The two peerless beauties glared at each other without concealing the killing intent in their hearts.

The next instant, both of them vanished and clashed against each other.

While everyone was engaged in a deadly battle, Wang Teng was staring at the area where the candidate’s corpse was lying.

Several dazzling attribute bubbles were floating there.

Attributes from a planetary-stage warrior!

Wang Teng hurriedly picked them up.

Constellation Force (Earth)*1800

Imperial Realm Spirit*120

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*108

Common Universal Language*300

Ultimate Stage Earth Talent*360

“Not bad, not bad.
It’s another wave of loot.” Feeling a little sorry, Wang Teng proceeded to collect the attribute bubbles

His Constellation Earth Force skyrocketed in an instant.

Constellation Earth Force: 2795/10000 (planetary-stage first-level)

Next was the Imperial Realm Spirit.
As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng’s mind suddenly shook.
There was a storm in his consciousness.

A breakthrough in his spiritual power!

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was already close to the peak of the Imperial Realm.
In addition, he had recently gained the Imperial Realm Spirit attributes multiple times.
Naturally, it would improve rapidly.
Before he knew it, his spiritual power stepped over the threshold.

In Wang Teng’s sea of consciousness, there were thunderous sounds, and the terrifying spiritual power rolled inside it as if it was forming a vortex.

Waves of spiritual power swirled continuously, condensing towards the center…

It seemed as if the spiritual power was undergoing training.
It went through an incredible transformation, leaping from its original realm and entering a higher level.

The changes in his consciousness seemed slow, but in reality, they happened within a few minutes.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power condensed into a single point in his consciousness, leaving only a small, bright light.

Then that spot suddenly burst into glaring light.

In an instant, an indomitable spiritual power erupted, circling within Wang Teng’s consciousness as if declaring ownership of this territory.

A sphere of spiritual power was suspended in his consciousness.

Spirit: 1/10000 (Planetary Realm)

At this moment, Wang Teng was enlightened.

Spirit and martial arts were the same.
Before the Imperial Realm, they were called the Planetary Disciple Realm.
After that, it would be the Planetary Realm, Celestial Realm…

Wang Teng’s spirit had now reached the Planetary Realm!

It was a whole new level, which was several times stronger than the Imperial Realm.

Ordinary planetary-stage warriors would not be able to achieve this feat.
Only celestial-stage warriors usually attained the Planetary Realm Spirit before advancing.

In other words, Wang Teng’s spirit was equivalent to a celestial-stage warrior’s spirit.

If only his spirit had reached the Planetary Realm, it wouldn’t mean anything.
It only signified that he was better than others in certain aspects, such as spiritual perception and consciousness.

However, Wang Teng was a divine spirit master and possessed spiritual power.
Spirit encompassed spiritual power and consciousness.
As one’s spirit realm moved up a level, one’s spiritual power would naturally increase.

An ordinary planetary-stage martial warrior would not be able to fend against planetary realm spiritual power.

Wang Teng felt that if he used his spiritual power to maneuver weapons now, he could instantly kill almost everyone below the planetary stage five stars.

As for warriors stronger than that, he could put up a fight with them.

Wang Teng was overjoyed.
Originally, he thought that he would have to rely on his Space Physique to fight against the dark apparitions.
He didn’t expect to have another trump card.

Just as he was above to withdraw his gaze from the attributes panel, his gaze suddenly stopped.

There was a change in Origin Of Soul.
It had increased from 1256 points to 5030 points!

Wang Teng was in deep thought.

Both seemed to be the same thing.
Did Origin Of Soul attributes increase along with the spirit attribute?

He suddenly remembered that when the Origin Of Soul attribute was increased in the past, his spirit attribute had followed suit.

Wang Teng’s gaze stayed on the first and second columns of the attributes panel.

Origin Of Life and Origin Of Soul.

These were the most important things of the body.
One represented the flesh, while the other represented the soul, and both would constitute a complete living body.

As Wang Teng improved his martial arts and spirit, these two Origins grew as well.

He seemed to understand something.
These two Origins must progress together.
He mustn’t tilt the scale to one side too much!

Somehow, he felt the importance of these two Origins.

Thoughts flashed through his mind.
Wang Teng looked at the changes in his other three attributes.

He had gained 108 points of Imperial Realm Enlightenment, raising it to the peak of the Imperial Realm.
He was not far away from breaking through.

The concept of enlightenment was a little hard to grasp, but one must have it.
If not, they would be an idiot.

Wang Teng would be entering the universe and fighting with the other universe talents.
He mustn’t let his enlightenment fall behind.

Besides this, he also gained the ultimate stage earth talent and the Common Universal Language attributes.

Honestly, ever since his ice talent reached the emperor level, Wang Teng didn’t like ultimate stage talents anymore.

It was easier to get rich and harder to go back to poverty.

However, if he wanted to reach the emperor level, he needed to max out his ultimate stage talents or wait for emperor-level attribute bubbles to drop.

The Common Universal Language was quite useful.
It was prevalent in the universe, so he would be able to converse with other people normally.

As he collected more and more attribute bubbles, his grasp of the Common Universal Language got better.

Common Universal Language: 12/1000 (small achievement)

Wang Teng pulled his attention away from the attributes panel and looked at the duels around him.

“I should do some exercise too!”

He scanned his surroundings and finally fixed his gaze on a heated battle.

The talent of the Emerald Abyss Galaxy, Biluo, was fighting with Black Incubus.

Wang Teng swore that his intention wasn’t to gaze at beauties.
He just wanted to settle some accounts with this old acquaintance of his.

Black Incubus had created a few clones and surrounded Biluo.
Eight similar Black Incubuses circled Biluo, making it hard for her to find her true form.

Biluo’s brows were locked in a tight frown.
She held her sword, and multiple glows erupted from the blade.
It twirled around her like a whirlpool.

But she was still unable to hit the true form of Black Incubus.

Damn it, why does this devil lord possess such a strange cloning skill? I can’t figure out which is the real one.
I need to find it soon. There was no expression on her face, but her mind was running in sixth gear.

“Do you need my help?” Wang Teng asked with a smile, appearing outside the battle circle.

“Can you find her true form?” Biluo’s gaze flickered.

“I will only know after I try,” Wang Teng said casually.

“Why are you standing there then?” Biluo rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t you ask me nicely? If not, I have no reason to help you,” Wang Teng shrugged and said helplessly.

Biluo felt her head throbbing.

Why do such weirdos exist?

What on earth is he thinking? Even in this critical situation, he still has the heart to make a joke.

Damn it, I feel like beating him… 

“Quick, don’t waste any time.” Biluo frowned.

“There’s no relationship between us, and you’re the invaders.
If you don’t do it nicely, I can’t convince myself to help you.” Wang Teng wasn’t moved.
His tone remained calm as he spoke righteously.

Biluo was helpless.
Wang Teng was right, but she had a hunch something was missing.

Black Incubus felt a little anxious as she looked at Wang Teng.
Could he really find her true form?

No, she must defeat her opponent soon.
She couldn’t let that fellow act.

Recalling Wang Teng’s history, a bad feeling swarmed into Black Incubus’s heart.
She stopped wasting time and controlled all her clones to move forward.
A thick black glow exploded from their bodies and merged into sharp black blades, slashing at Biluo.

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