A huge mountain ridge lay horizontally on the vast piece of land like a gigantic dragon that fell from the sky.
Its body turned into the boundless mountain ranges linking the east to the west, segregating the land into two parts.

Beijiang was situated at the north of this mountain range.

The land was covered with snow all year round, and mist floated around the peak of the mountain.
It felt like heaven.

However, a frightening disaster was happening in this extremely peaceful region.

Danger lurked everywhere.
The situation was uncertain.

Occasional loud roars were heard from the endless mountain ranges, one after another.
They seemed to be announcing their right over this patch of land.

“Pfft, these beasts are getting arrogant.”

There was a steep valley within the mountains that was enveloped with blood.
Corpses of humans and star beasts were littered everywhere.
It was ghastly.

The beast tide had retreated, and the humans were treating the survivors and recovering the corpses of their fellow companions.

A military martial warrior heard the roar and raised his head abruptly.
He spat in the direction of the sound.
The other martial warriors gave the same expression.
They felt immense hatred toward the star beasts.

The entrance of the valley was heavily guarded.
All kinds of heavy weapons were set up, their bores aiming at the valley.
Once they discovered any signs of star beasts, they would launch spit fire at them.

There was also a tent behind the entrance.
The general-stage martial warriors guarding Beijiang were all gathered inside.
They were staring solemnly at a large map in front of them.

“This valley is an important gate for the star beasts to enter the human territory.
Once they breach this defensive line, the vast piece of land behind us will welcome a massacre,” Zhou Xuanwu said grimly as he stood in front of the host seat.

After annihilating the Zhenli Clan, he was sent to guard Beijiang.

There were hordes of star beasts here, and this was the first known dimensional rift linking to the Darkland on Earth.
It was an important location.

This place required powerful martial warriors like him.

Not only that, but he had brought a majority of the Xuanwu Troop over too.
If not, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand the first round of beast tide.

The general-stage martial warriors turned grim when they heard this.

“This was just the first round of beast tide.
Their abilities are not the strongest.
These bastards are testing us.
You can imagine how terrifying the future beast tides will be,” a 12-star general-stage martial warrior said.

“General Lin is right.
We mustn’t put down our guards.
There’s a tough battle waiting for us.” Another middle-aged man nodded and agreed.
His expression was stern and his back straight.
Sporting a general cloak, he was a 12-star general-stage martial warrior too.

“Why did these star beasts suddenly attack us like they have gone crazy? Also, the majority of them seem to have gotten stronger.
This has never happened in the past.
I can’t figure out what happened,” a refined-looking 11-star general-stage martial warrior spoke up.

“Do you think it has anything to do with the alien invaders?” Someone suggested.

“It’s possible.
It’s too much of a coincidence!”

The other people started pondering over this possibility.
Some nodded while others went into deep thought.

“We haven’t found the reason.
There’s no use thinking about it now.” Zhou Xuanwu opened his mouth.
“I’m worried about one thing.
Besides star beasts, there’s a dimensional rift linking to the Darkland here.
If we are forced to move further down the valley, the dimensional rift will make use of this chance to expand.

He didn’t complete his sentence but everyone knew what he wanted to express.

If the dark apparitions seized the opportunity and broke through the dimensional rift, they would finally be able to land on Earth.
That was the worst calamity that could happen.

The entire tent turned silent.

The Xingwu Continent suffered from the invasion of the dark apparitions.
Whenever the dark apparitions landed in a city, the people would be plunged into hellish misery and suffering.
It was a tragic event.

They knew it better than anyone!

If this situation occurred on Earth, more than 80% of humans would be killed.

Most of the people in the Xingwu Continent practiced martial arts, and their foundation was stronger.
Hence, they were still able to hold on under the dark apparitions’ repeated invasions.
They required help from the Earth to resist the dark apparitions.

The martial arts era on the Earth had only started recently.
Most of the human martial warriors were ordinary people.
No matter how strong they were, they weren’t the star beasts’ or the dark apparitions’ match.

If the dimensional rift expanded, the human race could only move toward extinction.

The brutal result appeared in everyone’s mind.
Their faces turned stern, and cold sweat started dripping down their foreheads.

At this moment, a strong gale blew in from outside.
The green screen used as a makeshift door was blown up.

Everyone was caught off guard.
They turned to take a look.

A figure strode in and said in a loud and clear voice, “They’re just star beasts.
Kill them directly.
What are you afraid of?”

The expressions on many people’s faces changed as they glared at the outsider.

Some of these people had been guarding Beijiang for many years.
They had never seen this person before.
Hence, when they heard him boasting shamelessly, they were infuriated.

“Wang Teng!” Zhou Xuanwu recognized this person.
He was elated.

“The Wang Teng who overpowered the alien martial warrior? Why is he here?”

After a moment of astonishment, the people regained their senses and stared at the young man in bewilderment.

“General Zhou, how have you been?” Wang Teng smiled and greeted Zhou Xuanwu.

“Not good at all.
My hair is turning white because of the star beast riot,” Zhou Xuanwu said with a forced smile.

“Hahaha.” Wang Teng burst out laughing.
“You have your moments of helplessness too.”

“It’s good that you’re here.” Zhou Xuanwu didn’t mind Wang Teng’s teasing.
“I heard that you’ve already reached that stage.
I think you will be able to handle the star beasts easily, right?”

Although Zhou Xuanwu was guarding the country’s borders, he knew that Wang Teng had reached the planetary stage.
He was one of the few stationed martial warriors who knew about this.

He was a 13-star general-stage martial warrior, so he had the right to know.
Besides, he was gifted with the skill of converting Force into constellation Force and was already on the path to reaching the planetary stage.

Everyone was shocked when they listened to their conversation.

They knew what that stage meant.
As martial warriors, everyone wanted to break the current bottleneck and ascend to a higher level.

However, they were too far away.
They hadn’t even reached the 13-star general stage, so that stage was just a wild wish.

Yet this young man who hadn’t reached 20 had reached that stage.
If they didn’t hear it from Zhou Xuanwu, none of them would dare to believe it.

This was utterly unbelievable!

What had they been cultivating their entire life?

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