An evil smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips when he heard the agonizing scream.

“What do you think? Is it good? Do you feel amazing? Do you want me to raise the temperature?”

The Nether World Giant Python suddenly felt that this human was the devil!

Zhou Xuanwu, who was on the other side, thought so too.

The giant python’s body swung wildly.
If Zhou Xuanwu didn’t stay far away, he would have been hit.
He couldn’t withstand that kind of terrifying power.

But it was still fun to watch.

For some reason, looking at Wang Teng torturing that frightening giant python was rather entertaining.

“Not good? Looks like I need more power.” Seeing that the giant python was silent, Wang Teng immediately condensed the Emerald Glazed Flame, causing the temperature above the horn to rise rapidly.

The giant python suddenly let out another tragic howl and twitched fiercely as it rolled amongst the dark clouds, fading in and out.
The scene was frightening.

It felt like it was about to explode!

The Nether World Giant Pythons feared fire the most, and the heat was grilling it!

“Look at this, you did well mounting the clouds and riding the mist!” Wang Teng’s voice had a trace of mockery and was full of praise as he opened his mouth.

“You… get off me!” The Nether World Giant Python shouted again and shook its head frantically as though it was having a seizure.

“Calm down, calm down.
It’s just the beginning.
I’ll make you feel so amazing.” Wang Teng smiled.

“I’m amazed, I’m amazed! Don’t do it again,” the giant python suddenly shuddered and felt chills as it shouted hurriedly.

“Really?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“Really! Yes!” The giant python didn’t dare to say no, fearing that Wang Teng wouldn’t believe it.

It had completely lost its pride.
The dignity of the Nether World Giant Python was just a passing cloud.
It was not worth mentioning.

Staying alive was more important!

“How amazing was it?” Wang Teng questioned.

The giant python was stunned for a moment.
Its mind was going berserk.

What’s with that question!

Why are you asking me again when I’ve already told you it was amazing!

Are you going to get to the bottom of this?

There must be a problem with this human’s brain!

“You don’t have an answer? It looks like it wasn’t enough.” Wang Teng shook his head, and the temperature in his hands rose again.

“Ah…” The Nether World Giant Python roared in pain and was about to vomit blood.
However, it had to shout, “Amazing, very amazing, extremely amazing!”

It secretly told itself that this wasn’t cowardice.
It was just a strategic move.

The Nether World Giant Python suppressed its feelings. Deceive this human first and kill him later!

“That’s right.
I worked so hard, how can it not be amazing!” Wang Teng nodded.

“Yes, it’s too amazing.
I’ve already experienced it.
Stop wasting your Force.
I beg you to come down.” The giant python’s eyes were filled with tears.

“This little snakey is very good at talking.
But there’s no need for you to worry about my Force reserves.
Since you find it so amazing, let’s have another round.
I love satisfying others.
Save your thanks,” Wang Teng said.

The Nether World Giant Python was dazed.

Things shouldn’t go like this!

Wasn’t he going to let it go after it said that it was amazing?

Why wasn’t this human keeping his word?

Humans really are liars.
They just love to deceive others.

Thank you? Why should I thank you!

I will kill you with my spit.

Zhou Xuanwu almost burst out laughing.
Wang Teng was such a prankster that he could even make a star beast have doubts about life.

Perhaps only Wang Teng could be able to do such a thing.

Wang Teng increased the intensity of his flames and roasted the horn red.
The gold patterns on the horn started turning crimson and emitting steam.

The Nether World Giant Python kept making strange noises as it inched closer to death.

There was nothing more unbearable than the scorching heat.

It was simply the cruelest form of torture that the giant python had encountered in its life.

Suddenly, a crisp cracking sound resounded in the sky.

The Nether World Giant Python’s body stiffened.

Why was there such a bad feeling?

“What, your horn seems to be broken,” Wang Teng said with a bit of guilt as he looked at the horn.
Cracks were forming on it.

The giant python’s eyes went dull as though it couldn’t accept the fact.

A series of cracking sounds followed.
Each crack was like an arrow piercing the giant python’s heart.

Suddenly, after a crisp sound, the entire horn shattered, breaking away from the Nether World Giant Python’s head.

The giant python went mad.
With a flick of its head, it threw Wang Teng, who had lost his footing, away.

Its body flew out of the dark clouds and turned into a black whip, rushing towards Wang Teng who was still in mid-air.

“You actually destroyed my horn, damned human!” The intense pain had caused the giant python to lose its mind.
It roared angrily as an intense black light condensed in its mouth.
A black beam of light then shot out.

“Oh crap.
This is crazy! Crazy!” Wang Teng flipped his body and took a step in mid-air.
He vanished from his spot, avoiding the beam in the nick of time.

The black beam struck a mountain some distance away, razing the upper half of the mountain along with itself.

“This is a dark Force attack.” Wang Teng’s eyes narrowed slightly.
He stepped forward, charging toward the Nether World Giant Python in a streak of light.

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant you your wish.”

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed.
He slashed fiercely with the sword that had appeared in his hand.

Planetary stage battle technique!

A flaming sword glow erupted from his sword, covering a hundred feet in an instant.
It rushed up the sky.
When Wang Teng swung the sword, it came slashing down.

The Nether World Giant Python spewed out a black beam of light again.
It was much stronger than the previous one, and it brazenly faced the sword glow coming toward it.

The two forces clashed in the sky.

The rich black light and the dazzling crimson sword glow weaved against each other, setting off rumbling explosions.

Eventually, the crimson sword glow sliced the black beam and continued stabbing forward.

The giant python’s pupils shrank into pinholes.
It was terrified to the core as it soared into the sky, rushing towards the area with dark clouds.

“Thinking of running away?”

The cold light in Wang Teng’s eyes flickered as his spiritual power poured out of his body and changed the trajectory of the sword glow, sending it upwards.

The giant python, who had dodged it initially, suddenly felt a sharp pain in its body.

Its huge body was split into two, and blood spurted out

However, the Nether World Giant Python wasn’t dead yet.
It dragged along the remaining half of its crippled body and continued to flee towards the area with dark clouds.
At the same time, it let out a roar.

“Wu Gu, are you not going to act!?”

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