Eric’s face turned black.
These two fellows didn’t bring any drills, yet they were complaining about his.

He had brought a low-class driller, which was good enough to serve its purpose.
However, this Wulf kept complaining.
If their elders didn’t know each other, he wouldn’t have agreed to work with him.

The driller was done quickly.
After a few minutes, they drilled three hundred meters into the ground, and a large hole appeared below them.

The driller almost fell in.
Luckily, Eric caught it in time.

“We’re here!” Wulf and Basa’s eyes lit up as they looked into the hole.

Green light swarmed out of the entrance, giving their faces a green hue.
They were overjoyed.
They glanced at one another before jumping down the hole.

None of them noticed a figure hiding in the dark a few meters behind them, watching their every move silently.

Wang Teng didn’t follow them right away.
He used his Spiritual Sight to scan the area below first.

He noticed a large patch of green light filled with a special energy fluctuation.

At the same time, in his vision, the three candidates had already left the entrance of the hole.
Wang Teng walked over with ease and jumped down the hole.

The scene below was amazing.
It was like a stalactite cave.
Icicle-shaped jades hung from the roof.

A drop of water dripped down the jade icicle, making a crisp and clear sound in this quiet and spacious cave.

It was impossible to see this scene in a mine, but it appeared now.

Wang Teng was filled with amazement.
He scanned the cave and found the three candidates.
The cave wasn’t big, so they were only ten meters in front of him.

They were gathered around a large piece of jade.

This jade was entirely emerald green and crystal clear.
It was etched on the ground, with only half of it revealed.

The three candidates had their eyes trained on this piece of jade after they entered the cave.

“This is it.
This must be the Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart.” Eric’s face was filled with happiness.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s break it and take out the chalcedony heart!” Basa couldn’t wait anymore.
He would have hammered his fist and broken the piece of jade if he had any jade knowledge.
He didn’t do it because he was afraid of destroying the chalcedony heart.

“Eric, act already.” Wulf’s eyes were glistening too.
He urged his companion at the side.

“Yes!” Eric didn’t hesitate.
He took out his tool and started breaking the jade.

The tool he was holding looked like a cutter, but it was more exquisite.
It didn’t rely on mechanical blades to cut the jade.
Instead, it shot out thin blades of white light under Eric’s operation.
They were as sharp as blades.

“Move aside.” Eric pierced the jade with his cutter.
An entire portion of jade got sliced like a piece of butter.

“Eric, be careful.
Don’t damage the chalcedony heart,” Wulf exclaimed involuntarily.

“Shut up.” Eric’s face turned black.
“Don’t speak if you don’t understand.
I’m a professional mining engineer.
This is nothing to me.”

“Alright, alright.
You can do your job.
I’ll keep quiet,” Wulf said hurriedly.
He had no temper.

“Wulf, do you see the darkest area in the middle? If I’m right, that is the exact position of the chalcedony heart.
Eric isn’t cutting near that area yet,” Basa said.
He seemed to have noticed something.

“Learn from Basa.
He might look rough, but he’s detailed.
You don’t know anything,” Eric reprimanded him again.

Wulf took a look and realized he was right.
He felt a little embarrassed and awkward.
It was so obvious, but he didn’t notice it.
That muscular Basa was better than him.

“Mining engineer!” Wang Teng whispered to himself in the dark.
He didn’t know that there was such an unpopular profession.
It looked like the universe was more interesting than he had imagined.

While Wang Teng was lost in thought, Eric had sliced off the exterior of the jade.
A squarish piece was left.

The jade’s color was exceptional.
It was extremely dense and bright.
This was definitely an imperial-grade piece of jade.
Moreover, it was huge.
This was an expensive item.

However, Eric treated it like a random stone found on the side of the road.
He sliced it without batting an eye.

The three martial warriors’ gazes were fixed on the part of jade that was cut out.

“What do we do now?” Basa asked excitedly.

“We need to remove the outer layer.
However, this layer is very close to the chalcedony heart, so we have to be extra careful.”

Eric bent down and took out many tools from his space ring.
Wang Teng was stunned.

Was this what a mining engineer did?

Was he a fake mining engineer?

Wang Teng complained to himself.
However, he still stared at Eric’s hand to watch how he operated.

Eric held the tools and started cutting and polishing the jade.
He slowly removed the outer layer.
There were many techniques involved in the process.

He seemed extremely afraid of touching the chalcedony heart in the center.
Hence, he was exceptionally careful.
Perspiration appeared on his forehead while he was working.

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