In its capital, Shenglong.

Little White crossed the ocean and arrived at their destination.

The first area Wang Teng chose to target was Country Annan.
He wasn’t certain where the aliens would be, but they were most likely at the capital, just like how the blue-haired young man took over Capital Xia.

This was the easiest and most direct way of conquering a country.

Wang Teng didn’t plan to hide on this trip.

He guessed that the alien invaders had different levels of strength.
The stronger ones captured larger areas while the weaker ones seized smaller pieces of land, waiting to see how things worked out later.
This was their only choice.

Country Annan was just a small country.
The alien invaders here must be weaker than the blue-haired young man, so Wang Teng wasn’t worried.

As expected, when he reached the capital of Country Annan, Shenglong, he saw a large alien spacecraft parked above Plaza Bating.

If Shenglong was the heart of Country Annan, Plaza Bating was the heart of the capital.

The plaza was huge and could fit a couple hundred thousand people.
This was the gathering and event spot for the people in Shenglong.

The large shadow of the spacecraft cast a gloomy atmosphere over the city.
No one dared to step into this plaza.

Wang Teng stared at the spacecraft.
He was right.

This spacecraft was smaller than the blue-haired young man’s by about half a size.
Although it was a little superficial to judge an alien’s ability by the size of his spacecraft, it was the most direct method.

Of course, it might be related to his background.

Or the blue-haired young man might be a premium player.

Wang Teng suddenly remembered that the blue-haired young man’s space items were still on his body.
He slapped his head.
How could he forget this?

There might be a lot of good stuff inside!

Fortunately, the corpse was in his hand, so he could take them out at any time.
He didn’t need to hurry.

Wang Teng wouldn’t put down his guard.
No matter how weak these alien invaders were, they were planetary-stage martial warriors.
He mustn’t underestimate them.

Wang Teng didn’t hide his movements, so someone immediately noticed his arrival.
A few figures flew out from the spacecraft and shot towards his location.

He activated his Spiritual Sight and gauged their ability.
These were three martial warriors at the peak of the 13-star general stage.
They possessed constellation Force, not ordinary Force.

Normal Force was vastly different from constellation Force.
Constellation Force was purer and thicker.
Under his Spiritual Sight, there were dots of Force crystals shimmering in the balls of lights.
They looked like stars.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change after knowing their abilities.
He wasn’t looking down on them; he didn’t even have to look at them!

The three martial warriors stopped ten meters away from Wang Teng.
This was a safe distance, or so they thought.
If Wang Teng attacked them, they had time to react.

The 13-star general stage was powerful.
It would only take an instant for them to travel more than ten meters.

These aliens weren’t speaking in Earth language.
However, Wang Teng wasn’t worried.
He was aware of the personal terminal’s language translation function.
This was why the blue-haired young man was able to communicate with him.

The guy didn’t speak their language.
The personal terminal was translating for him.

But these martial warriors in front weren’t in the planetary stage.
They weren’t participants of the trial.
Instead, they were just the candidate’s subordinates or his sidekicks.
They didn’t have the personal terminal, so they couldn’t communicate with Wang Teng.

The language translation function in the personal terminal was able to translate a large number of alien languages.
Even if Earth’s languages weren’t recorded into the universe language database, the personal terminal could come up with the translation using its powerful calculation ability.
This was how advanced this technology was.

Hence, normal martial warriors wouldn’t be able to possess it.

Wang Teng had a personal terminal now, so the language barrier wasn’t a problem for him.

The martial warriors were using the common universe language.
The meaning of their words was sent into Wang Teng’s mind after the personal terminal translated it.

“Tell me, where’s the candidate of this country?” When Wang Teng spoke, the personal terminal would translate his words too.
To the alien martial warriors, he was speaking in the universal language.

This was how special the personal terminal was.
No one would be able to detect the difference.

Once again, Wang Teng realized how advanced the alien civilization was.
Earth’s technology was nothing compared to theirs!

The martial warriors’ expressions changed.
They thought that Wang Teng was a candidate and had come to snatch their land.

“Mister!” The martial warriors didn’t dare resist.
They knew how powerful planetary-stage martial warriors were.
The general stage was as weak as an ant in front of the planetary stage.
They didn’t dare to be conceited and immediately bowed with respect.

There was an unspoken rule during the trial.
When fighting for land, the candidates rarely killed their opponent’s subordinates.

To the candidates, the subordinates weren’t part of the trial.
Also, they were at most at the general stage.
They wouldn’t pose any threat to them.
Also, every single area required men to watch over it.
The locals of the country might not surrender so easily.

In comparison, these alien martial warriors were easier to use.

Thus, the candidates didn’t bother to kill them.
However, if they went overboard, they didn’t mind lifting their fingers and ending their lives.

Wang Teng was stunned when he saw the attitude of these alien martial warriors.

The subordinates of the blue-haired young man weren’t so easy to speak to.
They were all extremely fierce.

He didn’t know that these alien martial warriors felt superior in front of Earthlings.
They looked down on him because he was a local from Earth.
After following the blue-haired young man for some time, they got influenced by him and started to be arrogant and domineering too.

The three martial warriors in front of him treated him as a candidate.
To them, every candidate came from a powerful background or possessed exceptional talent.
They didn’t dare to resist.

Humans were cowardly at times.

They looked down on people with a lower status than them, but they would grovel in front of those who had more power than them, even willing to be their slaves.

Wang Teng read the situation and immediately put on an arrogant expression.
He started his acting, saying in an indifferent voice, “Stop talking nonsense.
Let me ask you again.
Where is the candidate?”

“Erm…” The martial warriors didn’t dare to offend him.
However, they were still a little hesitant.
If they betrayed their young master, they would have a hard time in the future.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
A crimson glow appeared in his eyes, shooting into one of the martial warrior’s eyes.

The martial warrior got hit by the attack.
He started to lose focus and lost his consciousness.

The other two martial warriors were flabbergasted.

“Tell me!” Wang Teng shouted.

“Our young master is the son of the leader of the Hailang Mercenary Group.
He found a wakening spot and is heading there now,” the martial warrior replied without any expressions.

“The Hailang Mercenary Group!” Wang Teng was surprised.
He felt that the factions in the universe were different from what he had expected.
There were even mercenary groups, and they seemed to be quite powerful!

Wang Teng didn’t think too much.
“Where is this place?”

“At Country Glow.
The martial warriors there found a Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart.
Our young master is going there to snatch it from them,” the martial warrior replied.

A Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart… Wondering to himself, Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He knew that Country Glow was known for producing jades, but he didn’t think that they would have such a rare treasure.

It was definitely something extraordinary since two planetary-stage martial warriors were willing to fight for it.

Wang Teng suddenly got interested.
How could he not join this fight?

He asked a few more questions and got all the information he could from the three martial warriors.

He learned that the candidate from Country Annan wasn’t the only one going to snatch the Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart.
The candidate from Country Sylo was on the way too.

That meant that there were three candidates in Country Glow now!

Fortunately, none of them was at the third level of the planetary stage like the blue-haired young man.
Two of them were at the first level and the last one was at the second level.

No wonder they could only take over small countries like Country Glow, Country Annan, and Country Sylo.

The blue-haired young man was able to suppress all three of them alone.

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