As the human martial warriors shouted, their morale shot up.
They startled the sea beasts with their spirit.

They needed moral support in this devastating situation.
They need mental support, a pillar that could prop up their hope so that they wouldn’t drown in despair.

When Wang Teng killed the terrifying whale, he gave these people the greatest hope.

Even that formidable sea beast was nothing in front of him.
What could the other sea beasts do?

This was their ray of hope!

Everyone was invigorated, and they cheered for him and themselves.

The Leader of martial arts looked at Wang Teng in satisfaction.
He seemed to have found his successor and felt emotional.

Wang Teng was back-facing the human martial warriors, so they couldn’t see his face.
No one knew what his expression was like.

They only saw him raising his sword again and throwing another sword attack at the boundless horizon.

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A scary sword light gathered and wreaked havoc in the sky.
Sea waves tossed and churned.
They were even more appalling than the waves made by the giant whale.

The entire coastline seemed to be boiling.
The seawater fell back into the sea, and all the sea beasts started struggling frantically amidst the powerful waves.
They roared in fear.

Everyone was flabbergasted when they saw this scene.

The sea beasts on land stopped their attack and stared at the water absentmindedly.
Fear started creeping up their hearts.

Suddenly, a soft slash echoed in the water.
It wasn’t loud, but it entered every human and sea beast’s ear clearly.

Sword of Ultima·Thousand Crashing Ripples!

The terrifying sword glow cut through the sea, forcing the waves to wind back.
A water wall was formed.
It stretched for over a thousand meters and was pressing forward into the sea.

Countless sword glows danced in the sea waves, chopping numerous sea beasts into pieces.
They turned into minced meat and stained the seawater with their blood.

The water wall turned red at a visible speed.

Blood waves bellowed and rose into the air like an upside-down waterfall.

The God of the sea was angry!

Many sea beasts were killed by this attack.
They were washed to who-knew-where by the seawater, but no matter what, they would still end up at the bottom of the sea, becoming a fertilizer for this planet.

This was the true ‘Whale Fall’!

Born in the sea, die in the sea.

Gradually, the sea waves subsided, and the thousand-meter-tall waterfall died down.
No sea beasts could be seen within a few thousand meters radius.

The entire Jingmen City was eerily silent.

All the sea beasts woke up from their stupor and shuddered in fear.
They charged towards the sea and the rivers in unison.

This human was too scary.
He was like a devil.
One attack and he killed the whale lord.
One more attack and he annihilated the entire sea beast tide.

How could they fight against this monster?

There was a huge uproar when the sea beasts started retreating.
The cheers rang through the sky and echoed on the surface of the sea.
No words could describe their joy and relief now.

“Everyone, kill all the sea beasts!” Wang Teng’s cold voice resounded in the city.

All the martial warriors replied in unison.
Their bellows soared through the sky, and their intense killing intent surged towards the sea beasts scurrying away.

The Leader of martial arts, Dan Taixuan, and the other general-stage martial warriors didn’t waste any time.
They killed the last few lord-level sea beasts immediately.

Jin Yuan and Hadock followed Wang Teng closely and arrived at the scene.
However, they didn’t get the chance to act.
Wang Teng solved the crisis alone.

Nevertheless, they were amazed when they saw Wang Teng in action.
He was more powerful than they had imagined!

Although they had guessed about his identity, when they confirmed that he was a martial warrior from Earth, their astonishment didn’t subside.
Instead, it grew stronger.

A martial warrior from this underdeveloped planet managed to reach such a high level in his cultivation without any help.
This fellow was a monster!

They were dumbstruck and felt more fearful of Wang Teng.

The remaining sea beasts posed no threat.
They were cleared quickly.

But Jingmen City was already in ruins.

The survivors sat among the debris in tears.
They were covered with blood.
Some of them were digging the soil with their bare hands, searching for their partner, family, and friends…

Scenes of desolation met the eye on every side.

Sadness welled up in his heart.
Wang Teng stood in the air and looked at the situation below with a heavy heart.
It reminded him of Donghai.

“I’m sorry I came late.” A sigh escaped his mouth.

Everyone looked up.
The people kneeling on the ground raised their tear-stained faces and stared at the figure in the sky.

In everyone’s eyes, that figure was as mighty and formidable as a God!

“Everyone, my condolences.
The dead are gone forever, but we have to move on,” Wang Teng sighed again as he spoke.

Everyone remained quiet.
Then, they stood up.

Sparse voices were heard once again.
Gradually, they merged together.
At this moment, Wang Teng’s position in everyone’s heart exceeded that of the Leader of martial arts.

To them, Wang Teng was the new pillar of support.

Many humans started to stand up in the distance and looked at Wang Teng while shouting the nickname.

The Leader of martial arts had a faint smile on his face.
He didn’t get angry because someone had taken his position.
Instead, he felt relaxed.
He was relieved that he could finally put down this huge burden.

Dan Taixuan’s eyes were glowing.
She was probably the happiest person to see Wang Teng reach this level.
After all, she had witnessed his growth.
She had seen him transform from a cheeky greenhorn into this fine fellow standing right before her.

In everyone’s heart, Wang Teng’s image was high and mighty.
He was their hero, the new God of Martial Arts of his era.
He was the epitome of invincibility.

On the other hand, Wang Teng, who was the center of attention, felt a little agitated and confused.
For some reason, he felt that this wasn’t right.

This wasn’t the result he hoped for.

He just wanted to cheer these people up.
He had experienced Donghai’s sea beasts’ riot personally, so he understood the pain and sorrow of these people.
That was why he comforted them.

He didn’t want to cause such a scene.
He had never thought of being a hero.

Being a hero was tiring.
You needed to be at your best all the time.
It wasn’t fun!

This wasn’t what he desired!

Wang Teng regretted speaking too much and causing a misunderstanding among the crowd.
What should he do? Was it too late to take back his words?

Many thoughts went through Wang Teng’s mind, but his expression remained unchanged.

Don’t panic, put on a stern face and no one can tell what you’re thinking!

The Leader of martial arts flew over from afar and spoke to him in a grim tone, “Wang Teng, this isn’t the only city that suffered a riot.
Beast tides are occurring in every part of the country.
Beijiang, Nanhai, the various mountain ranges, and primary forests… terrifying beast tides are everywhere.
This is an extremely serious disaster.”

“What?!” Wang Teng was astounded.
“There’re beast tides breaking out all over the country?”

“Yes, the whole country is under attack.
I’m not sure why these star beasts went crazy and started running out of their territories,” the Leader of martial arts nodded gravely.

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