The historical remains of a large ancient civilization rose from the ground.
How majestic and unbelievable this scene was!

All the structures were made of unknown metal with a unique style.
It was different from anything seen on Earth.

The martial warriors present had powerful eyesight, so they instantly saw the strange symbols carved on the structures.

The symbol looked like a skull, but it seemed abstract.
It gave off an ancient feeling.

The important figures sitting in the battlecraft were shocked too.
They ordered their men to zoom in on the structures until they couldn’t enhance it anymore.
They stopped unwillingly.

“Oh my god, this is incredible!” Cromwell from the White Eagle Nation exclaimed.
He couldn’t hide the astonishment in his heart.

The other talents from the White Eagle Nation were beside him.
Yoke, Shuen, and the other martial warriors stared at the metallic historical remains that had almost replaced the entire piece of land.

Yoke swallowed his saliva and uttered, “Commander, we should have been able to detect these historical structures if they existed below the Central Continent!”

“What do you know? The condition beneath the land is complex.
Before the martial arts era, humans only managed to explore 0.2% of the land below.
The maximum range of our devices and machines is 1000 meters.
Some deep wells are special, so we can’t conduct large-scale drilling on them.
During the martial arts era, we increased the depth to 3000 meters, but it still isn’t enough for us to grasp the situation below the ground entirely,” Commander Cromwell took a deep breath and explained.

Yoke and the others nodded in deep thought.
Based on the time and the intense vibrations of the ground when this relic was rising, it must have been buried more than 3000 meters underground.

“Also, if I have guessed correctly, the historical remains must be from a great ancient civilization.
We don’t know what skills or technology they have.
They might have had a way of concealing themselves.
The battle of planetary-stage martial warriors was too violent, triggering a crustal movement.
This might have caused the concealing method to lose effect and the historical remains to surface,” Commander Cromwell added.

“A great ancient civilization!” Everyone was shocked.

“Commander, this great ancient civilization must have many amazing technologies.
We…” Yoke said with shimmering eyes.

Cromwell looked at him as if he was an idiot.
“Don’t drag me if you want to die.”

Shuen, Marsha, and the others stared at him strangely too.

Yoke shivered as if their gazes had doused him with a bucket of cold water.

The perfect way to describe him was a person blinded by greed.
He knew that it was dangerous, but he couldn’t control himself.
However, the attitude of the other people made him understand that he was thinking too much.

“Since the remains have appeared in front of the formidable martial warriors, we can forget about it.
Didn’t you see their strength? They could destroy an entire piece of land! We will be seeking death if we interfere.
We’ll just pick up after them.
There might be some gains.” Commander Cromwell sighed.

They used to be a strong nation, but now, they could only pick up what others didn’t want.

Yoke moved his lips.
In the end, he had to accept reality.

“Sigh, Country Xia will probably be the first in line because of Wang Teng.” Cromwell ignored Yoke’s expression and continued lamenting.

No one replied to him.
They stared at the screen with complicated expressions on their faces.
The enormous rock giant was conspicuous even among the formidable martial warriors.

“Commander, we’ve detected a strong energy fluctuation below the remains,” a staff member on the battlecraft shouted abruptly.

“Energy fluctuation!” Cromwell was stunned.
He asked hurriedly, “Do you know what it is?”

“We are not certain yet.
But the intensity of the fluctuation is more than a hundred times stronger than the purest Force stones we know.
Also, there’s a great number of them,” the staff member exclaimed.

“Damn it!” Cromwell’s eyes turned red.

Before seeing the good things, he could maintain a calm facade.
But after laying his eyes on the treasures, he couldn’t control himself.
He wished he could rush down and grab them immediately.

His rationality stopped him though!

He would be killing himself by going down.
He mustn’t do that.

Since the White Eagle Nation was able to discover the fluctuations, the other countries could too.
There was a huge uproar in all the battlecraft.

The important martial warriors from the various nations were dumbstruck.
They discussed what they should do with these ancient remains.

In the end, all the countries decided to take no action.
They would wait for the planetary-stage martial warriors in the sky to have their fill before considering if they should pick up the bones.

Although helpless, they couldn’t do anything.
They could only swallow their frustration.

At the same time, in the universe outside Earth, two figures were sitting opposite each other.

They sat cross-legged while wearing unique-looking golden long robes.
Their long hair fluttered, making them seem a little holy.

A coffee table floated in front of them.
There was a tea set on it.

They disregarded the zero gravity environment around them and enjoyed tea as if they weren’t in space but in their backyard.
They drank with each other happily and carefreely.

There was a circular object that looked like a mirror made of light to their left.
The situation of the Central Continent was shown within the reflection.

“Hmm, these remains are interesting.” One of the middle-aged men gasped softly.

“This is a Land of Wakening.
It’s nothing strange.” The other man glanced at the mirror indifferently.
Then, he teased, “Are you going to snatch the opportunities from the younger generation?”

“Cough, am I that kind of person?” The middle-aged man coughed awkwardly.

“Who knows? But everyone knows that you, Ma Dayuan, are shameless.” The other man chuckled.

“Ning Honglang, where did you get the courage to tease me? You’re no better.” Ma Dayuan was infuriated.
He glared at his companion.

“No better? I’m much better than you!” Ning Honglang snapped back.

In an instant, their harmonious image was destroyed.
They almost started fighting in space.
However, they understood their own ability.
If they acted here, the entire solar system might be destroyed.

After bickering for some time, they sat down quietly and continued drinking tea like some mysterious immortals living in the mountains.

“Cough… If you ask me, I think that fellow from Earth will emerge as the winner,” Ma Dayuan said abruptly.

“Wow, great minds think alike!” Ning Honglang’s eyes lit up.
He nodded in approval.

“Argus, Kathu, and the other talents will not be able to beat him.
Look at how sly and cheeky he is.
He’s just like me when I was young.” Ma Dayuan laughed.

“Things are getting interesting!” Ning Honglang glanced at him from the corner of his eyes as he smiled.
He didn’t refute.

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