Chapter 77: Your Father Is Ultimately Your Father!

The expression of the examinee, who had tried to sneak an attack on Wang Teng, underwent a change when he noticed how fast Wang Teng’s reaction and how decisive he was.
The moment he evaded his attack, Wang Teng snuck into the bushes and ran towards him using the bushes as his cover.


The examinee turned and ran away without any hesitation.

The basic battle technique he practiced was Basic Arrow Skill.
It was suitable for long-range attacks and not close combats.
Just now, when he saw the way Wang Teng fought with the high-level mutated beast, he knew that he would lose if he got caught by the young man.

Wang Teng shuttled back and forth in the forest.
He executed his footwork, and his figure kept shifting like the clouds.
The other party wasn’t able to aim at him.

How dare you sneak an attack on me!

Do you think I’m easy to bully?

Wang Teng’s expression was cold as he increased his speed with every step.
He dashed towards the other examinee.

“Damn it!”

The other examinee got a fright when he saw Wang Teng rushing over.
How could he be so fast?

The distance between the two of them got closer and closer.

As the guy ran away, he continued shooting arrows behind him.
He hoped that he would be able to stall Wang Teng for some time, even if it was just to lower his speed of chasing him.

However, even though the arrows he shot caused some obstruction to Wang Teng, the distance between the two of them didn’t get longer.
It continued shortening.

Wang Teng’s speed was much faster than his, and his arrows were almost finished!

After a few seconds, the distance between the two of them was less than 30 meters.


Wang Teng stepped on the ground, and the earth below him cracked.
His entire body shot out like a raging bear.
His sword formed an arc in the air as he flung it down on the examinee.

The examinee was flabbergasted.
He raised his bow above his head to block this attack.


When the bow and the sword collided, a metallic tremble rang out.

The examinee’s expression changed.
He could feel a powerful force boring down on him.
He couldn’t control himself and flew backward.


He slammed heavily on the ground.
Fresh blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.
He shouted towards the forest beside him, “Why aren’t you all moving? How long are you going to watch the show?”

“Hmph!” Wang Teng scoffed.
He furiously charged at the examinee.

“Don’t come over!”

The other party’s expression changed for the umpteenth time.
He quickly crawled up from the ground and retreated.

Wang Teng punched him without saying anything.

“Stop!” A loud shout suddenly came from the forest behind him.
A strong gust of wind assaulted Wang Teng’s back.

Wang Teng evaded the attack as though he had eyes on his back.
His hard and sturdy iron fist still smashed into the examinee’s face.

Crack! The other party’s nose bridge collapsed.
It was quite obvious.
Blood splattered everywhere from his nose, and the guy kept screaming in pain.

Wang Teng swept his legs this time.
The examinee was already dizzy from the punch.
Now, his vision turned black, and he wasn’t able to withstand the attack at all.
In an instant, he flew away because of the kick.

Basic Arrow Skill*10

Beginner Stage Arrow Talent*3

Huh? Wang Teng’s eyes lit up. There are talent attributes!

The attributes this examinee dropped were quite impressive.

He picked them up.

The two examinees that had just walked out of the forest didn’t protect their companion when they saw what happened.
Instead, they watched Wang Teng injure him without doing anything.
Their expressions turned ugly.

“Wang Teng, you’re too ruthless.
We are all examinees.
How can you land such a heavy blow!” One of the examinees pointed at Wang Teng and shouted.

“I was wondering who it was.
So, it’s you, Young Master Li.” Wang Teng turned around and looked at the people who had just appeared.

One of them was a complete stranger to him.
He didn’t recognize the man.
However, the other was an old friend—Li Rongcheng!

“Why? Are you planning to get some of your egos back because you were tortured by me too many times?” Wang Teng smiled at him ambiguously.
“Where did you get these two dumb boys? How did you trick them into seeking death together with you?”

Li Rongcheng’s expression turned even worse when Wang Teng exposed his true thoughts.
A hint of anxiousness flashed past his eyes.

Indeed, he was the one who found these two people.

Wang Teng had opposed him many times and caused him to lose his face.
Also, he already knew he was beaten up for no reason at that time because of Wang Teng’s framing.
He was the one who caused him to carry that blame!

This bastard was so sinister!

Also, during the level inspection, Wang Teng displayed the ability of an extreme martial disciple.
He had amazed the crowd with a single feat and made him exceptionally jealous.

Thus, he tricked these two advanced-stage martial disciples from other schools and planned to kick Wang Teng out of the actual combat assessment.

Of course, Li Rongcheng was able to convince these two advanced-stage martial disciples because he knew them before.
He also promised them certain benefits.

Unfortunately, a boss was still a boss.
Your father was still your father!

The examinee who tried to sneak attack Wang Teng didn’t succeed.
Instead, he was beaten up like a dog.
He laid on the floor, not able to get up anymore.

These guys were already frightened of Wang Teng’s ability.
Now, with one person down, only Li Rongcheng and the other advanced stage youngster were left.
Their chances of winning were even less.

When he heard Wang Teng’s words, the other advanced stage martial disciple glanced at Li Rongcheng.
That gaze caused Li Rongcheng’s heart to drop.

“Since it has already reached this state, there’s no point in saying anything anymore.
Let’s just fight.”

Surprisingly, the advanced stage martial disciple was extremely decisive.
He knew Li Rongcheng’s intention, but they had already formed a grudge with Wang Teng.
Hence, there was probably no point in begging for mercy.
They should just work together and get rid of Wang Teng.

“Alright.” Li Rongcheng gritted his teeth and didn’t say much.
He held his battle blade in his hand and charged towards Wang Teng first.

The seed of suspicion was already planted in them.
However, they had no choice but to work together now.
He must show enough sincerity.

As expected, when the advanced stage martial disciple saw him attacking first, his vigilant expression softened a little.
Then, he joined the assault on Wang Teng.

He held a huge and heavy battle mace in his hand.
As he waved it around, the sound of air breaking could be heard.
He smashed it viciously at Wang Teng.

Li Rongcheng executed his presence enlightenment stage Basic Blade Skill.
His blade moved as fast as lightning and covered Wang Teng up entirely.

The attack of two advanced stage martial disciples was troublesome and tough to handle, even for an extreme martial disciple.

However, Wang Teng’s true ability wasn’t that of an extreme martial disciple.
He was a martial warrior!

Not only that, all his battle techniques were at a higher stage than the other two martial disciples.
Even if he didn’t release his martial warrior ability, he was still able to beat the two people up.

He executed his presence enlightenment stage Basic Footwork to its fullest potential.
His body spun and turned in the smallest area possible.
It was as if he wasn’t moving at all.

However, Li Rongcheng’s blade couldn’t even touch the edge of his clothes.

“Presence enlightenment stage footwork!”

Li Rongcheng was stunned.

At this time, the other advanced stage martial disciple’s metal mace had arrived in front of him.
A cold smile appeared at the corner of Wang Teng’s lips.

He pushed his fists out and took the attack of the mace head-on!


Wang Teng was wearing boxing gloves, so his hands weren’t injured at all.
On the other hand, his opponent took a few steps back.
His hands that were holding the mace kept trembling.

The battle mace almost slipped out of his hands.

Wang Teng continued his victorious pursuit and appeared in front of Li Rongcheng in a blink of an eye.
Under his astounded gaze, he pushed his fists out.

Li Rongcheng wanted to dodge, but he realized that his body couldn’t catch up with his thoughts… He was defeated in one move!

“Why… Why is it the same as before?”

His heart was filled with unwillingness.
He remembered the previous duel they had in the school’s stadium.
An intense bitterness overflowed him.

When that advanced stage martial disciple saw that Li Rongcheng couldn’t even handle a single attack from Wang Teng, his pupils constricted.
He gritted his teeth and forcefully controlled his trembling hands.
Just when he was about to raise his battle mace, a pair of iron fists welcomed him.


The fists landed on his chest, and the overwhelming force threw him back.

“How is this possible?” In the instant he flew out, an inconceivable thought appeared in his heart.

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