“Oh?” Biluo was stunned.
She shifted her gaze away from the cup of tea in her hand and placed it on Wang Teng.

They were from outer space.
How did Wang Teng know their identity?

Was he trying to bluff them?

Or did he have other methods?

Many thoughts flashed through her mind.

She blinked and saw the two aliens standing behind Wang Teng, feeling astonished in her heart.
“You guys seem a little unfamiliar.
May I know which universe you came from?”

Jin Yuan and Hadock stood behind Wang Teng obediently the entire time as if he was their Leader.
These two alien martial warriors were willing to bow down to a martial warrior from Earth?

This provided much food for thought.

Jin Yuan and Hadock glanced at Wang Teng.
Noticing his lack of response, they chuckled and replied, “We don’t dare to compare ourselves with you.
We’re just ordinary talents who hail from small families.”

Jin Yuan and Hadock were sly old foxes.
They would never tell Biluo that they had escaped from an abandoned star.

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“Anyone that has the right to participate in this trial is the cream of the crop,” Biluo smiled and said some words of compliment.
No one knew if she truly believed their words.

They hadn’t lowered their voices.
The other alien candidates were all at the planetary stage, so they naturally heard everything.
Everyone was guessing the relationship between Wang Teng, Hadock, and Jin Yuan.

Many people were surprised when they saw two candidates following Wang Teng.

It wasn’t a unique case.
Some candidates in the past chose to follow other powerful candidates when they felt that they had no hope of passing the trial.

However, it was a rare occurrence.
These candidates were all gifted martial warriors.
They were prideful and arrogant and would never submit to others easily.

Hence, at this moment, besides the five famous talents, the other candidates grew more fearful of Wang Teng.

A group of war correspondents risked their lives and came to the military camp stationed in this place by Country Xia.
The leader was a handsome young lady around 30 wearing a military uniform.
She was a reputable news reporter from Country Xia.

A general-stage martial warrior from the Beijiang military camp came to welcome these war correspondents personally.

“Reporter Zhen, I didn’t know you were coming.” The general-stage martial warrior seemed a little tired as he shook hands with the reporter.

“The Leader asked me to come.
He wants me to represent the government and reveal the situation here to the public,” Zhen Pin replied with a grave expression.

“Are we really going to do this? If the situation here is made known to everyone, it will cause a huge panic.” Chief Commander Chen frowned.

“There’s no better way.
It’s impossible to conceal this matter now.
Everyone has the right to know.”

“Alright, my thoughts were too simple.
I’m still stuck in the past.
Go ahead… and report it.” Chief Commander Chen sighed and shook his head sadly.

“Chief Commander Chen, don’t blame yourself.
No one expected things to turn out this way.
The change was sudden and caught us all off guard,” Zhen Pin consoled him.

She asked the camera crew behind her to aim their lens at the sky.

The entire sky was enveloped with dark clouds, forming a terrifying vortex.
Thick silver-white bolts of lightning flashed occasionally.
It was like a scene from the end of the world.

Ferocious and hideous faces of dark apparitions could be seen faintly amidst the dark clouds.
They screamed and roared in a shrill and bitter voice.
It was bone-chilling.

This image was sent to the entire nation through the internet.
Many people knew about this live broadcast, so they were waiting for it in front of their computers and televisions.

When the images appeared, the viewers’ breaths got stuck.

Multiple emotions crashed into everyone’s hearts.

Were these the dark apparitions?!

Such a frightening presence had appeared on Earth.

Was this the doom of their planet?

Country Xia wasn’t the only one.
The dimensional rifts in the North Sea Continent and the South Sea Continent were being broadcasted by the governments simultaneously.

None of the higher authorities of any country planned to contain this information.

The world was already in a mess after the star beast riot.
Some things couldn’t be kept a secret anymore.

Thus, in this instant, everyone on this planet knew about the invasion of the dark apparitions.

There was a large-scale uproar.

Countless humans sunk into despair and trepidation.
The star beast riots had only ended recently.
Some areas were still suffering from the impact and were fighting with the remnant star beasts.
Yet, an even more frightening crisis awaited them.
How were the humans supposed to resist?

At the same time, what happened in the Central Continent gradually spread around the world.

The humans were having a gamble with the dark apparitions!

This battle would affect the survival of Earth.
If the humans succeeded, there would be hope.
If they failed, they would become part of history.

This chapter of history might be dug up by a new civilization thousands of years later and they might study it.

The dark apparitions did not appear on the Central Continent.
But many general-stage martial warriors from various countries had arrived after receiving the news.

The higher authorities of the various nations only dared to act after the alien candidates left.

General-stage martial warriors from Country Inka, Country Star, the White Eagle Nation, Country Boar, and many other countries reached the scene.

Intelligence battlecraft developed by the different nations floated in mid-air, looking at the Central Continent from a distance.
They didn’t dare to go closer, so they could only watch from afar.

The Leader of martial arts and other generals were gathered in a round hall in their battlecraft.
The screen in the middle was showing a bird’s eye view of the Central Continent.

“I didn’t know there were so many alien candidates.” The Leader’s eyes were glowing.
He said with a stern face, “If it wasn’t for the dark apparitions, they wouldn’t have gathered together.”

“They are all planetary-stage martial warriors.
They can destroy Earth if they want to,” Commander Hong said gravely.

“Will the Central Continent sink if we let them hold the duel here?” Commander Yong gave a forced smile.

Everyone was shocked.
Their expressions changed slightly.

These planetary-stage martial warriors had the ability to do it.
They could decide if they wanted to sink this land.

“Send the image here back to the country too,” the Leader of martial arts gave his order.

“Erm…” Everyone hesitated.

“This is Earth’s catastrophe.
Everyone should witness it with their own eyes,” the Leader explained.

“Yes!” the martial warriors replied in unison.
They stopped hesitating and sent the image back to Country Xia.

Almost at the same second, the general-stage martial warriors from the other countries made the same decision.
The situation here was revealed to the rest of the world.

Amidst many people’s anxiousness, three days passed.

At noon, the sky more than ten kilometers away from the Central Continent suddenly darkened.

Darkness dawned from three directions.
It appeared at the same time and swarmed down from the sky as if swallowing them.
It quickly flowed towards the Central Continent.

These two words appeared in everyone’s mind.

Alien candidates stood on top of their spacecraft one by one.
They stared at the darkness in the distance with grim expressions.

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