The examinee that got flung back by Wang Teng’s punch was a strength-type advanced stage martial disciple.

But, at this moment, even he was amazed by Wang Teng’s strength.

A moment ago, Wang Teng had received the attack of his battle mace forcefully with his fists.
This time, when Wang Teng punched him, he was unable to retaliate at all.

Was this the ability of an extreme martial disciple?

The difference was too huge!

At first, he was very decisive and felt that since they had already formed a grudge, they should just kick Wang Teng out of the martial arts exam.
However, now, he regretted his decision.

At the same time, he hated Li Rongcheng terribly.
This bastard.
How did he provoke such a powerful figure?

He wasn’t the only one.
At this moment, Li Rongcheng also felt puzzled.

The last time, he was defeated in a single blow.
Now, the same thing had repeated itself.
However, he felt that Wang Teng’s ability had gotten stronger… His chest was hurting so much!

The gap was getting bigger and bigger.
How was he supposed to fight with Wang Teng?

Wang Teng glanced at the duo.
There were a few attribute bubbles dropped around them.



Basic Mace Skill*5

Wang Teng shook his head.
These were all very ordinary.
As for the Basic Mace Skill, well… he tried to imagine himself waving the huge mace around…

Forget it.
This weapon wasn’t suitable for him!

Wang Teng was too lazy to pick up the attributes.


Am I getting arrogant, or are they too weak?

They must be too weak!

Wang Teng questioned himself for a second.
His gaze then landed on the examinee who had dropped the Beginner Stage Arrow Skill Talent unconsciously.

This was the first time someone dropped a weapon-type talent!

This fellow must have some ability.
Wickedness slowly filled up his gaze.

On the other side, although the examinee was unconscious, he suddenly shivered.

Wang Teng walked over and hit the examinee without waking him up.


He especially took care of his head and hit it a few times!


Beginner Stage Arrow Talent*1

Basic Arrow Skill*2

Basic Arrow Skill*1

Beginner Stage Arrow Talent*1


Wang Teng only left the guy alone when the attribute bubbles stopped dropping.

The examinee woke up from the pain.
He felt as though he had a dream.
In his dream, someone tortured and tormented him terribly… He was really pitiful!

But, the moment he woke up, he felt pain all over his body.
He couldn’t help but groan in agony.

Li Rongcheng and the other examinee had witnessed this brutal act first-hand.
The muscles on their faces twitched uncontrollably, and a chill crept up to their hearts.


Oh my god, he must be a devil!

He doesn’t even let go of an unconscious guy.
How can he bear to be so cruel!


If they weren’t heavily injured, they would have run away like their lives depended on it.

Wang Teng suddenly turned his head and glanced at the two examinees.
They shuddered in fright, and their expressions warped.

Especially when they saw him walking towards them, a sense of uneasiness rose from the depth of their hearts.
This devil…

“Wang Teng, what do you want to do?”

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.

“We have already lost.
What else do you want to do? Stop when you should.
Don’t be too outrageous!”


When he heard Wang Teng laughing in disdain, Li Rongcheng’s face turned green.
He looked at Wang Teng as he stood right in front of him and shouted in panic, “Wang Teng, don’t cut off all your routes of retreat.
I suggest you leave some room for yourself!”

Wang Teng clicked his tongue.
He didn’t expect Li Rongcheng to be so good at talking.
The guy sure had a glib tongue.

He raised his big fist and aimed it at Li Rongcheng’s head.

One punch and Li Rongcheng’s vision turned black.


Oh? Not bad!


Bang, bang, bang!



Unfortunately, after dropping two more Spirit attributes, he stopped.
Li Rongcheng grabbed the opportunity during the interval and hurriedly pressed the emergency button—He would give up the assessment!

He didn’t want to make this decision, but if he remained here any longer, he might be beaten half to death… This devil!

Wang Teng wanted to turn to the other examinee, but he realized that the examinee had already pressed the emergency button a long time ago.
Now, hurried footsteps were heard not far away from them.

The examinee, who had sneak attacked Wang Teng, finally understood what had happened.
He pressed the emergency button too.

The three of them were forced to give up!

Wang Teng shook his head and ignored them.
He turned around and left.

When the staff of the exam venue arrived and saw the sad plight of the three students, they were stunned.
What happened here?”

“This fellow is a little vicious!”

In the central control room, everyone looked at the scene on the screen with trembling eyelids.

“Did you notice that his Basic Footwork has reached the presence enlightenment stage?” The principal of Bailian Martial House, Gu Hefei, suddenly asked.

“You’re right.
This Wang Teng is a genius.” The principal of Leiting Martial House, Jiang Hong, nodded.

“Our Bailian Martial House wants this examinee.
No one is going to snatch him from me,” Gu Hefei said.

“Hmph, we haven’t even opened our mouth.
Why are you in such a hurry?” Jiang Hong complained.

“Hahaha, there’s no need to fight.
Wang Teng is already a member of our Jixin Martial House,” Fu Tiandao couldn’t help but laugh happily.


Gu Hefei and Jiang Hong felt disappointed.
At the same time, they glared furiously at Fu Tiandao.

They had finally managed to find such a good seedling, but he already belonged to Jixin Martial House!

Time passed by.
The massacre in the forest became more and more intense.

Many examinees got injured during their first fight with the mutated beasts.
Those suffering severe injuries pressed the emergency button and left the exam helplessly.
Those that only had light injuries gritted their teeth and persevered.
They had experienced a fight already, so they were gradually getting used to it.

For many of the candidates, this was their first time facing the mutated beasts.
They were strong enough, so even though they felt a little uncomfortable killing mutated beasts, they started to familiarize themselves with the sensation after killing a few of them.

Most people chose low-level mutated beasts as their first prey.
After getting used to the situation, they would look for middle-level and high-level mutated beasts.

Especially those advanced stage martial disciples.
These students wanted to enter top universities, so they needed to achieve good results.
That was the only way to get the attention of the top universities.

Night dawned on the forest.

After the fights in the day, most of the students were exhausted and hungry.
However, they needed to find their own food and water to fill up their stomachs.

They also needed to find a place to rest for the night.

At night, the forest was even more dangerous.
All kinds of mutated beasts came out to search for prey…

The number of mutated beasts seemed to have increased suddenly.
Wang Teng stood on a huge tree and looked into the distance.
The shadows of many mutated beasts could be seen in the dense forest.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed the anomaly.
Other examinees had observed this point too.

That’s good.
I can get more blank attributes.

Wang Teng smiled slightly.
In the day, he had already killed six high-level mutated beasts.
He had also finished off nine middle-level mutated beasts, collecting a total of 43 blank attributes.

Let’s find some food first.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, a wild mutated boar suddenly appeared in his vision.

Well, it looks edible.

Wang Teng jumped down, and the glint from his sword formed an arc in the air.


Blood splattered, and this wild boar with thick skin was directly beheaded.

In the beginning, Wang Teng had purposely suppressed his ability because he wanted to train with mutated beasts.
But, in the end, he changed his opinion.

What was more important than collecting attributes?

Thus, he decided to let himself go and kill as many mutated beasts as he could.

With his ability, this middle-level mutated beast would be finished off in one blow.

Wang Teng chopped off a large piece of thigh meat and held it in his hand.

He then found a mountain cave and drilled wood to make fire.
In the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers,’ this was basic knowledge.
He twirled the wood twice, and a small flame appeared.

Wang Teng barbecued the wild boar thigh and filled up his stomach.
After resting for some time, he walked out of the cave and continued his hunt for mutated beasts.

This was a sleepless night.

It was already midnight.

In the central control room, the hunting result of the examinees was projected on the wall through the projector.

All the leaders were looking at the results silently.

“Yan Peng from Huiying High School has already killed 13 mutated beasts.
Three high-level ones, four middle-level ones, and six low-level beasts.
This result is really good,” Gu Hefei said.

“Zhou Wu from No.1 High School isn’t bad either.
He has also killed 13 mutated beasts, three high-level, three middle-level, and seven low-level.
He’s just one step behind,” Jiang Hong said.

“There’s also Dong Fei from Shiyan High School.
He killed 14 mutated beasts, four high-level, five middle-level, and five low-level.”

The bosses mentioned all the outstanding students from the different schools, but most of their attention was placed on the number one examinee—Wang Teng!

They would glance at his results occasionally.

It rose again.

The same thought appeared in the leaders’ minds almost simultaneously.

He had killed a total of 28 mutated beasts—wait, it was 29 mutated beasts now.
Another high-level mutated beast had lost its life under his sword.

Among them, 18 were high-level mutated beasts.
There were even lesser middle-level beasts, only 10.

The leaders didn’t know how to describe Wang Teng anymore.
It seemed so easy for him to kill the mutated beasts.
Most of the time, he would finish them with a single wave of his sword.
The most he would do was to add another punch.

Of course, they had forgotten about the two mutated beasts Wang Teng killed right at the start.
Based on the ability he displayed afterward, he must be fooling around back then.

When we were young, were we able to do this? All the leaders started asking themselves.

The answer was a resounding ‘no.’ If they really were to fight with the mutated beasts, they might be tormented like crazy.

Even Governor Jiang felt the corners of his eyes twitching.

The potential this fellow displayed was almost on par with the top figures in society.

But it was just his potential…

Growth had its consequences.
It was impossible to predict what would happen in the future.

Another two hours passed.
The forest was dark and silent.
Occasionally, the roar of a wild animal would shatter the peaceful illusion.

No one knew what that was.

Although this environment was daunting and taking a toll on their bodies, the examinees gritted their teeth and persevered.

Some examinees had already killed five mutated beasts, so they were qualified for the martial arts course.
To be safe, they hid in a secluded spot and stopped going out.

On the other hand, Wang Teng continued hunting.
He was having one hell of a time in this exam.
He had already collated 85 blank attributes.
It was a huge gain.

Currently, multiple agile black figures were surrounding him.
They appeared from all different directions.

The furs of these mutated beasts were greyish-black.
They were able to hide very well under the night sky.
Their eyes gave off an eerie green glow, and a low groan could be heard from their mouths.

A disgusting stench wafted into his nose.

Wang Teng’s figure shuttled around like a butterfly dancing among the flowers.
This bunch of jackals and wolves kept missing him.
Every time his sword slashed through the air, a life would be lost.

After a few minutes, the ground was filled with the corpses of jackals and wolves.
Only a few beasts had survived this nightmare.
The bedraggled survivors ran away in a flurry.
Wang Teng was too lazy to chase after them, though.

He collected another eight middle-level mutated beasts!

Blank Attribute +16!

Wang Teng was about to turn and leave when suddenly, the ground started shaking violently.
Small cracks began appearing on the ground…

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