There was a chaotic region behind the vortex.
Space tumbled, and an enormous dimensional rift was formed.

Three figures sat cross-legged around the dimensional rift.
Black light twinkled around them, releasing powerful fluctuations into the air gradually to support the dimensional rift.

One of these figures was a beautiful lady wearing a black-feather overcoat.
She had dark-purple curly hair, and her eyes gave off a pitch-black, evil glint.

This was Black Incubus Devil Lord who had some relationship with Wang Teng in the past!

She pulled a long face when she heard Wang Teng’s laughter.
The other two devil lords were surprised at her reaction.

“Black Incubus, do you have some grudges with this human?” The dark apparition devil lord called Phantasma was shrouded in mist, so his figure could only be seen faintly.
Only his dark green eyes were visible.
His gaze landed directly on Black Incubus’s face.

“Hahaha, I heard that you suffered in the hands of a human the last time.
Was it this one?” The other devil lord called Amalgadon was extremely weird-looking.
It stared at Black Incubus contemptuously and started sniggering.

Phantasma’s gaze shimmered.
He seemed a little surprised.

“Amalgadon, shut your trap!” Black Incubus scoffed.
She closed her eyes and decided to keep quiet.

No one knew how frustrated she felt currently.
Some time ago, Wang Teng was just a nobody who hadn’t even reached the general stage.
Although he had managed to injure her with the help of external power, she felt that it was because she had underestimated her opponent.
If given another chance, she would definitely be able to kill him easily.

However, things didn’t go as planned.
She couldn’t find Wang Teng in time after he dropped into the Darkland and even gave him the chance to ransack a sacred city before escaping back to Earth.

She lost to Wang Teng again!

This time, she volunteered to come here because she wanted to take revenge for that arrow by killing Wang Teng.

But what on earth happened?

That bastard Wang Teng came up from behind and advanced to the planetary stage.
He was at the same level as her!

How was she supposed to take revenge?

She couldn’t gain any advantage before he hit the planetary stage, much less now.

Black Incubus was so exasperated that she wanted to vomit blood.
She decided to close her eyes and rest, ignoring Wang Teng.
Based on how shameless this brat was, he would definitely anger her to death.

Phantasma’s dark green eyes submerged back into the mist.
He didn’t make any more movements.
Amalgadon chuckled and stopped sprinkling salt on Black Incubus’s wound.
It wouldn’t do him any good if that lady went crazy.

There was a moment of silence.
The space fluctuations in the mountains got more and more violent, and the dimensional rift started expanding at an extremely fast speed.

Dark fog covered everything behind the dimensional rift.
The wind blew past, revealing the countless dark apparitions packed like sardines behind the black mist.

Wu Gu sat cross-legged in the air below the vortex and glared at Wang Teng opposite him.
Both of them were locked in a staring contest.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Wu Gu said angrily.

“No,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Come, let’s fight again.” Wu Gu stood up and pulled the invisible sleeve on his arm.
He looked as if he wanted to have another duel with him.

“No.” Wang Teng’s expression remained composed.
He changed his position and lay down in mid-air with one leg crossed over the other.
The guy couldn’t look more relaxed.

At the same time, he released his spiritual power and picked up all the attribute bubbles around him.

He had been here for around three hours and gained more than 3000 points of space attributes.
He was delighted with his gains.

Wang Teng didn’t want to leave because there were many attribute bubbles here.
Wu Gu couldn’t do anything to him anyway.

After he raised his space physique, he would be able to increase the power of his Space Tornado and deal with those dark apparitions.
No matter how many opponents there were, one ultimate move was enough.

Wang Teng came up with a good plan.

Wu Gu didn’t know anything about it.
He thought that Wang Teng stayed behind to irritate them.

Wang Teng disregarded Wu Gu and closed his eyes.
He focused on his attributes panel.

He had gained many attribute bubbles when he killed the Nether World Giant Python, but he didn’t have the time to count them yet.
He was swallowing dates whole.
He didn’t know what it tasted like.

Since he was free now, he pulled out his board to take a look.

Constellation Force (Ice)*3500

Constellation Force (Dark)*3650

Emperor-Level Ice Talent*150

Imperial Realm Spirit*115

Wang Teng was elated when he finished looking through his gains.

Good riddance, the harvest was not bad!

As expected of an emperor-level star beast.
The attribute bubbles were huge, and there were many good items.

First, there was the ice and dark constellation Force.
There were more than 3000 points for both.
Mind you, none of these two Forces had reached the planetary stage.
Gaining so many constellation Force attributes was a surprise for him.

He could release these two Forces with some planetary-stage power now.

Then, there was the emperor-level ice talent!

This was a higher level than the ultimate stage talent.

The Nether World Giant Python was a race with extremely high ice talent.
That was why all the adults in their race could reach the emperor level.
They relied heavily on this emperor-level talent.

Wang Teng’s ice talent was at the ultimate stage, and it had now been upgraded to the emperor level.
There were 150 points of it.
This was a huge leap in his ice talent.

The emperor-level ice talent was higher than his Ice Cocoon Physique.
However, the combination of these two would give greater benefits.

Emperor-Level Ice Talent: 150/10000

Wang Teng smiled.
He looked at another attribute—Nether Frost!

This was a special skill.

Wang Teng remembered the black ice the python had released.
That was a fierce attack made with extreme frost.
Normal martial warriors wouldn’t be able to resist it.
He could only curb it because he possessed the Emerald Glazed Flame.

No matter what, this Nether Frost was a powerful battle technique.

Finally, he gained 115 points of the Imperial Realm Spirit.

Wang Teng’s spirit was extremely close to breaking through to the next level.
With an additional 115 points, his spirit attribute came close to the bottleneck.

Spirit: 2985/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Wang Teng’s face turned black.
Was he someone that needed 15 more points?

He only needed 15 points of spirit to advance!

Wang Teng didn’t know what was after the Imperial Realm.
However, it would definitely make his spiritual power stronger.
Torturing dark apparitions would be a piece of cake for him at that time.

But, he lacked 15 points of attributes.

What could he do? He was helpless too!

Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.
He looked at the last attribute bubble that gave him 12600 blank attributes.

The Nether World Giant Python is indeed an emperor-level star beast!

Wang Teng exclaimed in his heart again!

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