He looked a little funny for some reason.

He was a skull, but it had the expressions of a human.
That sneaky look seemed a little… cheeky!

However, neither Wang Teng nor Zhou Xuanwu laughed.
They stared grimly at the skull head.

On the other hand, the Nether World Giant Python was elated.
He seemed to have found his life savior.
“Wu Gu, you finally came! Save me.
Please save me…”

“You’re too noisy.
Shut up!”

Halfway through its sentence, Wang Teng slapped its head and forced it to close its mouth.
It almost pierced its own tongue with its sharp fangs.

“Oh my, this little brother seems a bit fierce!” The skull above pulled a smile on his face.
He stretched his skeleton arm out from the dark clouds and touched his chin with his bare and bony fingers.
His upper and lower jaws moved, and to everyone’s surprise, he could speak.

Wang Teng raised his head and seemed dumbfounded.
Imitating the skeleton’s tone, he said, “Oh my, this skeleton can speak!”

Nether World Giant Python: …

The skeleton was stunned, the dull blue ghost flames in his eyes flickering a little.
He moved his jaws again and said, “This young lad is very interesting.”

“This skull is very interesting!” Wang Teng gave a look of interest and clicked his tongue.

“This young lad is mischievous!” The ghost flames in his eyes stopped moving for a split second.

“This skull is mischievous!” Wang Teng said without changing his expression.

The skull was in a daze.
He finally felt that he had met the arch-enemy of his life.

This human was as irritating as him.

“Alright, the game ends here.
I’m not playing anymore.
Let’s get down to business.” The skull shrugged and jumped out from behind the dark clouds.

His body was finally revealed to Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.
This was a black skeleton.
Besides being pitch-black, he was no different from other skeletons.

“Alright, the game ends here.
I’m not playing anymore.
Let’s get down to business,” Wang Teng shrugged and said.

The skull felt helpless.
“Hey, I said that I’m not playing anymore.
Why are you still continuing? Are you a recorder?”

“Huh? Don’t you know that it’s human nature to repeat after others?” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“Ah, my bad.
Nice to meet you, recorder,” the skull rubbed his bald head and said in embarrassment.

“Forget it, you’re just a skull.
I can’t expect too much from you.” Wang Teng waved his hand as if he was being broad-minded.

“Thank you for being understanding.” The skull seemed extremely grateful.

The human and skeleton went through a few verbal confrontations.
None of them gained any advantage.

The skull bowed slightly and said, “Let me introduce myself.
I’m Wu Gu from the Spiritual Bone Tribe.”

When he straightened his spine, a black formal hat appeared in his hand.
He wore it on his head.

The Spiritual Bone Tribe, Wang Teng wondered to himself.
This was the first time he had heard of this tribe.
He glanced at Zhou Xuanwu and noticed that he seemed at a loss too.
He probably hadn’t heard of this tribe either.

“Wu Gu, why are you still talking to him? Save me!” The Nether World Giant Python couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted again.
Why hadn’t they finished their chat?

It was only left with half of its body!

Shouldn’t you care about the feelings of this injured snake! Bastards!

“You’re really noisy!” Wang Teng said eerily as he turned and glanced at the Nether World Giant Python.

The Nether World Giant Python shuddered, feeling a chill running down its spine.
Its large and round eyes were filled with fear.

“Since the dark apparition behind you has appeared, you have no use now.” The instant he finished speaking, a sword appeared in his hand, and he slashed it down at the speed of lightning.

Blade glow cut through the air!

The Nether World Giant Python was flabbergasted.
Blood gushed out from the intersection between its head and its body as if there was an endless supply of it.

The water shot like an opened water tap…

Then, the head parted with its body~

Wu Gu from the Spiritual Bone Tribe was appalled too.
This human was brutal!

He slashed the snake without any hesitation!

What a poor little snake tool!

Even the Nether World Giant Python was shocked.
Immeasurable fear struck it head-on.
It was sucked into a bottomless abyss.

“No…” The Nether World Giant Python gave its last roar of anger.
It stared at Wu Gu intently with a revengeful gaze.

Why didn’t he save me after he came out? Why? Why?!

The giant python head crashed into the ground, giving a dull thud.

“Oh my, it’s dead!” Wu Gu sighed in pity.

He felt that the skull’s acting was terrible.
There was no sincerity at all.
He seemed indifferent as if someone unrelated to him had died.

This was a heartless skull!

However, Wang Teng was cold-blooded too.
He killed the python after its utility expired.

“Come, let’s continue playing.” Wang Teng smiled and looked at Wu Gu.

“Alright, what shall we play?” Wu Gu chuckled.

“Why don’t we play the eagle catches chicken game? I’ll be the eagle and you can be the chick,” Wang Teng said.

What did he mean by the eagle catching chicken?

Honestly, he wanted to open Wang Teng’s skull and see what his mind was made of.
Why was his thinking so strange?

“Why don’t you be the chick?” Wu Gu asked curiously.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
However, he was already staring at the lower half of Wu Gu’s body with an ambiguous gaze…

Wu Gu was puzzled.
Then, he felt speechless once again.

Wu Gu was defeated once again!

He covered his chest and took three heavy steps back as if he got heavily injured and pointed at Wang Teng.
Leaning backward, he screamed, “Ah! I’m dead!”

He fell straight back into the clouds and floated there silently.

Where did this strange skull come from!

He was having a mental breakdown.
One Wang Teng was enough.
Now, there was another weird skull in the mix.

The human and the skeleton looked like two fellow ward mates who had escaped from the mental hospital.
They were having a whale of a time.

“Fake!” Wang Teng didn’t notice Zhou Xuanwu’s hidden bitterness.
He stared at Wu Gu grumpily.

“Huh? Really? My acting has never been bad,” Wu Gu raised his head and exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course.
I could tell at one glance.”

“Sigh, what a failure.” Wu Gu leaped up and patted the invisible dust on his body.

“I suggest that you start training your acting skills by playing an insignificant role first.
Every extra has the potential to become the main lead.
I know someone that kept being an extra until he became the Oscar winner,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

“Extra?” Wu Gu was dumbfounded.
He remained humbled and asked, “What does being an extra mean?”

“Oh, it means that you can act in any role.
You might be a deliveryman, a passer-by, an attendant, etc.
It’s a group of people that fulfill side characters.
Most importantly, they can act as corpses.
They are amazing at it.
They have many different ways of dying.
I promise that you’ll be able to learn how to act like a corpse properly.” Wang Teng tried to fool him.

“Where do I go to be an extra?” The ghost fire burned furiously in Wu Gu’s eyes.
He asked in an excited tone.

He even ran forward and wanted to grab Wang Teng’s hand, looking anxious.

“Hengdian welcomes you!” Wang Teng replied with a shimmering gaze.1

At this moment, Wu Gu had arrived in front of him.
His bony arm turned extremely sharp like a bone blade, aiming straight at Wang Teng’s abdomen.

He wanted to dig out his kidney!

Wang Teng remained calm, but his actions didn’t slow down.
He clenched his fist and hurled it at the bony hand.

The ghost fire in Wu Gu’s eyes fluttered.
He had no choice but to change his attack from a bone blade to a palm attack.
He received Wang Teng’s fist.

An explosion occurred, and the Force impact swept through the mountain.
The two of them separated the instant they collided.
Soon, only their lingering shadows could be seen.

“You’re treacherous, Mr.
Skull,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Same to you.” Wu Gu chuckled.
He stretched his hand, cracking his bones.
“I heard that you have great strength.
No wonder you’re able to stop the Nether World Giant Python’s attack with your bare hands.”

“Why don’t you experience it personally?”

Wang Teng vanished after he finished his sentence and appeared in front of Wu Gu.
He smashed his fist at the skeleton.

A terrifying explosion occurred.
His fist was aimed directly at Wu Gu’s head.
If he succeeded in his attack, the skull would most likely shatter into bone fragments.

“Hahaha!” Wu Gu giggled.
He released his fist and met Wang Teng’s move.

Their fists collided in mid-air.
There was a momentary pause.
No one could overpower the other.

Wang Teng was stunned.
This was the first time his Strength of Ultima failed in pushing his enemy back.

This skeleton wasn’t easy to deal with!

The two of them parted instantly before exchanging blows again.

Wang Teng activated the Ancient God’s Body and increased his strength to the maximum.
He attacked Wu Gu again.

The Ancient God’s Body was extremely frightening.
Wu Gu’s expression finally changed with the added strength.
Although the skull’s face remained the same, one could tell that his expression had turned grim.
He couldn’t smile anymore as he needed to withstand Wang Teng’s fist aura with all his power.

Even so, he kept retreating under Wang Teng’s fist aura.
The entire skeleton was cracking loudly.

Zhou Xuanwu could feel his pain.

Could a skeleton feel pain?

Oh my, this is a good question!

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression changed.
If he couldn’t feel any pain, Wang Teng’s attack would be in vain.

Zhou Xuanwu was in a dilemma.
He didn’t know if he should open his mouth.
What if Wang Teng beat him up in a fit of anger?

Forget it.
Looking at the power and viciousness of his fist, Zhou Xuanwu decided not to be a busybody.

He seemed to have much strength left in him.
Releasing a few more fists wouldn’t harm him.

Wang Teng frowned.
He seemed to have noticed this too.
He threw out a powerful punch and flung Wu Gu ten meters back.
Wu Gu only stopped after flipping a few times in the air.
He staggered with much effort.

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