Country Neon was situated on a sizable island.
It was surrounded by water and was a sea away from Country Xia and Country Gaosha.

Wang Teng sat on Little White’s back and skimmed across the boundless sea at the speed of lightning.
Only a trail of shadows could be seen.

A faint coastline had appeared in front of them.
Because of Little White’s appearance, a shrill siren suddenly sounded on the land.

As a country surrounded by the sea, it placed a huge emphasis on its defense mechanism.
If not, it would have been invaded by the numerous sea beasts in the sea.

What a poor island country!

It was said that this small country had suffered more than ten sea beasts riots ever since the dawn of the martial arts era.
The sea beasts would get more terrifying each time.

The most recent sea beasts raid was six months ago.
Country Neon lost eight general-stage martial warriors and countless low-rank martial warriors in the battle.
This was the greatest loss over the past few years.

The only fortunate thing was, there weren’t any signs of dark apparitions in their small country.
Their situation would be more arduous if that were the case.

There was a shortage of resources in Country Neon.
The main reason why they were able to linger on with their last breath of life for so long was because of the White Eagle Nation.
They received some aid from them.

But they needed to give some things in return too.
For instance, they would send their martial warriors to the dark apparitions’ dimensional rifts in the White Eagle Nation and help the country defend against them.

There were many other cases.
They were just the frontline warriors groomed by the White Eagle Nation.

Country Neon wanted to migrate to the White Eagle Nation, but the other party wasn’t that stupid.
They wouldn’t usher a wolf into the house, even if the wolf wasn’t as powerful yet.

Wang Teng had read up about Country Neon in the past.
As the information floated into his mind, he heard the blaring siren, causing a frown to appear on his handsome face.

At this moment, a violent explosion came from the coastline.

Rays of light shot towards them from afar, closing in on them at a frightening speed.
They gave off an intense energy fluctuation.

Wang Teng didn’t even bat an eye, remaining cool as a cucumber.
He had no intention to move.

A look of contempt flashed past Little White’s eyes.
It gave an ear-piercing screech.
Then, it opened its dark red beak and spurted out a ball of emerald flame.

All the rays of light exploded when they collided with the green flame.
Then, they got swallowed by the ball of fire.

Little White passed through the roaring flames as if they were non-existent.
An instant later, it had arrived above the coastline.

The flames didn’t leave any marks on its body.
Its crimson-black feathers seemed to be made of steel.
They gave off a cold and sharp glimmer under the sunlight.

“Lord-level star beast invasion!”

“Damn it, why is there a lord-level star beast here?”

There were many defense structures built along the coastline.
Different heavy rune weapons were placed on the fortress made of metal.
Yet they didn’t give any sense of security to the people below.
The low-rank martial warriors stared at the giant crow in the sky in astonishment.
They were in a mess.

A lot of noise came from the people below.
They were speaking in Country Neon’s language.
Their tone sounded a little strange.

“Open fire! Fire the cannon!”

Thunderous explosions were heard once again.
Rays of Force lights shot into the sky continuously, submerging Little White.

“We hit it!” The martial warriors were elated when they saw this scene.

“Troublesome!” Wang Teng opened his eyes.
There was impatience in his gaze.
“Little White, destroy all the military buildings below.”

A furious screech rumbled in the sky.
The cheers of the martial warriors from Country Neon stopped abruptly as if their throats had been choked by an invisible hand.

Then, a frightening ball of flame plummeted down from the sky.
It destroyed the ray of light in front and went on with a powerful force.

Before the scorching heat even arrived, many pieces of equipment below had already started melting.

The next moment, the emerald flame crashed into the ground.
All the rune weapons blew up, and the military buildings were enveloped by a sea of fire.
Screams of agony rose into the air.

“How dare you!” An angry roar came from afar.
A ten-meter long and narrow blade glow arrived seconds later.
It slit the air, aiming straight for Little White’s head.

“Great, General Dubian is an 11-star general-stage martial warrior.
The star beast is dead.”

The martial warriors below started cheering again.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted softly.
He waved his sleeve, and a terrifying Force swept out.

The blade glow paused in mid-air, freezing there forcefully.
Then, it exploded and scattered with a bang as if it had suffered a huge hit.

“Pfft!” The general-stage warrior who came fiercely vomited a mouthful of blood.
He was flabbergasted.

He made use of the frightening impact and turned to run away without any hesitation.
His speed was even faster than when he came.

The martial warriors below turned eerily silent.

General Dubian… ran away!

They couldn’t accept this truth.
Stunned and confused, a wave of despair swarmed into their hearts.

Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears too.
He disregarded this clown and ordered Little White to head to the capital of Country Neon, Pingxiang City.

The martial warriors were in tears after they realized they had survived this ordeal.
They couldn’t understand what had happened.

This lord-level star beast left them and flew away!

“No, there’s someone on the star beast’s back!”

“It’s heading to Pingxiang City!”

The martial warriors finally realized what had happened.
Their expressions changed as they exclaimed.

This was the capital of Country Neon and where the palace of the emperor was situated.
At this moment, there was an alien spacecraft floating above the city.

This alien spacecraft was quite special.
It looked like a huge piece of scrap.
There were large pieces of metal boards on it as if someone was fixing a broken roof.
However, it was hard to tell what metal they were.
Their colors were all different.
Some had rust, some were brown, others were black, yellow… It looked like a patchwork quilt.

Below the alien spacecraft, in a resplendent and magnificent hall situated in the palace, a fatty had taken over the throne that used to belong to the emperor of the country.

He was sitting comfortably on the giant seat, seemingly enjoying himself.
A few beautiful ladies from Country Neon were massaging and feeding him.

A middle-aged man stood respectfully some distance away from him.
This was the emperor of Country Neon.
He looked at the fatty with hidden anger in his eyes.

In the middle of the hall, a lady was hung in mid-air.
Ropes were tied around her body in an indescribable way.
All her sensitive parts were bound tightly, making them conspicuous.

A strange-looking alien creature was circling the lady.

The upper half of this creature looked like a human, but its lower part was filled with tentacles.
They kept moving restlessly.

The lady was terrified.
There were tears welling down her eyes.
Her cries were filled with sorrow as she shouted weakly.

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