While Wang Teng was in the mid of his enlightenment, Wu Gu, who was opposite him, sensed something.
He was confused.
But carefully studying this brat again, he didn’t find anything amiss.

Did I see wrong?! Devil Lord Wu Gu was bewildered.

It sounded like a long time, but Wang Teng only took a few seconds to pick up all the attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng and Devil Lord Wu Gu were still standing opposite each other.
They were in the spotlight.

The human and the dark apparition glared at each other.
Sparks flew in the air as their gazes collided.

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d notice me.” Devil Lord Wu Gu chuckled as he exclaimed in an exaggerated tone.

“Is it strange that I noticed you?” Wang Teng asked calmly.

I hid perfectly and almost succeeded in my sneak attack,” Devil Lord Wu Gu said with regret.

“Almost succeeded? You must be daydreaming!” Wang Teng scoffed.

“Hmph, since you want to finish our past duel, I’ll fulfill your wish and play with you.” The two balls of flames in his eye sockets flickered a little.

The instant he finished speaking, he twisted his wrist, and his bones shrunk.
He pulled his hand out from Wang Teng’s grip with a swoosh.

“Huh?” Wang Teng was surprised, but he didn’t chase after Wu Gu.
Instead, he looked calmly at the devil lord who had retreated more than ten meters back.

“You are an interesting skeleton,” he said indifferently.

“Hahaha, the real show hasn’t started yet.” Devil Lord Wu Gu sniggered.

Wang Teng turned and glanced at Biluo.
“Hey, why don’t you ask me? If you do it nicely, I can take revenge for you along the way and beat this skeleton up.”

Biluo looked at Wang Teng helplessly.
He refused to let go of that despite the circumstances.
His willpower was amazing.

“Alright, alright.
Please, can you take revenge for me?” she replied in a weak tone.

She could still feel her heart palpitating from the sneak attack just now.
If Wang Teng could deal with that devil lord and take revenge for her, she didn’t mind pleading with him.

In the past, she would never have begged anyone.
But for some reason, she felt no pressure saying such words now.

“You could have said this earlier.” Wang Teng laughed.
When he turned around, his expression had become stern.
He stared coldly at Devil Lord Wu Gu as he opened his mouth.
“I’m starting!”

Suddenly, the ground below him exploded, creating invisible fluctuations in the air.
Wang Teng vanished without a trace.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Teng reappeared in front of Devil Lord Wu Gu.
He didn’t use any weapon.
He just hurled his fist at him.

“Oh my, you’re too naive.
Have you forgotten your lesson the previous time? This fist skill can’t injure me.”

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s bones increased in size.
They seemed entirely inconsistent with his tiny and frail skeletal body.

The bones on his fist were pitch-black.
They gave off a metallic glimmer as they welcomed Wang Teng’s fist.

The two fists collided, creating a huge explosion and releasing a buzzing sound as if two metals had crashed into each other.

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s frail and tiny skeleton flew out.
He flipped a few times in the air before stopping himself.
There was astonishment in his eyes as he half-kneeled in mid-air.

Numerous cracks had already appeared on his fist.
There were balls of emerald flames burning in those cracks too.
They couldn’t be extinguished.

During the collision just now, an extremely fierce tremor conscious had burrowed right into his fist.
There was even a sharp sword conscious hidden in it.

Not only did Wang Teng use the Strength of Ultima in this fist attack, but he also used the tenth-level Golden Ray Earth-Shattering Sword Conscious and instilled the Emerald Glazed Flame in it.

Even Devil Lord Wu Gu’s tough bones couldn’t withstand such a mixture of attacks.

For the first time, Devil Lord Wu Gu turned serious.

Wang Teng’s attack was powerful enough to hurt him.
If he didn’t treat him seriously, all his bones might break.
At that time, death would be his only ending.

Wang Teng floated high in the air and looked down on Devil Lord Wu Gu.
“Do you think I displayed my true ability the previous time? How do you know that I didn’t put on a show for you?”

“You!” Devil Lord Wu Gu was dumbstruck.

If he wasn’t a skeleton, if he were a normal person with flesh and blood, his expression would have turned really ugly.
It was rare to see the happy-go-lucky Devil Lord Wu Gu get frustrated to this extent.

Wang Teng was the first person to force him to such a stage!

The other devil lords were shocked.
At the same time, they became more serious.

This human wasn’t easy to deal with!

The emerald flame was a divine fire, right?

To think that he possessed such a rare item!

“Hahaha, I almost got fooled by you.
Do you think you can frighten me with your tricks? So what if you hide your skills? I have killed many conceited human talents like you.” Devil Lord Wu Gu suddenly laughed.

“Ignorants have no fear.” Wang Teng shook his head in a composed manner.
He looked at Devil Lord Wu Gu as if he were a dead skeleton.

From his gaze, one could tell that he didn’t care about Wu Gu at all.
After all, who would care about someone that was about to die?

Devil Lord Wu Gu was infuriated.
He gave a furious roar as he stood up.
His body started expanding abruptly.

Black light shot out of his body.

He was just a skeleton, but his body seemed to be hiding another space inside it.
This space was filled with terrifying dark Force.

At this moment, the roaring dark Force exploded.

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s body kept expanding under the nourishment of the dark Force.
Within a few breaths, it turned from a scrawny skeleton into a towering skeleton giant.

“What’s that?!” Many alien candidates were appalled.
Their jaws dropped as they stared at this giant skeleton.

“Another devil transformation!”

“This is the devil transformation of Devil Lord Wu Gu!”

Some people guessed what it was and exclaimed in astonishment.

The other devil lords looked over too.
Their gazes were flickering.
No one knew what they were thinking.

At this moment, the black light around Devil Lord Wu Gu was blossoming.
The two balls of green light in his eye sockets twirled as he looked down at Wang Teng.

The two balls of ghost fire were filled with ruthlessness, chaos, and corrosiveness.
Anyone looking at it would feel a chill running up their spine as if all their vitality was frozen and replaced with a thick and dense aura of death.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
He activated the constellation Force in his body and awakened his Origin Of Life.
At the same time, his Planetary Realm Spirit also kicked off, igniting the power of his Origin Of Soul.

The two balls containing the foundational energy of one’s life dispersed the coldness and the aura of death.

“Not bad!” An oppressive and strange voice came out of the skull’s giant mouth.
Suddenly, he stretched out his arm; a large bone blade appeared in his hand along with a dazzling black glow.

“What is this?” Wang Teng squinted.

“Die!” The answer was a cold shout.

Devil Lord Wu Gu swung his enormous blade, which gave off a glaring black light and turned into a powerful blade glow.

The blade glow slashed toward Wang Teng.
A violent explosion occurred, and the brilliant rays of black light swallowed him entirely.

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