.
We need five more.” Kathu frowned.

The alien candidates shook their heads.

Argus and Kathu’s gazes finally landed on the devil lords.

Many alien candidates were killed in the earlier conflict.
These devil lords might have taken their possessions.

The devil lords were stunned.
They silently checked the items they had gained a while ago and discovered a few crystal skulls.

Three crystal skulls appeared in the hands of three devil lords.

“We have 11 now.
We need two more,” Argus said.

“Where did you get these skulls from?” Pulin asked suddenly.

“I got one from a museum in Country Bat.
These Earthlings are so stupid.
This is a treasure that can raise one’s spiritual power.
Why are they displaying it?” Kathu shook his head.
“What about you guys?”

“Same,” Argus replied calmly.

“I found mine under a deity sculpture in the imperial palace of Country Inka.
They seemed to be worshipping this crystal skull.” Pulin played with the crystal skull in his hand and laughed.

“These Earthlings hadn’t discovered the use of these crystal skulls.
I asked them in the past.
They said that they found these crystal skulls in the remains of a civilization called Maya.
However, it had laid forgotten for many years, so a few of them might have been destroyed,” another alien candidate who possessed a crystal skull added.

“Damaged!” Kathu’s eyes almost popped out of his socket.
He complained in frustration, “Are these Earthlings stupid? How can they destroy such a treasure?”

“F**k!” Wang Teng cursed instantly.
This alien was extremely impolite.
How dare he scolded his fellow Earthlings in front of him.

Kathu was caught off guard.
He glanced at Wang Teng awkwardly.

“Who are you calling an idiot? You are the real idiot!” Wang Teng yelled back at him.

“Oh my, look at my short temper.
If Earthlings are not idiots, why did they destroy the crystal skulls? This is all your fault!” Kathu glared back at him.

Who says that the remaining two crystal skulls are destroyed? Do you believe in rumors?” Wang Teng took out the two crystal skulls he possessed and waved them in front of Kathu.

He had heard the same rumor that some crystal skulls were destroyed.
In the past, he believed it.
However, with all 13 crystal skulls in front of him, he had to accept this reality.

He was just a little puzzled.

Kathu was dumbfounded when he saw the two crystal skulls in Wang Teng’s hand.
He stuttered, “You have two of them? Why didn’t you take them out earlier?”

“You didn’t ask,” Wang Teng said righteously.

“F**k…” Kathu almost fainted from anger.
He rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Argus frowned at Wang Teng.
His gaze was filled with contempt.
He said indifferently, “Alright, since all 13 skulls are here, let’s try to open the door.”

He stuffed his crystal skull into one of the holes on the door without any hesitation.
It fitted perfectly without any gaps.

The others quickly placed their crystal skulls into the holes when they saw this.

After all 13 crystal skulls were fitted into the holes, the large crystal skull totem lit up.
Rays of dazzling silver light shot out.

The door trembled and opened gradually.
A great hall that had been sealed for who-knew how many years was revealed to everyone.

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