The appearance of the historical remains attracted the attention of all the planetary-stage martial warriors and the devil lords.
They looked down.

There were 13 planetary-stage martial warriors left and 10 devil lords.
Both sides were almost similar in combat strength.

The atmosphere between the two groups reached a strange equilibrium with the appearance of the historical remains.

Very soon, they felt the energy coming out of the historical site.

The balls of energy floated amid the ancient structures.
They were giving off a fuzzy white glow.

The energy they contained was tempting even for a planetary-stage martial warrior.
Moreover, this historical site was huge and well-maintained.
No one knew if there were bigger treasures hidden underneath.

Both sides went silent.
Then, they plummeted down in unplanned unison.

All the powerful beings shot out like cannons.
They moved at the speed of light and bolted into the historical site.

Everyone aimed for the closest ball of light.
They reached their arms out and wanted to grab them.

A devil lord caught a light ball and laughed happily when he saw the item clearly.
“Constellation Elixir, it’s a Constellation Elixir!”

The others who hadn’t grabbed the light balls were astounded.
Then they started beaming with joy.

Suddenly, the devil lord noticed that the weight on his hand had disappeared.
The Constellation Elixir was gone!

The devil lord was stunned.

“Can you tell me what this Constellation Elixir is?” An apologetic voice entered his ears.

The devil lord turned in the direction of the voice and saw Wang Teng standing on top of the rock giant.
He was looking at him from afar.

He was holding a Constellation Elixir.
It looked like the one that had disappeared from his hand.

Veins started to bulge out on the devil lord’s forehead.
Then he turned directly and rushed towards another light ball, disregarding Wang Teng entirely.

Wang Teng smirked.
He ignored the devil lord and released his spiritual power.
He swept all the balls of light over.

Collecting light bubbles?

Wasn’t that his profession?

He was extremely skilled at it!

The other people who had dashed towards the balls of light were shocked.
They were just inches away from them, but suddenly, the balls started flying in a certain direction.
They could only stare at their empty hands.

Their eyes widened in surprise as they stared in the direction where the balls of light went.
Anger engulfed them instantly.

All the martial warriors roared indignantly.
If looks could kill, Wang Teng would have been torn into pieces.

The devil lords were infuriated too.
They glared at Wang Teng.

In the blink of an eye, everyone darted towards a certain area.
The historical site was huge.
The area they were at was just a small part of the entire site.
There were large numbers of light balls to be collected in other regions.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He sniggered and disappeared.

He didn’t know what these Constellation Elixirs were for, but from everyone’s reaction, he knew that they were good stuff.
Thus, he should snatch as many as he could.

Wang Teng shuttled back and forth within the historical site.
His spiritual power swarmed out as he pulled all the light balls over to him.

The martial warriors and devil lords were always a step too late.
They could snatch one or two light balls sometimes, but it was nothing compared to what Wang Teng received.

This young man was heartless!

Wang Teng’s move incensed everyone.

He collected all the Constellation Elixirs at the historical site, leaving no chance for the others.
Well, honestly, he left a few scraps.

Everyone went mad.
They searched frantically for Wang Teng, wanting to beat him up.
Even the extremely talented alien martial warriors like Argus and Kathu were infuriated.

A strong malicious aura exuded from their bodies as they stared at the few balls of light in their hands.

At this moment, Wang Teng was everyone’s common enemy.

“He’s here!” someone spot Wang Teng and shouted loudly.

Numerous figures gathered in the direction where Wang Teng was last seen.
They were like bees that had smelled honey.

“F**k, crazy.
They are all crazy.” Wang Teng got a fright.
He increased his speed to the maximum and escaped into the depth of the historical site.

There were too many people.
It would be hard for him to fight with them, so he better run!

“Wang Teng, don’t run!” A shout was heard.
A figure flew out from the side, slashing a blade glow at Wang Teng with bloodshot eyes.

“Don’t run? You think I’m stupid?” Wang Teng pushed his fist out and welcomed his opponent’s blade glow.
However, he didn’t slow down.
He continued charging forward.

The blade glow and the fist glow collided and erupted.
The alien candidate was in a slightly tragic state.
He glared in Wang Teng’s direction.

“Where’s he?” A figure caught up with him.
This was one of the five great stars, Loggins.

There were already some grudges between him and Wang Teng.
His expression was cold, and his gaze was sharp as he asked the alien candidate.

“In front.
He went into that huge building in the middle,” the alien candidate pointed in the direction and replied without any hesitation.

“Catch him!” Loggins bellowed.
He turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

A hint of fear flashed past the alien candidate’s eyes when he recalled Wang Teng’s punch.
However, he still gritted his teeth and chased after him.
He didn’t want to give up.

The devil lords behind had caught up too.
They headed straight for the huge building.

The others followed thereafter.

Soon, all the martial warriors and devil lords stopped in front of the large building.
Wang Teng was standing in front with his back facing everyone.
He was staring at the entrance of the building as if looking for something.

He turned when he heard the footsteps and greeted them with a smile.
“Hey, everyone is here.”

The crowd was raging.
When they saw his expression, they felt exasperated.
It was as if they had punched a bag of cotton.
They couldn’t vent their frustration anywhere.

“Wang Teng, hand over the Constellation Elixir.
You’re too selfish!” Loggins stepped forward and shouted furiously.

“Selfish? I don’t think so.
I was never a selfish person,” Wang Teng replied in confusion.

This fellow was pretending to be innocent!

“Are you going to hand them over?” Loggins’ gaze turned sharp.
“There are many people here.
Are you planning to pocket everything?”

He wasn’t stupid.
He pulled the other people along to pressure Wang Teng.

As expected, the others didn’t say anything, but they looked at Wang Teng simultaneously.
They seemed ready to attack him.

“So many people? Do you mean the dark apparitions too? Wow, are you asking me to share it with the dark apparitions? What are you thinking?” Wang Teng shouted.

“F**k!” Loggins’s face turned black.
“I didn’t say that.
You’re bullshitting!”

“You did.
I heard it.
Everyone heard it.”

“You’re framing me.” Loggins was enraged.

“Nonsense! You can ask everyone.” Wang Teng pointed at Biluo and shouted, “Pretty lady, did he say that just now? You must speak the truth.
I saved you before.
You can’t go against your conscience.”

Biluo stared at him speechlessly.
This fellow was threatening her because he was her savior.

She shifted her gaze between Wang Teng and Loggins.
Her gaze was meaningful.

Well, Wang Teng did save her life.

Also, she was an honest person!

Loggins’s expression turned uglier when he saw her expression.
He cursed uncontrollably, “F**k, I’m going to kill you!”

He dashed towards Wang Teng at the speed of light.
Thick rays of black light shimmered around his hands as he clawed toward Wang Teng’s heart.

His speed was incredible.
He arrived before Wang Teng within a split second.

“Go away!” The cheeky expression on Wang Teng’s face vanished.
His gaze turned cold, and he punched his fist out.

Tenth-level Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious!

These two forces were released together…

His fist collided with his opponent’s claw and caused a terrifying explosion.

Suddenly, a figure was thrown backward violently.
He staggered a little when he landed.
The ground below him cracked under the impact.

Loggins’s expression distorted.
His hands were densely covered with scales, but they were all bloodstained.
Some scales had already cracked while his hands were trembling uncontrollably.

“You’re overestimating yourself.” Wang Teng flicked his sleeve and glared at him.
His tone was indifferent.
“Don’t provoke me.
If not, I’ll kill you.”

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