“Have those two aliens been defeated?”

“Are you kidding me? Those are formidable martial warriors from the universe.
How can they lose to Wang Teng? This doesn’t make sense!”

“Damn it, this doesn’t make sense at all!”

The general-stage martial warriors from Country Neon were stunned.
Their mouths remained agape for a long time.
They couldn’t accept this result.

No matter how much of a genius Wang Teng was, he was still a talent from Earth.
He couldn’t be compared to the formidable warriors from the universe.

Yet reality proved otherwise.

They stared at the young man who fought with two universal martial warriors alone and defeated them thoroughly.
It felt like a dream.

This talent from Country Xia was trying to defy the universal rules!

The emperor’s expression was complicated.
The two aliens he viewed as the hope of their country lost to Wang Teng!

At first, he planned to make use of these two aliens to push Country Neon into the universe and leave this underdeveloped planet.

Compared to the technology and martial arts civilization in the universe, everything on Earth was nothing.

Who would have thought that this could happen?

Wang Teng from Country Xia broke his beautiful dream and showed him the reality.

“This fellow has reached such a high stage!” Shennai Tongji was astounded.
She stared intently at Wang Teng with her bright eyes.
Even after taking a few deep breaths, she couldn’t calm down.

On the other side, the lady who knew Wang Teng shrunk her body, afraid of being recognized.
She wanted to run but somehow, she didn’t.

Unexpectedly, she saw this appalling scene.

This young man was indeed an abnormality.
He wasn’t a normal person.

Hadock was astounded when he saw Jin Yuan crashing to the ground.
That fatty might be weak in other areas, but his escaping ability was top-notch.
It didn’t matter though.
He got caught up and thrown to the ground.

How powerful was this young man?

He didn’t dare to move either.
He realized that he couldn’t break free from the grip around him.
No matter how hard he struggled, it was in vain.

He might even provoke the other party and end up in the same situation as the fatty.

The collapsed building trembled.
Jin Yuan staggered as he crawled out from the debris.

His face was covered with dust and his clothes were torn and tattered.
There were many wounds on his body.
He looked miserable.

“Damn it, we met someone more powerful than us.
This is the first time I have failed in my life,” Jin Yuan muttered angrily as he spat out some blood from his mouth.

“Hahaha, fatty, why aren’t you running? Continue to run!” Hadock gloated.

“Are you happy to see me suffering?” Jin Yuan scolded.

“We’ll go through thick and thin together.
After all, we’re good brothers,” Hadock chuckled.

“Go away.
I’m not your brother, you tentacled monster,” Jin Yuan snapped back.

Wang Teng looked at them with interest.
He had met a few candidates, but all of them begged for mercy when they realized they couldn’t escape.
Yet, these two aliens didn’t seem to care.
They even had the heart to argue with each other.

He shook his head and released his spiritual power to collect the attribute bubbles dropped by the two aliens.

Constellation Force (Earth)*360

Constellation Force (Water)*420

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*28

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng was stunned.
He didn’t know where to vent his frustration.

This was another planetary stage battle technique.

Battle techniques were good.
But the problem was, why was this another battle technique suitable for muscular hunks?

One Mountain Cleaver Battleax and one Raging Battle Mace!

Was the system afraid that he wasn’t masculine enough?

Wang Teng froze on the spot.
The edge of his lips twitched a few times.

He tried to picture himself holding a battleax in one hand and a mace in another, wielding them and chopping his enemies into pieces.
The scene was quite ‘beautiful.’

“No, I mustn’t use these battle techniques.
I’ll sell them when I have the chance,” Wang Teng shook his head and promised himself.

Then, his attention landed on another attribute—18 Tasks Multitasking!

What kind of strange attribute was this?

After the attribute bubble merged into his body, he understood the use of this skill.
The first thing he did was to count the number of tentacles on the octopus monster.

Very good, there were 18 tentacles, not one more, not one less.

Was this how this skill came about? Wang Teng couldn’t be bothered to complain anymore.

18 tasks? Why don’t you call it 18 touches?

Wang Teng felt that this technique was useless for him.
He didn’t have 18 tentacles…

Wait, he didn’t need to use them on tentacles.

Wang Teng suddenly thought of something.
He was only looking at the surface.
He needed to delve deeper into this technique.

The biggest use of this technique was… thinking!

To put it simply, it was able to let a person think of 18 tasks at once or launch 18 attacks simultaneously during a battle.

Thinking of 18 things at once and launching 18 attacks in unison was a little frightening.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up suddenly.
He felt extremely smart since he had thought of the crux almost immediately.

The octopus monster’s attacks were too plain.
He attacked solely using the weapons.
If not, Wang Teng wouldn’t have been able to defend himself so easily.

However, Wang Teng was different.
He possessed multiple Forces and knew countless battle techniques.
If he could execute them simultaneously, his opponent would feel despair.

“I thought this would be a useless technique, but it’s actually a rare treasure.” Wang Teng was elated.

At this moment, Jin Yuan looked up and shouted at Wang Teng, “Brother, what do you want to do? Come down and tell me about it.”

Wang Teng lowered his head when he heard him.
He noticed that the other party didn’t seem frightened of him.
He lifted the corners of his lips.

He wasn’t in a hurry to reply.
He moved his thoughts and controlled spiritual power to pull the octopus monster who was a distance away.

Before Hadock could react, he started plummeting down like a shooting star.
He slammed to the ground a few inches away from Jin Yuan.

Hadock’s 18 tentacles danced and twitched furiously in mid-air.
He looked like an octopus that was stepped on the ground.

Jin Yuan raised his eyebrows as he glanced beside him.
His composed expression was gone, and his heart dropped.
“Oh my god, where did this evil man come from?”

“We can talk properly now,” Wang Teng said with an ambiguous smile.

“Ha… Haha, my friend, we can talk properly.
There’s no need to act.
I was just joking.” Jin Yuan smiled in embarrassment.
He rubbed his palms and gave a frightened expression.

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