The ground was quaking, and many thin cracks were starting to appear.
The entire mountain below his feet seemed to be vibrating.

“What is happening?”

Wang Teng’s expression changed.
He glanced around him and noticed that the trees were all shaking too.
The leaves rustled and fell.

The other examinees felt the vibration too.

Those further away didn’t feel the shaking as much, so they continued hunting for mutated beasts after a moment of astonishment.

However, the examinees in the same mountain as Wang Teng felt the vibration vividly.

Their expressions underwent a slight change.
The examinees hesitated and wondered if they should leave immediately.
However, there were many mutated beasts on this mountain.
Those examinees that wanted to achieve good results found it difficult to give up.

Also, there were many safe spots on this mountain.
The examinees who had hidden inside after meeting the minimum requirements walked out in a daze.
They didn’t know what was happening.

A few minutes later, the quaking stopped.
It seemed as though it had never appeared.

In the central control room, Governor Jiang sat in the host’s seat and asked calmly, “What happened just now?”

“There’s an extinct volcano on this island.
Some strange movements might have occurred inside the volcano,” the staff below reported in a hurry.


“Extinct volcano?” Governor Jiang looked at him.

The staff felt cold sweat pouring down his forehead as the governor stared at him.

“Go and investigate immediately.
The safety of the examinees is crucial,” Governor Jiang said.

“Yes, yes.
I will arrange someone to investigate it at once,” the staff trembled in fear and replied.

The assessment continued.


Another huge earthquake.
This time, it was even more severe.



Suddenly, the mutated beasts in the mountains roared and howled.
You could almost sense the fear in their voices.

Many examinees were fighting with mutated beasts.
They exchanged blows with the beasts and were having a ball of a time.

When the ground vibrated, the examinees were stunned on the spot.
The mutated beasts, though, had already fled in a hurry.

They weren’t escaping up the mountains.
Instead, they were furiously dashing down.


The examinees soon realized that it wasn’t just one or two beasts escaping.
All the mutated beasts were running away from the mountain.
The scene was appalling.

The peak of the mountain swayed, and the ground vibrated occasionally.
In this second, all the examinees finally realized that something frightening was happening.

“Is this an earthquake?”

Many examinees took a wild guess.

In the central control room, Governor Jiang stood up with a stern expression.
“End the actual combat assessment.”

The people below carried out the order without any delays.
The siren blared around the island.

The ear-shattering sound of the broadcast system spread through the entire primary forest.

“All examinees, all examinees, a strange activity is detected in the extinct volcano at the exam venue.
The actual combat assessment will end early.
Please hurry towards the nearest exit at the fastest speed and leave the exam venue!”

“Repeat, all examinees…”

The announcement kept repeating to ensure that all the examinees heard it.

Extinct volcano!

Damn it, why didn’t they mention it earlier?

The expressions of the examinees who heard the broadcast changed slightly.
They sprinted towards the entrance of the forest at their maximum speeds.

Wang Teng’s expression wasn’t any different from the rest.
He turned and charged down the mountain without any hesitation.
However, he was deep inside the forest, so there was a huge distance between him and the bottom of the mountain.

The mutated beasts in the mountain had gone entirely crazy.
They surged down the mountain in many different waves.
The examinees that couldn’t retreat in time could only make way for the beasts.

However, that meant that they would be stuck in the mountain.

Some examinees decided to take the risk.
They wanted to make use of the chaos to get down the mountain since the mutated beasts wouldn’t bother about them now.

Their thoughts were good, but the reality was cruel.
The frantic mutated beasts attacked anyone and anything without any difference.

Anything that was in their way, whether it was trees, other beasts, or humans, they would smash them away.

One examinee got hit by a mutated beast and fell to the ground.
Instantly, he was stamped into a pile of minced meat.
He didn’t even have the time to scream.

The examinees that saw this scene shuddered in fright.
They didn’t dare to act rashly anymore.

However, this was a picture in one corner of the exam venue.
At the moment, tragedies were happening in all corners of the mountain.
The number of deaths this year was increasing exponentially.

The staff in the exam venue were helpless in the face of this situation.
They wanted to help, but there was nothing they could do in front of the waves of mutated beasts.

“Everyone, it’s up to us now.” Governor Jiang’s voice was emotionless as he walked out of the central control room in large strides.
His legs weren’t touching the ground.

“Gotta stretch our legs once in a while.”

The other leaders quickly answered.
They walked out of the central control room and leaped out of the camp.
Turning into black figures, the bigwigs disappeared into the night sky.

At this moment, Wang Teng was standing on the crown of a huge tree.
He was looking at the peak of the mountain in the far distance.

Spiritual Sight!

He saw fire Force raging at the peak of the mountain.
Balls of red lights were spurting out of the crater.

Is it going to erupt? Or did something else happen?

Wang Teng silently wondered to himself.
He looked down at the frantic mutated beasts and frowned uncontrollably.

I wonder how Lin Chuhan is.

Hmm? Who are they?

Suddenly, he saw three figures engulfed entirely in three different color rays.
They were actually dashing up the mountain.

Three martial warriors!

Under his Spiritual Sight, he could see their elements clearly.
Yellow, green, and blue—they were earth element, wood element, and water element…

The color of the water element was different from the ice element.

The ice element was dark blue, while the water element was light blue.

These three must be the martial warriors protecting the examinees.
Are they planning to go up the mountain to understand the situation!? Wang Teng pondered for a moment and guessed their intention.

The three martial warriors charged into the beasts’ tide as though there was no resistance.
They forcefully cleared a bloody trail.



Blank Attribute*1

Blank Attribute*3


Blank Attribute*1

Many attribute bubbles were dropped amidst the beast tide.

Wang Teng thought for a moment. Why don’t I pick them up?

Hence, he secretly followed the three martial warriors and picked up the attributes dropped along the way.

Impressive, impressive!

The destructive ability of three martial warriors is indeed amazing!

Wang Teng made a comparison silently.
He realized that if he were to fight against these three, the chances of winning were minimal.

The three martial warriors fought all the way up to the peak of the mountain.

Wang Teng followed them behind.
When he saw the three martial warriors jumping into the crater, he hesitated.
Should he go down with them?

What if the volcano suddenly erupted?

Forget it.
My life is more important!

Wang Teng contemplated for a moment and felt the value of his life.
He turned and planned to go down the mountain.
Suddenly, he felt something under his feet.

“An examination identity card!”

He picked it up.
Instantly, he cursed uncontrollably, “F**k!”

At that moment, Wang Teng’s expression turned extremely ugly.

“Lin Chuhan!”

Why is her examination identity card here?

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the crater unconsciously.
Suddenly, he had a bad feeling. Could she be so unlucky?

Maybe she just dropped it in a moment of panic.
She might have already escaped the mountain. He consoled himself and forced himself to hurry down the mountain.

He took two steps before gritting his teeth.

F**k, why did you run all the way here? Aren’t you creating trouble for me?

Wang Teng felt a headache coming on.
He leaped up and jumped down the crater.

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