To hell with hurting his feet!

Everyone stared at Wang Teng speechlessly.

The rock giant raised its leg and looked at its sole.
It was pierced by many bone fragments.

The bones of Devil Lord Wu Gu were as hard as diamonds, and they were capable of expanding and contracting.
They were very special.

Yet Wang Teng stomped on them and crushed them into pieces.

After a moment of speechlessness, the emotions of the formidable warriors were overtaken by disbelief.

The death of another devil lord!

The dark apparitions had already lost two devil lords, including Black Incubus.
On the other hand, only one planetary-stage martial warrior was sacrificed from the human side.

Moreover, Devil Lord Wu Gu was stomped to death.
What an easy and brutal method! How frustrating! How lowly!

This shouldn’t be how a formidable devil lord should die!

All of this was caused by this easy-going human martial warrior.

The other devil lords found it unbelievable.
However, they had to grit their teeth and accept it.

“This human must die!” Killing intent blinked in their eyes.

Wang Teng didn’t seem to care that he was the must-kill target of devil lords now.
He remained entirely composed and stood there like a tall mountain with his giant rock body.

No one knew that Wang Teng had released his spiritual power to collect the attribute bubbles around him.

Planetary Realm spiritual power was indomitable.
As long as he evaded the other martial warriors, no one would discover him.

It felt amazing to silently pick up the attribute bubbles!

Large attribute bubbles had dropped along with the death of Devil Lord Wu Gu.
All of them were picked up by Wang Teng.

Constellation Force (Dark)*2550

Emperor-Level Dark Talent*260

Imperial Realm Spirit*580

Wang Teng was surprised.
A hint of astonishment flashed past his heart.

There were a few good things!

He had gained 2550 points of constellation dark Force.
Wang Teng’s constellation dark Force made another leap.

The 580 points of Imperial Realm Spirit were converted into 58 points of Planetary Realm Spirit.
This was a sizable gain.

There were another 260 points of emperor-level dark talent!

This was the third emperor-level dark talent Wang Teng had received.
His ultimate stage dark talent rose to the emperor level instantly.

Emperor-Level Dark Talent: 260/10000

He immediately felt his love for his talents!

He wasn’t a dark apparition yet possessed the purest form of dark talent.
What a luxury it was.

He turned to look at the 25 points of devil transformation attributes.

Devil transformation again!

After receiving 10 points of devil transformation from Black Incubus, he received another 25 from Wu Gu.

Devil Transformation: 35/100 (foundation)

What is this? Are they trying to let me grasp the devil transformation skill?

Wang Teng muttered to himself.
His expression turned a little strange.

But the transformation was too ugly!

Then, there was one last attribute bubble… Black Bone!

600 points of Black Bone attribute.

Once this attribute bubble merged into his body, Wang Teng felt the changes, or more accurately, the changes to his bones.

Wang Teng lowered his head and activated his Eyes of Essence.
His gaze penetrated his flesh and stared right at his bones.

His bones were turning black at a visible speed.
Within a few breaths, his bones had turned entirely pitch-black.

There were also golden patterns etched on the pitch-black bones as a result of the Ancient God’s Body.
They looked mysterious.

At the same time, Wang Teng also felt the difference in his bones.
They had turned special.

He felt that he was able to control his bones and change their shapes according to his thoughts.

That was right.
Just like how Devil Lord Wu Gu was able to turn his bones into bone blades and bone shields, now, Wang Teng had the same feature.

Furthermore, the toughness and tenacity of his bones had reached an extraordinary level.

Wang Teng possessed many physiques and practiced the Ancient God’s Body, which was an extremely powerful physique training scripture.
Hence, his bones were already as tough as steel.
After this recent change, his bones became even more powerful than Devil Lord Wu Gu.

Wang Teng’s expression turned ambiguous.
Suddenly, he took pity on Devil Lord Wu Gu.

The devil lord had fought with him for quite a long time, but in the end, before he died, he contributed his strongest talent.

Wang Teng didn’t know that the five great stars were looking at him with complicated expressions when he was picking up the attribute bubbles.

These talents had no choice but to admit that this Earthling was formidable!

They would not be able to kill a devil lord dark apparition as easily as him.

But they had their pride.
Their competitiveness and arrogance were ignited when they saw Wang Teng killing a devil lord before them.

Kathu from the Crimson Moon Galaxy released all his potential.
The crimson beast on his body turned into a blood-red shadow circling his body.
Then, he charged towards the sheep-head devil lord ferociously.

The sheep-head devil lord retreated, but he was unable to catch up with Kathu’s current speed.
He was hit instantly, and his entire body was thrown back like a sandbag.

Another mountain collapsed and shattered into countless rocks amid the dust.

The sheep-head devil lord flew out from a pile of rocks and flapped the flesh wings on his back.
He bellowed in anger and the muscles on his body buffed up instantly.
He grew more than a hundred feet in height.

Not only that, two balls of flesh started growing on his neck.
Along with the sound of two bubbles bursting, two heads popped out underneath the skin.
They grew beside the original head and had sharp teeth and fangs.
They were equally hideous and terrifying.

The three heads were facing in three different directions.
They looked weird and frightening.

A few fleshy balls also bulged out on his back.
Accompanied by some more pops, four arms grew out.

Three heads and six arms!

Wang Teng was attracted by the situation on this side.
He looked over in bewilderment.

If he remembered correctly, the Eight Arms Devil General had eight arms.
Wang Teng had never used the Eight Arms Devil Physique ever since he got it from the devil lord.

If he beat this sheep-head devil lord, would he drop a three heads six arms physique or something related?

A strange thought popped up into Wang Teng’s mind.

Wait, I might have stumbled on a secret… 

Wang Teng had a smart idea.
He activated his Heart Of Magnetic Essence and attracted the broken rocks from the collapsed mountain.

Numerous broken rocks merged into his giant rock body and gathered behind his back.

Instantly, six rock arms grew out behind the rock giant.

Wang Teng controlled the rock giant and activated his 18 Tasks Multitasking skill.
He clenched all his eight arms simultaneously.

A real stoneman with eight arms!

The sheep-head devil lord: ???

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