What is this?

What just happened?

Why did the frightening volcano behemoth cry in agony?

The three martial warriors were confused.
They stared at the volcano salamander that was howling in pain with stunned faces.

The other volcano salamander also looked at its companion in astonishment. Brother, are you alright?

“Why are you staring into space? Attack!” A voice suddenly came from behind the wailing volcano salamander.

The three martial warriors were elated when they heard the voice.
It explained the painful expression on the volcano salamander’s face.

The reinforcements were here!

The giant body of the volcano salamander was blocking the entrance, so they couldn’t see Wang Teng’s figure.
That didn’t prevent them from reacting, though.
They quickly executed their battle techniques and teamed up to attack the other volcano salamander.

The volcano salamander blocking the entrance twisted its body, as if it was trying to break free from something.

Your spirit is quite strong!

Wang Teng held a sharp ice spike in his hand and viciously stabbed it into the body of the volcano salamander.
He didn’t expect the volcano salamander to be able to struggle so violently.
He was slightly surprised.

But, I won’t let you escape!

He leaped up and landed on the body of the volcano salamander.
He smashed his fist at the star beast below him.

Phantom Ice Fist!


The bone-piercing chill on his fist felt like a sharp ice spike.
It cracked the scale armor on the volcano salamander’s body and penetrated right into the body.


The volcano salamander howled in agony and started to struggle even more frantically.
It swung its body as it attempted to throw Wang Teng off.

It spurted magma balls out of its mouth and thrashed around the cave.
But, it wasn’t able to hit Wang Teng at all.
All its attacks landed on the cliff walls around it.

Boom, boom, boom!

Large rocks rolled down!

The entire cave was shaking.

The three martial warriors’ expressions changed when they saw this astonishing destructive power.

They evaded the falling stones and increased their attack on the volcano salamander in front of them.

Wang Teng stood on the back of the volcano salamander.
He was like a skiff in flood, getting tossed and turned all over.

He grabbed the horn on the volcano salamander’s head tightly to remain on the back.
His other hand wasn’t idle either.
He pushed it into the body of the star beast and grabbed its heart.


With a forceful squeeze, the soft organ squashed like a watermelon.
Then, the salamander’s body froze, and it lost all its strength.


Wang Teng jumped down from the body of the volcano salamander and allowed the huge corpse to smash into the ground.
A loud thud shook the listeners.

He had killed it!

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.

As expected, star beasts weren’t easy to deal with.
If he didn’t rely on his ice element that had a natural advantage over the fire element and his sneak attack, he might not have been able to kill it so easily.

He looked at his attribute panel and smiled bitterly.

Blank Attribute: 27

He had managed to earn 81 points of blank attributes by killing mutated beasts in the combat assessment.
Now, there were only 27 points left.

At first, he planned to use the blank attributes on the attributes that were harder to earn, such as Spirit, Enlightenment, or Spiritual Sight.

In order to defeat the volcano salamander, he had to inject 54 blank attributes to his ice Force, allowing it to jump directly from 16 to 70 points.

70/100 (one-star soldier level martial warrior)!

Now, his ice Force exceeded his fire Force by a huge gap.

He hoped that he would have some gains from the killing.

His gaze landed on the corpse of the volcano salamander.

Fire Force*3


When he saw Fire Force*3, his eyes lit up.

Not bad.

After picking them up, he looked at the battle circle of the three martial warriors.
The trio worked together while the volcano salamander fought alone.
It kept retreating, but very soon, it met its doom.

With a loud bang, the huge body collapsed, stirring a cloud of dust.
The three of them sighed in relief.

They turned around and saw the volcano salamander that had already been killed by Wang Teng.
They were stunned.

That was fast!

Then, their gaze landed on Wang Teng…


The three of them looked at each other.
What was this? Where did this high school student come from? Where were the reinforcements?

“Are you an examinee?” Ji Quan asked in shock, “Did you kill the star beast!?”

“That’s right.”

Wang Teng walked over and pretended to observe the volcano salamander.
However, he was actually picking up the dropped attribute bubbles.

Wood Force*1

Fire Force*2

These two were the ones that were dropped first.

Wood Force*1

Water Force*1

Fire Force*1

Earth Force*2

Water Force*1

Water Force*1

Fire Force*1

Wood Force*1

These attribute bubbles were dropped when the three martial warriors were in a heated battle with the volcano salamander.

Wang Teng almost burst out laughing in glee.
There were so many Force attributes.
Wood, water, fire, and earth, all four elements were present.
Out of the four, he didn’t have two elements before.

Now, he had six different elements of Force on his attributes panel.
They were fire, ice, wood, earth, water, and poison.

He wondered if he would be able to summon the chaos dragon after he collected all the attributes and realize his dream.


“You really killed it!”

“You’re a martial warrior!”

The three of them looked at Wang Teng in disbelief.
They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Wang Teng was too lazy to reply to them.
He walked to the edge of the pit in the middle of the cave and looked down.

“Have y’all seen a lady here?”

“Lady? Nope!” The three martial warriors were still in shock.
When they heard Wang Teng’s question, they exchanged glances with one another and shook their heads.

Maybe she didn’t come down.
I was thinking too much.
Based on her personality, she won’t overestimate her ability. Wang Teng thought to himself.

“So the volcano wasn’t erupting.
Were these two star beasts up to mischief?” he pointed at the two star beasts and asked.

“That’s right.
This extinct volcano shows no sign of ‘reviving.’ These two star beasts probably stirred up the fire Force at the bottom of this volcano, causing the ground to shake.
Of course, if we hadn’t stopped the star beasts in time, there was still a chance that the volcano would have erupted,” Ji Quan explained.

Wang Teng nodded.
Since he didn’t find Lin Chuhan, he wanted to leave.

“If there isn’t anything else, I’ll leave first.”

“Wait!” Ji Quan shouted.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Wang Teng stopped unconsciously.

“You were the one who killed this volcano salamander.
The skin on its body and its horns are good materials for making weapons.
They are quite expensive.
There’s even a chance that there’s a fire element star core in its body.
If so, the price will shoot up.
According to the rules between martial warriors, it’s yours,” Ji Quan said.

“Even if I killed it during my actual combat assessment?” Wang Teng knew this rule.
He also knew that the price of star beasts was much higher than mutated beasts.

But, he was in the midst of his actual combat assessment, so he chose to give it up unwillingly.
He didn’t expect Ji Quan to raise it on his own.

“Star beast is not part of the examination.
Also, if you hadn’t helped us, the three of us would probably be dead by now.
One star beast isn’t much.”

Ji Quan smiled and replied.

The other two martial warriors nodded.
They agreed with his words.

Also, there was one thing they didn’t say out loud.
The young man in front of them was an examinee.
He became a martial warrior at such a young age.
There was a bright and promising future in front of him.

Using a star beast to exchange for his good impression, there was no loss, only gains.

Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t say anything and just stabbed the battle sword in his hand into the corpse of the volcano salamander.
He lifted his sword slightly, and a fiery red round-shaped object full of bumps and hollows rolled out.

“Star core!” The three martial warriors were instantly dumbstruck.

Was he so lucky?

Although there was a chance that there would be a star core inside, the probability wasn’t high.
Sometimes, they might not be able to find one star core even after killing more than ten star beasts.

But, look at Wang Teng!

He killed one star beast and got one star core.
This possibility was atrocious!

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