“Can you have some decency when talking about serious matters?” Wang Teng said calmly as he looked at Wu Gu, who was still fiddling with his head.

“Sorry, sorry.
I’ll have it fixed properly this time.
I’ll make sure it doesn’t fall off anymore.” Wu Gu apologized profusely in embarrassment.

“… Is that the issue here?” Zhou Xuanwu was exasperated.

But as soon as the words came out of his mouth, he broke down.
He felt that he had changed like he was going to be assimilated by the two idiots.

The changes in the sky became more intense as time went by.
Dark clouds were rolling, and the huge vortex continued to expand.
It churned at an incredible speed.

Lightning bolts struck from above, wreaking havoc within a radius of dozens of meters.

The area with dark clouds was originally just above the top of the mountain, but it had expanded rapidly, reaching a distance of a hundred feet.
At a glance, it was black and dark, and it was impossible to see anything inside it.

There was also a strong force pulling everything in.
The trees and boulders flew up into the sky uncontrollably, got swallowed by the vortex, and disintegrated into bits…

When Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu saw this, their expressions became extremely solemn.
However, there was a hint of surprise in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He could see attribute bubbles falling from the vortex.

Although the situation didn’t seem good, it was still necessary to collect the attributes.

The attribute bubbles were absorbed by Wang Teng’s body,

Currently, the system had defined Space Physique as his Space Talent.
With the absorption of the attribute bubbles, he immediately felt that he became more sensitive to space.

In just a short while, he had picked up all the space attributes that were dropped.
His Space Physique was raised rapidly with a full 1150 points.

Space Physique: 11150/100000 (first-rank)

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, he could feel a vast difference in his body.
It was as if every inch of his flesh could feel the fluctuations of space, as though he had completely integrated into space itself.

However, that feeling only lasted for a moment.
It seemed as though he was only this sensitive when there was an improvement.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed.
He had even more belief in the strength of the Space Physique.

If he could raise the level of Space Physique even higher, he might even be able to travel freely in space.
How free would that be!

No matter how vast, he would be able to travel to the ends of the universe!

Wang Teng’s mouth curved slightly as he thought about this.

Over at the side, Zhou Xuanwu was dumbfounded.
How could that brat still smile in such a situation?

Wu Gu was a little surprised too. Did I scare this human’s head off?

“Brother Zhou, go back and tell the others to get ready,” Wang Teng said.

“Aren’t you going back with me?” Zhou Xuanwu’s expression changed slightly.

“Leave first.” Wang Teng didn’t look back as he stared at the vortex above his head.
It was still dropping attribute bubbles.

“Be… be careful!” Zhou Xuanwu nodded solemnly with a tragic expression.
He then flashed away with great resolve and flew into the distance without turning back.
“Don’t worry, Wang Teng.
I’ll definitely bring the news back.
Hold on, you can’t just die like this!”

Wu Gu smiled and let Zhou Xuanwu leave.

“Looking at his expression, he seems to have misunderstood something?” Wang Teng thought about it curiously and shook his head.

I can’t curse him to death anyway.

Anyway, picking up the attributes is more important.

There are so many space attributes.
That’s hard to come by.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Wu Gu suddenly asked.
He seemed a little surprised.

“Afraid of what?” Wang Teng returned the question.

“That we will kill you?” There was finally a trace of killing intent in his voice as he spoke coldly, “Or are you really naive to think that you can destroy the Darkland?”

“I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.
“Afraid? I’m not afraid of bugs like you that breed in the dark corners.”

“Bugs?” The ghost flames in Wu Gu’s sockets flickered.
“You call us bugs?”

“Well, I’m just stating facts.” Wang Teng shrugged.

“How long has it been? It’s been a while since someone made me this angry! Oh, how I’ve missed it!” There was a trace of nostalgia in Wu Gu’s voice, accompanied by an intense chill.
He then laughed.
“How about we play a game? A real game.”

“Oh, what game?” Wang Teng asked with great interest.

“The armies of my race are reaching any moment now, and you can’t stop them.
But I can give you a chance by stopping all the dark apparitions from attacking.
Let’s have a gamble.
The winner takes all.
How about that?” Wu Gu smiled.

“Interesting.” Wang Teng caressed his chin and nodded.
“What are we betting on?”

“It’s very simple.
Choose a place, and the two sides will fight till a winner is determined.” Wu Gu’s laughter was filled with bloodlust and cruelty.

“Why?” Wang Teng was unaffected and suddenly asked without putting any thought into the question.

Wu Gu seemed to know what he was asking.
“Because I like to see you humans in despair, to watch humans struggle desperately, when there is nothing you can do but die.
Don’t you find it interesting?”

“Ha~” Wang Teng let out an inexplicable chuckle.
“Why should I trust you?”

“That’s a small issue.
I’ll just sign a spiritual contract,” Wu Gu said indifferently.
A black scroll appeared in his hand, and it looked similar to the spiritual contract that Wang Teng had seen before.
“How’s that? Want to play?”

“I’ll play.
Why wouldn’t I? Since you want it, I’ll give it to you.
Let’s see who would be dying.” Wang Teng smirked.

“Very well, I like your confidence.
I hope you can maintain that till the end.” Wu Gu opened the scroll and wrote the contents before signing his name on it.

Just when he was about to throw the scroll over, Wang Teng said, “Your signature alone isn’t enough.
I can’t be sure that the other dark apparitions won’t attack.”

“You don’t believe me!” Wu Gu was enraged.

“That’s right.
I don’t trust you at all.” Wang Teng nodded.

“… You’ve made this skeleton sad!” Wu Gu covered his face and wept.
However, seeing that Wang Teng wasn’t going to pay any attention, he couldn’t continue acting.
He spread his hands and smiled.
“Alright, alright.
I’ll give in.
I’ll get the dispatched devil lords to sign the contract as well.”

He threw the scroll into the vortex and clasped his hand around his mouth, shouting, “Hey, you guys, sign that contract.
I want to play with this human.”

After a while, a hoarse voice came from within the vortex, “Are you sure you want to do this, Wu Gu?”

A charming voice followed.
“If you fail, you know the consequences.”

“Although I love to see them dying in despair, you are crossing the line.
We will lose our initiative by signing this contract.” Another cold voice resounded.

“Relax, relax! How can I possibly lose?” Wu Gu dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

There was silence in the vortex.

“Forget it.
You’re responsible for this.” The spiritual scroll was thrown down after the hoarse voice finished speaking.

“Not a problem.
I’ll be responsible if anything goes wrong.” Wu Gu assured.
He then threw the scroll to Wang Teng.
“Take it.
Sign your name, and it’s done.”

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed as he looked at the contract.
Besides Wu Gu’s name, there were three others—Phantasma, Black Incubus, and Amalgadon!

“Black Incubus is actually here.” Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.
She knew he was here, yet she didn’t say anything.
She controlled herself well!

When the three dark apparitions were chatting with each other, Wang Teng had used Eyes of Essence and Spiritual Sight to peek at them through the spatial cracks.
There were indeed three devil lords, and without a doubt, one of them was her.

Seeing that there was no problem with the content of the scroll, Wang Teng stopped hesitating and signed his name.

As soon as the names were signed, the spiritual contract was officially formed.

Both parties knew about the bindings of the contract.
Even at their ranks, they wouldn’t be able to break free from the repercussions.

The humans would never have imagined that Wang Teng would sign a contract concerning their planet’s fate just like that.

Of course, in a sense, Wang Teng had undoubtedly made a decision that was best under the circumstances.
After all, the dimensional rift had been opened; the arrival of the dark apparitions was inevitable.
No one could stop it.

If the dark apparitions were allowed to slaughter as they pleased on Earth, sooner or later, the planet would be reduced to ruins.

This gamble, at the very least, had temporarily saved Earth.

“Alright, it’s done.
You can leave now.” Wu Gu gestured at Wang Teng.

“No hurry.
This vortex is quite cooling.
I’ve decided to stay for a while,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

Why did it seem like this brat was even more shameless than him?

“Hey, Black Incubus Devil Lord, it’s been a long time.
How have you been?” Wang Teng ignored Wu Gu and shouted at the vortex.

There was a moment of silence before Black Incubus spoke, “Wang Teng, don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched.
Once this bet is over, it will be time for your death.
Your friends and family will die in front of your eyes, one by one.
That should be interesting.”

Wang Teng replied with a laugh.

Behind the vortex, Black Incubus Devil Lord took a deep breath.

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