Wang Teng didn’t know what Shennai Tongji was thinking.
Even if he did, he wouldn’t care.

He had already thrown the older generation of Earth martial warriors far behind him, much less his peers.
No one in this generation could catch up with him.

This was the sorrowful truth too!

On this planet, the only people that could pique his interest were these candidates.

Shennai Tongji felt bitter.
She stared at Wang Teng with a complicated gaze.

However, she had to step forward and lower her position.
She said humbly, “Mister Wang Teng, my father didn’t intend to offend you.
If he provoked you in any way, let me apologize in his place.
I hope that you won’t blame him.”

Wang Teng was surprised when he saw this arrogant young lady putting down her pride and speaking politely to him.
He waved his hand.
“Forget it.
Don’t interrupt me again.”

“We won’t, we won’t!” the emperor replied hurriedly.

“I’m at fault for disturbing you.” Anpei Yuansan bent his back slightly.
He sighed in his heart.

Wang Teng ignored them and turned to walk towards Hadock and Jin Yuan.

Just when Zuotian Liehua thought that Wang Teng had forgotten about her, she heard his calm voice.

Zuotian Liehua’s expression changed slightly.
She gritted her teeth, but she didn’t dare to disobey Wang Teng.
She looked at Anpei Yuansan and said, “Master, I’m leaving.”

Anpei Yuansan sighed.
He didn’t know what to say, so he could only nod.

Zuotian Liehua bowed to Anpei Yuansan and quickly caught up with Wang Teng.

“To Country Xia!” Wang Teng ordered.

Jin Yuan and Hadock raised their wristwatch and did some operations on it.
In an instant, a thick ray of light shone down from the spacecraft hovering in the sky, enveloping the four of them.
The next instant, they disappeared.

The spacecraft filled with patches vibrated.
It turned into a ray of light and disappeared on the horizon.
It moved so quickly that the people on the ground couldn’t even see how it disappeared.

After the spacecraft left, the people from Country Neon felt empty in their hearts.
The alien martial warriors whom they viewed as their hope were gone.
They left without reluctance!

They were like heartless lovers who left their girlfriends without any hesitation!

The emperor’s expression turned distorted.
Wang Teng’s arrogance and impudence had stabbed him in his heart.
He was the emperor of a country, yet Wang Teng didn’t give him any face.
How could he not be furious?

He lowered his head earlier because he had no other choice.
He didn’t dare to provoke a powerful martial warrior like Wang Teng.

But it was still infuriating.

“Your Highness, we mustn’t make him our enemy.” Anpei Yuansan noticed the emperor’s expression.

“I know.” The emperor took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.
He continued with a stern face, “I won’t do stupid things.
However, I feel sorry for Zuotian Liehua.
I wonder what treatment she will receive after following Wang Teng.”

Anpei Yuansan turned silent.
He prayed that Wang Teng wasn’t a sadist.

“Don’t worry.
Wang Teng isn’t that kind of person.
Senior Sister might suffer a little, but she wouldn’t be tortured,” Shennai Tongji comforted them.

“I hope so.” Anpei Yuansan nodded.

On the spacecraft, Wang Teng sized up the interior in astonishment.
He didn’t think that the inside of this ragged spacecraft would be so extravagant and comfortable.

“Did you steal this spacecraft?” Wang Teng sat on the sofa and asked Jin Yuan and Hadock.

“How is that possible?” Jin Yuan replied loudly as if he was humiliated.
“We spent much time and effort to build this spacecraft.
We didn’t steal it.
You are our boss and you can question our character, but you can’t question our skills!”

“That’s right, we spent ten years building this spacecraft and used her to escape from the Abandoned Star M3,” Hadock added.

Wang Teng was shocked.
He didn’t think that they would get so riled up.

“Alright, alright, I said the wrong thing.” He shook his head and asked, “Didn’t you say that you collected the information of all the candidates? Tell me about them.”

“Haha, this is what we are good at.” Jin Yuan chuckled.
Out of the blue, he shouted, “Alice!”

“Yes, Master.
I’m here!” A hologram appeared in front of them.
The voice was sweet and cute.

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange when he saw the hologram.

Zuotian Liehua, who was standing behind him, felt the corners of her lips trembling.
She inched her way to the side to stay as far away as she could from Jin Yuan and Hadock.

This hologram was the image of a sexy maiden with cat ears.
Her figure was amazing, and there was a furry tail stuck behind her.
It was seductive when she waved it back and forth.

The most important thing was, this sexy maiden was scantily clad.
Her clothing barely covered the important parts of her body.

This was a goddess-grade temptation to most otakus.

“You have good taste!” Wang Teng coughed softly and gave them a thumbs up.

Jin Yuan and Hadock were overjoyed, thinking that they had earned Wang Teng’s recognition.
They replied in unison, “I didn’t know that you had the same taste as us.
We’re indeed brothers!”

“Tsk!” Zuotian Liehua clicked her tongue softly, glancing at Wang Teng with contempt.
This fellow was a bad guy too.

Wang Teng was exasperated.
He was screaming in his heart.

What the hell do you mean?

F**k, why are you framing me? I should have beaten y’all to death.

Jin Yuan and Hadock didn’t know what happened, but they felt a chill in their hearts.
They glanced around them in confusion and noticed Wang Teng’s grim expression.
Astounded, they stared at him with caution.

Did they say something wrong?

“Start the introduction already.
Why are you daydreaming!” Wang Teng took a deep breath and said angrily.

“Oh, okay.” Jin Yuan nodded his head fervently.
He rearranged his thoughts and said, “Alice, bring out the data.”

“Yes, Master!” Alice gave a seductive pose and obediently carried out Jin Yuan’s order.

The ray of light disappeared, replaced by rows of data.

There were numerous profile pictures displayed around the spacecraft.
They looked no different from the real person.
Jin Yuan cleared his throat and was about to start his speech.

Suddenly, the spacecraft vibrated violently.

“Alice, what’s happening?” Jin Yuan frowned and asked.
He was planning to give a spectacular display of his ability, but he was interrupted before he could even start.

“Master, there are sea beasts attacking our spacecraft,” Alice said.

“Which sea beast wants to die? How dare it attack us!” Jin Yuan was angered.

“There’s more than one.
The sea below is densely populated with sea beasts.
There are countless of them,” Alice continued calmly.

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