“Ouch, the pain! Pain! My little fist is hurting!” Wu Gu tumbled a few times before standing up in mid-air and crying in pain.

It was absolutely exaggerating.

He could tell that his fist might hurt a little if he wanted to beat this skeleton up.
However, he still wanted to see if he could break his bones.

He was surprised that he failed.

Mind you, he had used the Ancient God’s Body and the Strength of Ultima simultaneously.
Even the physical body of a planetary-stage martial warrior would be smashed by his attack.
Yet, this skeleton remained unscathed.

He was just a skinny and small skeleton.
Look at those thin arms and legs.
They looked as if they would break easily, but they were extremely sturdy.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered, but his expression remained unchanged.
Clenching his sword, frightening energy exploded on its blade.

He released his sword attack without the slightest hesitation.
The sword glow stretched a few hundred meters.

Wu Gu gave a weird scream.
He raised his hands hurriedly and blocked them in front of him.
The black bones on his body started squirming vigorously, forming a large black bone shield in front of him.

The bone shield was diamond-shaped, and the skeleton’s skull was carved on the surface.
With sharp bones sticking out of the edges.
It looked fierce and hideous.

This all happened too quickly.
The sword glow shot towards him and crashed directly into the bone shield.

A violent explosion resounded in the air.
Wu Gu was knocked more than ten meters back again by the sword glow, but it didn’t hurt him.

However, that bone shield was crushed.
Only a fragment of the main body remained.
The edges were all broken.

Even so, the bone shield vibrated and merged back into Wu Gu’s body after some time.
It didn’t seem affected.

Wang Teng’s gaze shimmered.
He was astounded.

Wu Gu’s ability was extremely odd and mysterious.
He could lengthen his bones and turn them into various items.

This change broke the law of energy conservation!

Wu Gu had a limited number of bones on his skeleton.
Even if he used all his bones, he would only be able to form half of that shield.
So, where did all the bones from that bone shield come from?

Newton is going to crawl out of his coffin!

Wang Teng was full of complaints.

However, these bones were truly tough.
They might have broken at the end, but they managed to block his sword aura.
The defense ability was astonishing.

Also, the bones seemed to be able to regenerate.
Breaking them wouldn’t destroy them completely.

Wang Teng suddenly felt his head spinning.
This skeleton was a little hard to deal with!

“Hey, where did that enthusiastic young man go?” Wu Gu stretched the bones on its body, causing them to crack loudly.
He chuckled and said, “I’ve completed my mission, so I won’t be playing with you anymore.”

Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably.

What did this skeleton mean?

A bad feeling floated into Wang Teng’s heart.

“Look!” Wu Gu knew what Wang Teng was thinking, so he raised his skull and pointed to the sky.
“They’re coming!”

A loud explosion was heard immediately after.

Wang Teng’s expression changed instantly.
He hurriedly looked up.

The dark clouds in the sky moved abruptly and started tossing and turning.
They churned violently like a pot of boiling water.

A large vortex started forming at an incredible speed in the middle.
The dark clouds spun around it.
Thunder roared, and thick bolts of lightning struck down, creating terrifying ringing sounds in the air.

Wu Gu stood right below the vortex and opened his arms gradually.
Then, he raised them up.

Silver bolts of lightning flashed around him, but none of them hit his body.
Rather, they made him look like the king of hell.

“What are you doing?” Wang Teng asked sternly with a grave expression.

“Shhh!” Wu Gu raised his forefinger and placed it beside his teeth, signaling Wang Teng to keep quiet.
“Don’t speak.
Feel the might of heaven.
What a mesmerizing scene!”

Wang Teng’s expression turned ugly.

This skeleton was indeed a maniac!

At this moment, a bolt of lightning as thick as a water pipe struck the ground to his left.
A deep and burnt hole was formed instantly.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid of lightning, but Zhou Xuanwu kept retreating.
He moved as far as he could from the center of the vortex.

The closer it was to the center, the denser and more frightening the bolts of lightning were.

Even a 13-star general-stage martial warrior didn’t dare to stay in that environment.

Zhou Xuanwu could feel an exceptionally powerful destructing presence blowing around him.

Bolts of lightning struck the ground all around Wang Teng, but he didn’t move.
His brows were locked together, and he seemed to be in deep thought.

“Wang Teng!” Zhou Xuanwu was appalled.
He shouted anxiously.

This was too dangerous.
If Wang Teng continued standing there, he could be struck by lightning and explode into pieces.

“Are you thinking of damaging the dimensional rift?” Wu Gu smiled as he spoke.
He saw through Wang Teng’s thoughts.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.

“Any struggle is pointless.
The dimensional rift is fully formed, and there are three devil lords guarding it.
You won’t be able to destroy it alone,” Wu Gu replied to his own question with a smile.

“Y’all are prepared to make a massive invasion into Earth,” Wang Teng said in a cold voice.

“Oh, you just realized it? Unfortunately, it’s too late.” Wu Gu smiled happily.
He sounded like a madman as he continued, “Look at this planet, look at how beautiful, clean, and peaceful it is.
What a perfect planet to… destroy!”

“Lunatic!” Zhou Xuanwu turned furious when he heard Wu Gu’s words.
He moved his lips but only managed to force this word out of his mouth after a long moment of silence.

This skeleton felt that destroying planets and different worlds was an interesting thing to do.
He could sense it from his tone.

Dark apparitions were all lunatics! They were mad!

“I think that the Darkland is prettier.
Why don’t we destroy it first?” Wang Teng remained composed and tilted his head as he looked at Wu Gu.

The ghost fire in Wu Gu’s eyes froze for a second.
He lowered his head and stared into Wang Teng’s eyes.

The atmosphere turned extremely tense.

“Did you say that you want to destroy the Darkland?” Wu Gu’s voice was filled with disbelief as if he had heard something ridiculous and funny.
He burst out laughing.

Zhou Xuanwu stared at Wang Teng like he had seen a ghost.
He was astounded too.

This fellow was honestly daring!

He dared to think about it and say it.
It was already hard enough for them to survive under the constant assault of the dark apparitions.
Yet, he wanted to destroy their world.
He must have gone crazy.

“Is it funny?” Wang Teng asked calmly.

“Yes, indeed.
Oh my, this is so funny.
You don’t understand the immensity of heaven and earth.
How can you think of destroying the Darkland?” Wu Gu nodded his head fervently.
His action was too vigorous, so his skull dropped from his neck with a loud crack.
Fortunately, he was nimble and caught it.
Well, you could say that he was used to it.
He fixed his skull back on his spine and apologized, “Sorry, I didn’t fix it properly the previous time.”

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