A lonely patch of land floated in the ocean, surrounded by islands of many different sizes.

This place was under-populated by humans, but it was a heaven for star beasts.
It had a tropical subtropical climate, and massive areas of the mainland were covered with tropical rain forests.

Before the martial arts era, this area was rich in plant biodiversity.
The trees were luxuriant, and you could find many species here.

After Force entered Earth, the plants started growing like crazy.
Trees pillared right into the sky.
There were countless trees close to a hundred meters tall and some higher than a hundred meters.
Thick vines hung above the ground like giant pythons.
This place had already turned into a primary forest.

There were many unknown star beasts hidden here, high in both quantity and variety.

Because of the large quantity, many lord-level star beasts were born.
They were extremely powerful, and all of them were overlords of their areas.

Also, there were unimaginable star beasts hiding in the lakes or below the ground.
These were popular resting areas for star beasts, even regarded as forbidden zones.

Normal martial warriors might end up walking into the den of a star beast if they entered this area.
The chance of surviving was slim.

Even general-stage martial warriors didn’t dare to enter this place recklessly.

Fortunately, in the past, the star beasts and the humans maintained a delicate balance, so there were never any large-scale beast tides.

In addition, the Central Continent was situated in the middle of the ocean, isolated from the rest of the mainland.
It wasn’t as terrifying as it was now.

Of course, this region was dangerous, but it was a heaven for martial warriors too.
Star beasts, spiritual herbs, and even rare metal ores could be found here.
These were all valuable goods.

Many martial warriors chose to form small teams and enter this continent.
They would fight with star beasts, take their star cores and star bones, and find spiritual herbs.

Besides the Xingwu Continent, the human martial warriors also visited such primary forests or the depth of the mountains.

Recently, a piece of news spread around the world.
The martial warriors hunting for star beasts in the Central Continent retreated out of the area one after another.
No one dared to stay any longer.

News after news ignited commotions in the world.
People in every country felt uneasy and anxious.

Everyone was aware of the presence of the alien invaders.
All the martial warriors also knew that the alien invaders exceeded the 13-star general stage and had greater combat power.

Yet, these alien invaders wanted to have a decisive battle with the dark apparition on the Central Continent.

What was the ability of these planetary-stage martial warriors? Earth human martial warriors didn’t know, but they knew how strong the general-stage martial warriors were.
It was easy to imagine the prowess of the planetary-stage martial warriors from that.

The Central Continent was the battlefield.
There would definitely be immense impact waves.
Who dared to stay there?

Before the human martial warriors came, the Central Continent remained peaceful.
Everything was normal.

Occasionally, you could hear beasts roaring in the quiet primary forest or flying in the sky above to display their status as the overlords of their territory.

Suddenly, the ground trembled.
A loud explosion came from the primary forest below.

Two large figures appeared in a part of this forest.
It was a giant python and an enormous ape.
Both of them were more than a hundred feet tall and gave off a terrifying aura.
They were both at the lord level.

They were fighting with each other and wreaking havoc in the forest.
Trees fell by the hundreds, sparking an earthquake.

The small and weak star beasts around them escaped in a flurry.
They were afraid of getting implicated.

Just when these two lord-level star beasts were getting immersed in their battle, a shadow appeared on the horizon.
Traveling at a fast speed, it was a gigantic spacecraft.

The spacecraft didn’t do anything after it got close to the forest.
It just hovered over the woods.

However, the two lord-level star beasts stopped their battle unconsciously and raised their heads stiffly as they looked at the large spacecraft in the air.

Before they could think further, another black dot appeared on the horizon in another direction.

The black dot arrived above the forest in a split second.
It was another huge spacecraft.
After noticing the other spacecraft, it didn’t get closer, stopping some distance away.

The people in the spacecraft didn’t appear.
They seemed to be waiting for something as if they had a plan.

The two lord-level star beasts glanced at each other and felt a chill shooting up their spines.
They lowered their bodies in unplanned unison and hid among the tall trees and plants as they crawled away slowly, not daring to make a peep.
They were afraid that the two spacecraft above them would notice them.

But they were thinking too much.
The people in the two spacecraft didn’t have the time to care about lord-level star beasts.

As time went by, more spacecraft started arriving on the Central Continent.
One, two, three, four…

The entire Central Continent was shrouded in a tense atmosphere.
All the lord-level star beasts detected the unusual vibe and moved out.
They wanted to get more information but didn’t know where to start.

All the star beasts panicked.
They were exceptionally frustrated.

However, they didn’t dare to touch the people in the spacecraft.
The aura exuding from them made the star beasts tremble in fear.

An agonizing day passed as everyone waited in anxiety.

More and more universe spacecraft came.
The next morning, there were already 18 spacecraft hanging above the sky of the Central Continent.

This meant that there were 18 alien candidates present!

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