me family or faction.
But he had it now.

Holy Sword Slash: 450/1000 (well-versed)

The 450 points of Holy Sword Slash attributes allowed this battle technique to rise from the foundation to the well-versed stage.

If he wanted to advance to another level, he needed 1000 points.

Wang Teng glanced at Biluo secretly from the corner of his eyes.
He must get more attributes out of her.

Biluo felt an evil intention swimming toward her.
She frowned slightly, but she didn’t know where it originated from.

There were also 1450 points of constellation wood Force and 300 points of emperor-level wood talent.

Constellation Wood Force: 1680/10000

Emperor-Level Wood Talent: 300/10000

This was the second emperor-level talent he had received after his emperor-level ice talent.

Biluo was indeed full of potential.
Not only did she have emperor-level wood talent, but she also possessed the rare Light Physique.

Wang Teng had more respect for these alien talents.
At the same time, he felt some anticipation.
He wondered if the other talents would drop any more powerful attributes.

After counting the attribute bubbles Biluo had dropped, Wang Teng moved on to Black Incubus.

2530 points of constellation dark Force!

540 points of the Imperial Realm Spirit!

Wang Teng’s dark Force rose to another level.
As long as he reached the planetary stage, his ability would exceed that of a normal first-level planetary stage.

This was the first scripture he had received!

A planetary stage dark element scripture—Dark Devil Scripture!

The outline of a figure entered his mind.
Its body was covered with black meridians and acupuncture points, with dark Force flowing through them.
Then, they gathered into a black star above the sea of nihility.

This was the method to advance his dark Force to the planetary stage.

It sounded simple, but it was actually quite complicated.
Without the relevant planetary stage scripture, one could forget about breaking through.

Dark Devil Scripture: 1/500 (well-versed)

100 points of Dark Devil Scripture were barely enough for him to cross the foundation stage and reach the well-versed stage.

If Wang Teng wanted to, he could raise his dark Force to the planetary stage.

He had many blank attributes, so raising his dark Force to the peak of the 13-star general stage was a piece of cake.

However, his dark Force wouldn’t be of much help now.
He wasn’t in a hurry.

Then, there was the last attribute bubble… devil transformation!

Devil transformation had attribute bubbles too?

Wang Teng was honestly shocked when he saw this attribute bubble.

Devil transformation was a special skill only for the devil lords.
This was their greatest secret, yet it still got dropped.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubble.
There were only 10 points of it, but the relevant information about the skill floated into his mind.

The outline of a figure appeared in his consciousness.
It absorbed various negative emotions and stored them in the special Force stars in a planetary-stage martial warrior’s body.
When needed, these negative emotions would explode and merge with the dark Force, forming an incredible mutation that would ignite the potential in one’s body and raise one’s power a few times.

This was the devil transformation!

Devil transformation: 10/100 (foundation)

A faint black glow flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes.

He was in a dilemma.
The devil transformation skill was powerful, but the appearance of the person after the transformation was horrifying.

Unless he was in a dire situation, Wang Teng felt that he wouldn’t need to use the devil transformation.

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