Pitiful screams and cries of agony would resound in this extravagant hall occasionally, bringing tears to the listeners.

The emperor felt the muscles on his face throbbing when he saw this scene.

“Hadock, you have a bad sense of humor!”

The fatty sitting on the throne saw the emperor’s expression from the corner of his eyes.
He sniggered.

“Hey~ my friend, don’t you think that this country’s language is very pleasant to the ear? Look at the way she’s screaming.
It’s mesmerizing,” the human octopus in the middle of the hall hugged himself and moaned with a look of satisfaction.

“You’re right.
It’s not bad.
It sounds like the language on Asiba Star,” the fatty, Jin Yuan, touched his chin and replied.

“Hahaha, let me play for a while longer.” Hadock looked at the lady tied up in mid-air and released his evil tentacles.
He felt around her chest and waist…

The lady gave an ambiguous and enchanting cry again…

“Hadock, we need to get down to business soon,” Jin Yuan suddenly said sternly.

“Are you planning to attack Country Xia?” Hadock stopped moving his tentacles and turned to look at the fatty on the throne.

“That martial warrior is not easy to deal with.
Didn’t you see? He has dealt with three other candidates just recently.”

“Yes, I saw it.
The change in the personal terminal is huge.
How can I miss it?” Hadock didn’t look good either.
He continued, “It looks like that candidate is hard to handle.
Shall we change our location?”

“When I landed on this planet, I did my research and have a brief understanding of the talents that participated in this trial.
If I’m right, the candidate in that area is Lan Feng from the Lan family.
He’s at the third level of the planetary stage.
We can fight with him if we work together.” A smart glint shone in Jin Yuan’s eyes.

“That sounds a little troublesome!” Hadock muttered.

“This trial was never simple.
Compared to other people, I prefer to face a conceited and wealthy young man like Lan Feng,” Jin Yuan replied.

“How confident are you?” Hadock nodded.

Jin Yuan remained composed as if he was extremely confident in himself.
“Not much, 50%.”

“Why are you being so confident when it’s only 50%?” Hadock was furious.
The tentacles below him swung violently as he roared in anger.

“Hahaha, 50% is high enough.
We need to be confident in ourselves,” Jin Yuan scratched his head and said with a smile.

“Seriously!” Hadock scoffed in anger.

The emperor at the side was confused.
Jin Yuan and Hadock were speaking in the common universal language, so he didn’t understand a thing.
He only saw them starting to quarrel at the end.
He didn’t know what happened.

Just when the emperor of Country Neon was turning mad, a loud explosion occurred.

The entire hall trembled.
A large number of wooden shards and stone fragments fell, and a huge hole appeared on the roof out of the blue.

There were burnt marks around the hole.
The next second, scorching heatwaves floated in from outside.

“What happened?” The emperor of Country Neon exclaimed.

Jin Yuan and Hadock frowned.
They exchanged glances with each other before looking up simultaneously.

“Huh? There are two candidates?” A soft voice was heard.

Jin Yuan and Hadock’s expressions changed.

They immediately knew that their opponent was another candidate.
They didn’t even need to think.

“Come out.
How long are you guys planning to hide?”

The same voice came again.
Jin Yuan and Hadock started to get serious.
They got up at the same time, and a sharp glint flashed across their eyes.
They charged forward, but they didn’t leave through the hole.
They smashed another hole at the side of the hall and flew out.

The emperor’s expression was complicated.
He left the hall hurriedly and looked into the sky.

Three figures were floating in the sky.
Two of them were Jin Yuan and Hadock while the other person was sitting cross-legged on a huge crow and staring at the fatty and the half-octopus.

“It’s him!” The emperor was a martial warrior, and he wasn’t weak.
He had reached the 11-star general stage, so he recognized Wang Teng at a glance.

He was familiar with Wang Teng.

After the Global Exchange Conference, Wang Teng had entered every country’s eyes.
He had investigated him before, so he was extremely familiar with him.

However, he never thought that Wang Teng would appear here!

And it looked like he was challenging the two aliens from the universe.

The emperor of Country Neon was dumbfounded.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Why did he dare to fight with these two martial warriors? Didn’t he know his own ability?

But soon, he noticed that the two alien martial warriors looked grim when they faced Wang Teng.
It was as if they were facing a formidable warrior.

“What’s going on?” The emperor was astounded.
“Did they see wrong or misunderstand something? Wang Teng’s only at the general stage!”

Many other people had noticed the commotion here.
A few figures rushed over from afar, almost all of them general-stage martial warriors.
They were the foundation of the nation.

One of them was an old friend of Wang Teng.
It was Shennai Tongji, who had participated in the Global Exchange Conference.

The martial warriors greeted the emperor.

“At ease.” The emperor waved his hands.

“Wang Teng!” Shennai Tongji looked into the sky and saw Wang Teng’s figure at once.
Thunderstruck, she asked the emperor impolitely, “What’s going on?”

The people around them were used to this.
They stared at the ground.
They weren’t in any position to interfere in the matters of this father and daughter pair.

“Why are you here?” The emperor’s expression changed as he reprimanded her softly.

“I’m already here.
What’s there to be afraid of?” Shennai Tongji said calmly.

“You… what if the two of them see you? You know their fetish…” The emperor felt his head throbbing when he remembered their hobby.
He was agitated.
“Quick, go back before they see you.”

Hurry up and tell me what’s going on.” Shennai Tongji wouldn’t listen to him, asking him impatiently.

“It looks like you won’t give up until you hit the wall.
Alright, I’m not going to care about you anymore.
You will suffer when the time comes,” the emperor said angrily.

The emperor shook his head.
He noticed that everyone was looking at him, so he gave a forced smile and said, “I’m not sure about the details.
I only know that Wang Teng from Country Xia suddenly appeared.
He came specially for these two aliens.”

Everyone was appalled and confused…

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