The giant black skeleton stood erect between the sky and the ground, wielding his bone blade and swinging it down on Wang Teng.

The blade glow engulfed Wang Teng!

The ground was chopped into two as a deep, dark crack scarred the land.
There seemed to be no end to it as if it was linked to hell.

The earth was shaking violently.
The vibrations caused the crack to spread further and further until it reached the peak of a mountain.

The mountain split open, forming an antenna running straight into the sky.

The entire mountain was split into two.
Many alien martial warriors were shocked.

How frightening was this attack!

And it was just a single move!

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s ability rose by a level after the devil transformation.
He was an entirely different skeleton from before.

Even Argus, Kathu, and the other five great stars were shocked.
They couldn’t remain calm anymore.

“Wang Teng!” Biluo’s expression changed when she saw Wang Teng disappearing under the black blade glow.

She bit her lips.
It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

The battlecraft from the various countries floating above the skies of the ocean around the Central Continent broadcasted the scene.
The martial warriors’ expressions changed, and they gasped uncontrollably.

One attack was enough to create a bottomless crack on land.
Even the tall mountain in the distance was chopped into two.

How powerful was this attack?

How could a human resist this mighty dark apparition!

The important figures from the various nations were appalled.
They couldn’t find their voices for a long time as they stared absentmindedly at the giant skeleton displayed on their screens through the projectors.

In Country Xia’s battlecraft, the Leader of martial arts, the three great commanders, and the other martial warriors were shocked.
They stared intently at the spot below the bone blade, trying to find signs of Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was the hope of their country!

If he was killed, Country Xia would be annihilated.

The entire Earth might even be destroyed!

Above the Central Continent, Devil Lord Wu Gu raised his giant blade and laughed in a strange tone.
“Hahaha, this is the result of putting on an act in front of me.”

Before he could finish his victorious declaration, a calm voice sounded beside his ear.
“It’s too early for you to be happy!”

“Yes.” Devil Lord Wu Gu’s expression changed.
He turned his head abruptly and saw a figure stepping out from the space to his left.
The person stared at him coldly.

“Do you think you are undefeatable after turning bigger?” Wang Teng opened his mouth and spoke slowly.

“How dare you!” Devil Lord Wu Gu’s gaze turned vicious.
He snorted angrily.

“Do you think you’re the only one who can increase in size?” Suddenly, Wang Teng hurled a punch at the mountain in the distance.

A yellow ray of light shot out.

The frightening Force impact slammed onto the mountain, turning the tall mountain into countless broken rocks and stones that were thrown into the air.

“What’s this young man doing?” Devil Lord Wu Gu was puzzled.

Wang Teng didn’t hit him but went to punch the mountain instead.

The mountain must be crying!

The other devil lords and the alien martial warriors were confused too.
They didn’t understand Wang Teng’s intention.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t affected.
He shouted in his mind.

“Heart Of Magnetic Essence… Activate!”

Instantly, Wang Teng’s body turned into a magnet.
A terrifying magnetic field was created, and numerous stones and rocks flew toward him.

The rocks and stones started to piece around Wang Teng, forming a huge round ball of stones.

The ball kept getting thicker and bigger.
Within a few seconds, it was the size of a small meteorite.
Even the giant skeleton felt pressurized.

“This brat…” Devil Lord Wu Gu squeezed the words out from the gaps of his teeth as he stared at the giant meteorite.
One could tell that his mind was in a whirl.

At this moment, changes occurred to the giant meteorite.

A pair of arms and legs grew out from the round ball.

Then, a large stone head popped out.

The head was round, with two holes on it.
Suddenly, two balls of yellow light lit up in the holes.
Then, a formidable aura exuded from this pile of stones.

The rock giant had entered the arena!

The devil lords’ expressions changed slightly.
They were obviously astounded by the rock giant.

Argus, Kathu, Pulin, and the other alien talents were startled too.
They stared straight at the rock giant.

A special physique talent!

They could tell what this was.
Hence, they were even more mind-blown.
The surprise in their hearts grew stronger.

This Earthling’s talent was extraordinary!

He possessed such a powerful physique talent.

Biluo’s gaze flickered slightly.
She was as bewildered as everyone when she saw Wang Teng transforming into a rock giant.

The rock giant jumped down from the sky and landed in front of Devil Lord Wu Gu.

The ground shook violently.
Dust flew into the air.
The rock giant stood in front of the skeleton like a towering mountain.
It was even a few heads taller than the giant skeleton.

“Come, let’s continue our fight.” Wang Teng’s voice came from within the rock giant.
He controlled the rock giant and raised his arms, displaying his chest muscles to Devil Lord Wu Gu.

Devil Lord Wu Gu looked at his arm and wanted to cry.

Why did he feel like a shortie who was going to be bullied by this muscular giant?

Something didn’t seem right.

“Die!” Wang Teng didn’t give him any time to ponder.
Shouting loudly, he swung his giant stone arms at Devil Lord Wu Gu fiercely.

Every move of this giant caused a huge commotion, much less a ferocious attack.
The impact it caused was many times more frightening.

The enormous fist swung through the air, compressing the air around it and creating a sonic boom.
White airwaves were visible to everyone.

Suddenly, a dense golden ray of light shone around the fist while it was being hurled through the air.
It turned into an outline of a huge golden blade.

Tenth-level Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious!

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s expression changed tremendously.
His black bones started squirming as if they were melting and quickly formed a large bone shield in front of him.

The enormous arm carrying the golden sword outline slammed into the bone shield.
A thunderous boom shook the skies and the ground.

Next, a crisp and clear cracking sound was heard.

The golden sword cut through the bone shield and went straight for Devil Lord Wu Gu’s face.

Devil Lord Wu Gu was terrified.
He didn’t have the time to evade, so he hurriedly tilted his head to the side.

The momentum of the huge giant sword didn’t slow down, ramming violently into the right eye socket of Devil Lord Wu Gu.

The sturdy and tough bones shattered.
The green ghost fire in it the socket was extinguished immediately as if it had suffered a destructive blow.

“Ah!” A shrill and painful cry escaped Wu Gu’s throat.

He stumbled back with only half of his skull left.
The green ghost fire in his left eye flickered as if displaying its agony.

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