Dawn arrived.
The candidates were starting to lose their patience after waiting for an entire night.
Just then, a person appeared on the top of a spacecraft.
A powerful aura erupted from his body.

The formidable aura of a planetary-stage martial warrior swept through the forest.

The numerous star beasts below were terrified.
They lay on the ground and shivered in fear.

When did such a powerful presence appear among the humans?

All the star beasts started sobbing and trembling.
Some weaker ones even peed on the ground.

You couldn’t blame them.
Planetary-stage martial warriors were indeed scary.
Star beasts who hadn’t reached the lord level could never resist them.

At the same time, the planetary-stage martial warriors in the other spacecraft were alerted and flew out.
They released their aura simultaneously, unwilling to back down.

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The sky above the forest turned into a restricted battleground for the planetary-stage martial warriors.
Petrifying Forces intertwined and collided in the air, creating a ringing sound.

These alien candidates glared at one another.
There was an obvious rivalry between them, so the atmosphere was heated when they gathered together.
The only reason why they didn’t fight was because of the upcoming duel with the dark apparitions.

However, some spacecraft remained silent.
They didn’t care about what was happening outside.

Another half a day passed.
No other spaceships arrived.

The golden-haired young man from the White Eagle Nation finally walked out of his spacecraft.
He possessed a powerful force of presence and attracted everyone’s attention like a huge magnet.

“He’s recognized as the youth below 30 with the greatest potential from the Olant Federation’s Blue Wolf Galaxy!”

“Why is he participating in this trial? There are rumors that he left the Olant Federation and went out to gain more experience.”

“Damn it, with him around, we won’t have many chances.”

Argus remained calm after hearing everyone’s words.
However, the arrogance in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

There were seven large galaxies in the Olant Federation.
The Blue Wolf Galaxy was one of them, and he was the most powerful talent in this galaxy.
He didn’t give himself this title.
It was bestowed by the public.

He had the right to be proud!

“Why isn’t Wang Teng here yet?” Argus glanced around him and frowned slightly.
His emotionless voice resounded in the forest.

No one answered him.
Although the other candidates were afraid of him, they wouldn’t curry favor with him.
They had their pride as candidates.

“Hahaha, Argus, aren’t you embarrassed? No one’s replying to you.” Someone laughed in a rough and loud voice.

“Kathu!” The golden-haired young man’s eyes shimmered.
He turned his head and looked over with a slightly grim expression.

A bulky and muscular figure had appeared on a similarly rough-looking spacecraft.
There was a blood-red symbol of a mutated beast on his chest.
It looked ferocious and ruthless.

“Damn it, it’s Kathu, the talent from Crimson Moon Galaxy!”

“Another gifted martial warrior of the universe! Our chances are getting slimmer!”

“I heard that the symbol on his body is carved using the famous Blood-moon beast on the Crimson Moon Galaxy.
What’s more, they used the blood of adult giant beasts that are at the peak of the ninth-level planetary stage.
They were killed personally by Kathu.”

“I heard that he’s at the fifth-level of the planetary stage, but he possesses ninth-level planetary-stage combat prowess.
It’s scary.”

The alien candidates started discussing among themselves again.
They didn’t look good.
They seemed frightened of this Kathu.

“Argus, I didn’t know that you’re participating in this trial.” Kathu chuckled.

“Same.” Argus’s expression became normal.
He refuted calmly.

“Looks like we might become classmates,” Kathu laughed as he replied.
He might be arrogant, but he didn’t dare to underestimate Argus’s ability.

“Hmph!” Argus snorted and kept quiet.

“Hahaha, y’all seem to be having a good time.
How can you bicker at a time like this?” Two ladies appeared from the pink spacecraft at the side.
The green-haired lady standing in front covered her mouth and laughed sweetly.

“Emerald Abyss Galaxy, Biluo!”

Argus and Kathu were surprised when they saw the green-haired lady.

“The Saint Star Pagoda is indeed a huge temptation.
No one can resist it.”

“Of course.
The Saint Star Pagoda is the number one academy in the Olant Federation.
I have to view it with great importance,” Biluo smiled and replied.

“Three of the talented stars from the seven major stars have arrived.
I wonder if there are any others?” Kathu crossed his arms in front of his chest and glanced around him with interest.

“Include me!” A voice was heard.

A man with long brown hair flew out of his spacecraft.
He looked like a human except his ears were slightly sharp.
He was exceptionally handsome.

“Pulin!” The three martial warriors recognized this man immediately.
They turned serious.

“Haha, since everyone is here, I shall not hide anymore.” Peals of laughter resounded in the air.

A short and small human appeared in front of everyone.
Compared to the other alien candidates, this human was a dwarf.

He was strange-looking.
He had pitch-black scales on his face, but they were tiny and only grew on near his neck, making them not so obvious.

“The genius of the Black Scale Tribe from the Uros Galaxy… Loggins!”

“The number one talent and beauty of the Emerald Abyss Galaxy… Biluo!”

“And the ultimate talent of the Wood Fairy Race from Silver-Blue Galaxy… Pulin!”

Cries of astonishment spurted out from the mouths of the alien candidates around them.
There was a huge commotion.

These alien candidates were extremely familiar with these three youngsters and recognized them instantly.
They even knew their achievements and deeds like the back of their hands.
As they spoke, they revealed the background of these three.

“The five great stars! This trial will be a fierce and intense one.
I wonder who will win and enter the Saint Star Pagoda?”

“Though they are powerful, we still have a chance.
We should fight for it no matter what.”

“That’s right.
The appearance of the dark apparitions is unexpected.
No one knows the result.”

The atmosphere above the primary forest was extremely tense after the arrival of the five great stars.

Some distance away, three sneaky-looking figures hid behind layers of space obstacles and paid close attention to the situation on this side.

“I didn’t expect so many formidable warriors to come,” the octopus monster exclaimed.

“Boss, should we reveal ourselves? We have heard enough,” the other fatty figure asked.

“These talents are so impatient.
They got irritated after waiting for just a day.” The last person touched his chin and shook his head.
He expected better from them.

These three people were Wang Teng, Jin Yuan, and Hadock.
They had arrived a long time ago, but Wang Teng wanted to confirm everyone’s identity, so he hid and observed them in the dark.
He used his special Space Physique to hide the three of them in a space pocket, spying on the ability and reactions of these alien candidates.

At least he had a good gauge of their abilities and identities.
He also asked his two subordinates for more information to be on the safe side.

When Jin Yuan and Hadock heard his words, they felt speechless and contemptuous.

Their new boss was seriously shameless.
He ignored those people for a day and was still complaining about them.

You’ll get whacked to death because of your cheekiness!

They silently complained in their hearts.

“Alright, it’s time for us to appear.” Wang Teng tidied his clothes and disappeared.
A second later, he made an abrupt appearance in front of all the alien candidates and waved his hands innocently.

“Hello, everyone’s here!”

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