Wang Teng didn’t bother about what they were thinking.
He nodded at Zhou Xuanwu and said, “Actually, that stage isn’t hard to break through.
Don’t think too much about it.”

Everyone was speechless. Are you sure you’re consoling us?

Why does it sound so infuriating instead?

Zhou Xuanwu felt helpless too.
He practiced the conversion skill, so he knew that it wasn’t simple.
Did this fellow think that everyone was as gifted as him?

“Alright, I won’t waste any more time.
I came to end the star beast riot,” Wang Teng declared.

The listeners immediately turned serious.
Ending the star beast riot was the top priority now.
Everything else could be pushed back.

“Let’s discuss the future plan.” Zhou Xuanwu nodded in agreement.

The others started contemplating.
It wasn’t easy to find a suitable counterattack in this situation.

However, Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.
“What plans do we need? We can just attack them!”

Everyone was stunned.
They turned their heads in unplanned unison and stared at Wang Teng in confusion.

“Why are you looking at me?” Wang Teng felt helpless.
“Did I say anything wrong? I don’t have time to waste here.
Let’s end this battle quickly.
I have to take care of the other alien invaders.
I’m busy.”

No one knew what to say.
To Wang Teng, this thorny star beast riot could be solved with a wave of his hands.

Wang Teng saw their expressions and finally realized that his words had stimulated them.

“Cough, why don’t you continue what you’re doing and I will enter the mountains alone to take a look?” he coughed awkwardly and said.

It would be better if he hadn’t spoken.
The martial warriors felt even more ashamed of themselves.

Honestly, were they useless?

He must be thinking that they would hinder his plans.
That was why he wanted to enter the mountains alone!

This must be what he was thinking!

Everyone stared at Wang Teng with hidden bitterness.

Zhou Xuanwu wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.
He hurriedly spoke up to ease the atmosphere.
“How about this? Wang Teng and I will enter the mountains to take a look.
You guys will guard the camp to ensure its safety and wait for us.”

The other general-stage martial warriors had no objections.
They nodded.

They were afraid of entering the mountains now!

The mountains were filled with dangers.
Powerful star beasts were everywhere.
They had sent many martial warriors to act as scouts in the past, but none of them came back.

They were general-stage martial warriors, so staying alive wasn’t a problem for them.
However, if they entered the mountains, they might have to face an intense battle.
It wouldn’t give them any benefits.

You could say that they felt entering the mountains alone was a bad idea.
Wang Teng dared to do it because he was strong enough.
Zhou Xuanwu was a 13-star general-stage martial warrior, so it wasn’t a problem for him either.

When Wang Teng suffered a setback, he would naturally come back and follow their plan obediently.
He wouldn’t act rashly anymore.

Since no one had any objections, Zhou Xuanwu and Wang Teng went to prepare themselves.
They would enter the mountains without delay.

The two of them walked out of the tent, accompanied by the other general-stage martial warriors.
They arrived at the valley’s entrance.
The military martial warriors clearing up the scene stopped what they were doing when they saw the general-stage martial warriors.
They stared at them.

“Who’s that young man? He’s walking in front of all the generals.”

“I don’t know.
I have never seen him before.”

“I know who he is! It’s him!”

“Who is it? Tell us quickly!”

“It’s Wang Teng! Major General Wang!”

“What? Major General Wang? Why is he here?”

Low discussions were heard all around them.
They were on the battlefield, so the discipline wasn’t as strict.
No one reprimanded them because of their noise.

When Wang Teng walked past the military martial warriors, they dropped everything and saluted.
They were extremely respectful towards him.

They had already recognized Wang Teng!

Amidst their gazes, Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu stopped at the end of the valley.

“What are they planning to do?”

“Are they going to launch a counterattack?”

The military martial warriors started guessing.
There was anticipation in their eyes.

During the previous star beast attack, they had relied mainly on defense.
It was frustrating.
Thus, when they saw the general-stage martial warriors taking action, they felt invigorated and excited.

However, soon, they realized that only two figures rose into the air among all the martial warriors.
The rest of them remained on the ground.

They stared at the two figures in the sky in astonishment.

“Everyone, we’ll be leaving the camp to you guys.
Please ensure that nothing happens to the camp,” Zhou Xuanwu said.

“Don’t worry, General Zhou.
With us around, nothing will happen,” the martial warriors below replied in unison.

Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu stopped talking and disappeared into the depths of the mountains.

The other general-stage martial warriors stood on the spot for some time, staring in the direction Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu had left.
They shook their heads.

“I hope they can come back safely.
We can’t afford to lose any one of them.”

“Yes, General Zhou is the most powerful martial warrior in the camp.
He must be safe.”

“Wang Teng is still too young!”

Everyone chatted on their way back to the tent.
They continued to discuss the future plan.
In their hearts, Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu’s trip would be futile.

On the other side, Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu were now deep in the mountains.
They had worked together once, so they were familiar with each other’s abilities.
There was no need to be doubtful of each other.

Besides, after attempting the conversion skill, Zhou Xuanwu could sense that his ability had risen by a huge level.
This allowed him to understand how powerful the planetary stage was.

Other people might not believe Wang Teng when he said that he could solve the star beast problem alone, but he had trust in him.

The only worry he had came from his fear of the star beast tide.

Just as they were heading deeper, a loud bellow came from below.

A giant ape stood up on the ground under them.
It was more than ten feet tall.
It leaped up and slapped its large palm at Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu.

The air around the hand was compressed due to the force, creating a sonic boom.
The commotion created was appalling.

The enormous palm pressed down on Wang Teng and Zhou Xuanwu like a mountain.

“12-star lord-level!” Zhou Xuanwu’s expression changed slightly.
He didn’t think that the first star beast he met would be such a formidable foe.

He wasn’t afraid of this star beast, but he didn’t want to receive this palm forcefully.
As a human martial warrior, its strength was enough to hurt his body.

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