Cold light shot out of Wang Teng’s eyes.
He strode forward and faced the three candidates.

Numerous flying daggers turned into sharp rays of lights and danced around him at an unbelievable speed.
Only lingering shadows could be seen.

Wang Teng moved his thoughts, and the flying dagger moving at high speed abruptly disappeared.

The three candidates felt their eyelids jumping when they saw this scene.
Their vigilance was at an all-time high.
They released their spiritual power to sense their surroundings.

A planetary-stage martial warrior had to have Imperial Realm spiritual power.
Hence, none of their spiritual powers were weak.
They could leave their body to sense the environment.
They could even defend and retaliate when an external spiritual power invaded their consciousness.

But that was it.
They weren’t divine spirit masters, so they couldn’t utilize spiritual kinesis.

Their spiritual power spun around the venue, but they found no traces of the flying daggers.
They were worried and anxious.

Wang Teng didn’t care what they were thinking.
He clutched his Mo Que and charged toward them, sending a flaming blade glow in Eric’s direction.

8th-level flaming blade conscious erupted, and frightening energy swept towards Eric.

Eric was an earth element martial warrior.
Seeing this attack, he knew how scary it was.
He couldn’t care about the flying daggers hidden around him and placed all his attention on handling this attack.

A sword glow gathered on the battle sword he was holding.

9th-level earth sword conscious!

Two sword glows crashed in mid-air, causing an explosion.
Powerful Force surged out.

Three cold glints appeared behind Eric, aimed respectively at his heart, throat, and head.

Eric was appalled.
He felt the threat of death hanging above his head.
He released all the Force in his body and formed many layers of defense shields around him in an attempt to block the lethal attacks.

Basa came in front of Wang Teng, swinging his double-edged ax and attacking him with rays of sharp ax glows.

Wulf pulled the trigger of his rune gun like there was no tomorrow.
Multiple rune bullets were fired, leaving a clear and translucent trail in the air.
They blocked all the areas around Wang Teng.

The events happened almost simultaneously.
Eric was in danger, but Wang Teng’s situation wasn’t good either.

No one knew who would win.

Despite everything, Wang Teng remained composed.
He punched his fist out.

A frightening fist aura shot forward, bringing along an indomitable Force glow with it.
Basa’s ax glow and Wulf’s Force bullets were all destroyed by his fist.

The powerful residual impact surged toward Basa and Wulf.

The two of them flew backward at the same time, vomiting a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

On the other side, Eric was resisting the onslaught of the flying daggers.
The formidable constellation Force formed layers of defensive walls around him.

When a planetary-stage martial warrior decided to go all out in defense, his defensive ability was quite astonishing.

Wang Teng was distracted, so the three flying daggers under his control got stuck in mid-air, unable to move an inch.

The scene overjoyed Eric.
Right then, Wang Teng succeeded in pushing the other two candidates back and appeared in front of him.
He slashed his weapon out.

The defense walls cracked instantly.

Eric was flabbergasted.
He seemed to be hit by a powerful impact, and deep sword wounds started to appear on his chest.
Fresh blood oozed out.

His body flew back like a cannonball and slammed heavily on the stone wall.

Within a few seconds, all three candidates had lost.

Their faces were pale, and they found it hard to accept this result.
Despite working together, they still lost to this Earthling.
Moreover, their attacks didn’t even touch his clothes.

The three candidates were dumbstruck.
They stared at Wang Teng in disbelief.

“The soil on earth is fertile.
You won’t feel bad getting buried here,” Wang Teng said calmly as he walked over with numerous flying daggers swirling around him.

The three of them were appalled and indignant.
They vomited another mouthful of blood.

“How dare you kill us!” Wulf said with a gloomy expression.

“Why won’t I?” Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at him.

“The three of us have powerful backgrounds in the Olant Federation.
The only thing you’ll gain by killing us is endless trouble.” Eric took a deep breath.
He knew that this Earthling was a tough fellow.
There was no fear in his eyes.
He wasn’t easy to deal with, so he could only relax his tone.

“That’s right, you can’t kill me.
My father is the leader of the Hailang Mercenary Group.
Do you know what the Hailang Mercenary Group is? There’s a large number of planetary-stage martial warriors in the mercenary group and my father is at the half-step celestial stage.
He rules over a territory,” Wulf said proudly.

“My background is powerful too.
There’s no benefit in killing us,” Basa said.

The three of them kept adding value to themselves in hopes that Wang Teng would let them go.

“Someone told me the same thing in the past.
He said that his family controls three life planets.
I wonder how your backgrounds are as compared to his?” Wang Teng touched his chin and asked with interest.

The three candidates were stunned.
Their hearts sank, and they had a bad feeling.

Three life planets! They were nothing compared to such a faction!

“From your expressions, you can’t be compared to that guy, right?” Wang Teng smiled indifferently.
“Do you know what happened to that fellow?”

“What?” Eric asked with a bitter taste in his mouth.

Wulf and Basa’s expressions were ugly too.
They stared at Wang Teng intently, wanting to hear his answer.

“His personal terminal is on my wrist now.” Wang Teng raised his left hand, revealing the personal terminal he was wearing.

The three candidates couldn’t smile anymore.
They felt a chill running through their bodies, shooting from their spine all the way to their crown.

“Friend, don’t do this… Having more friends will bring you more opportunities.
With your talent, you will be challenged by the other talents in the universe.
Making friends with us will be beneficial for you,” Eric said.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to kill me a moment ago?” Wang Teng asked.

“No, we didn’t.
It’s a misunderstanding—” Eric explained hurriedly.
However, he was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

“Misunderstanding your head.
Do you think I’m deaf?” Wang Teng’s expression turned cold.
A golden brick suddenly appeared in his hand, which he smashed at Eric’s head.

Eric was stunned.
He never expected to receive such inhumane torture.
His eyes were filled with doubt and innocence.

Wulf and Basa were also dumbfounded.
Their jaws dropped, almost hitting the floor.

Wang Teng didn’t let them go.
He would receive more benefits by hitting more of them.
Before they could react, the brick landed on their heads.

After some time, all three of them were badly bruised.
Their vision was blurred and spinning.
They started questioning their lives.

As planetary-stage martial warriors, why were they receiving such treatment? Even if they were captives, they shouldn’t be treated like this.

Is this the distortion of human nature or is it the decline of morality?

Wang Teng disregarded them.
He stopped after seeing the ground layered with attribute bubbles, putting his brick back.

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*32

Constellation Force (Earth)*350

Constellation Force (Metal)*410

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*20

Constellation Force (Fire)*460

9th-level Earth Sword Conscious*850

A large number of attribute bubbles merged into his body.
Some turned into wisps of constellation Force and entered the stars floating above the sea of nihility.
Some turned into memories and knowledge, sinking in his mind and body.

Constellation earth Force!

Constellation metal Force!

Constellation fire Force!

As these three Forces entered his body, the three respective stars shone slightly before dimming and regaining calmness.

The merging of Imperial Realm Spirit and Enlightenment invigorated him.

At the same time, memories started to appear.
Two outlines of humans popped up in his consciousness.

One figure was practicing a sword skill.
The yellow sword conscious wreaked havoc in the air.
It was thick, solid, and firm.

The other figure held a rune gun.
Countless Force bullets shot out of it, traveling in different directions and angles.
Their path was unpredictable.

Very soon, the two figures finished their showcase.
Droplets of light entered his memory and turned into enlightenment.
Wang Teng absorbed them.

Earth Sword Conscious: 850/9000 (9th level)

Gun Kungfu: 210/10000 (Gun Kungfu)

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