Two bright and large eyes shimmered on the little fat face.
She looked at Wang Teng cutely.

Wang Teng’s heart melted.
He knew that he had been busy with cultivation recently and neglected this little girl.

Doudou was also extremely sensible.
She didn’t disturb him and only dared to ask him now.

Wang Teng felt a little ashamed.
He immediately gave her a smile and said, “Yes, I’m done.
Why don’t I play with you?”

“Really?” Little Doudou didn’t expect this answer.
She was stunned.
She stared at her brother with wide eyes filled with disbelief.

“Of course, your brother never lies,” Wang Teng said firmly.

“Wow, this is great!” Little Doudou jumped on the spot and pounced on Wang Teng.
“Brother, hug~”

“Oh my, you little chubby kid.” Wang Teng laughed and caught Doudou in a hurry.
He pinched her nose.

Doudou pulled a long and chubby face at him.
She was slightly embarrassed when she said, “I’m not fat… I’m just growing.”

Wang Teng chuckled in his heart.
He didn’t expose her and smiled instead.
“That’s right, you’re still growing.
You need to eat more.”

“Yes.” Little Doudou nodded fervently.
“I eat a lot.
I can eat three bowls of rice in a meal.”

Oh my, this little girl has a good appetite!

Please don’t raise her into a heavy little fatty.

He thought of something and realized the reason.
Activating his Eyes of Essence, he looked at Doudou.
He immediately saw her physique.

As expected, this little girl had made a small achievement in her cultivation.

She was a beginner-stage martial disciple!

A five years old little girl managed to become a beginner-stage martial disciple.
Could you imagine it?

Wang Teng wondered what he was doing when he was five years old.

He was probably playing with sand.

He immediately gave a reserved and proud smile.
He felt that he was a useless person when he was young.
He touched Doudou’s mushroom hair and praised her.
“Doudou, you’re amazing.”

Little Doudou thought that Wang Teng was complimenting her for eating, so her smile got wider.
She rubbed her belly and said shyly, “I think I can eat five bowls, but I’m too embarrassed to ask.”

I thought you already eat a lot, but I was too naive.

You can eat more than that.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia gave weird expressions when they heard their conversation.
They tried to control their laughter, but they couldn’t hold it back…

“Sister, why are you laughing?” Doudou asked curiously.

“Oh, haha, nothing.
I thought of something funny.” Lin Chuxia was the first to stifle her laughter.
She quickly waved her hand.

“Are you laughing at me for eating too much?” Doudou was puzzled.

“No, eating is a good thing.
Why would we laugh at you?” Lin Chuhan quickly straightened herself.

“That’s right.
I get envious when I see you eating so much,” Lin Chuxia spouted nonsense.

“Really? Why don’t you eat five bowls of rice with me today?” Doudou asked.

Lin Chuxia felt that she had shot herself in the foot.
She was rendered speechless.

“That’s right, your Sister Chuxia will eat five bowls of rice with you.” Wang Teng made the decision for her.

I don’t want to become a rice bucket… 

She glared at Wang Teng bitterly.
She almost charged forward and fought with him.

Lin Chuhan was working hard to keep her laughter in check.
This time, she did it.
She was afraid that Wang Teng would ask her to eat five bowls of rice if she laughed.

Five bowls of rice were nothing to a martial warrior, but she was a lady.
There was no reason for her to eat so much.
Also, they were having dinner with the Wang family today.
If the Wang family saw her devouring bowl after bowl, they might laugh at her.

Wang Teng accompanied Doudou to practice martial arts and taught her how to cultivate after she became a beginner-stage martial disciple.
Ever since he realized this little girl’s exceptional gift, he decided to groom her properly so that her talent wouldn’t go to waste.

One should start practicing martial arts from a young age!

Based on her current progress, Doudou would be able to become an advanced-stage martial disciple after a year.

A six years old advanced-stage martial disciple! This was heaven-defying!

He was bringing up a little genius.
Wang Teng felt proud just thinking about it.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia liked Doudou too.
They accompanied the pair at the side.

Doudou was overjoyed.
Normally, she was always alone.
This was the first time there were so many people with her.
The courtyard was filled with her sweet and cheerful laughter.
Her eyes formed a thin line as she smiled happily.

Soon, it was time for dinner.
Li Xiumei came out in an apron and called, “Stop practicing.
Wash your hands and prepare to eat.”

“Alright!” Wang Teng carried Doudou up and walked into the house.
“Come, let’s eat five bowls of rice.”

“Five bowls of rice, five bowls!” Doudou repeated his words enthusiastically as if eating five bowls of rice was something to be proud of.
She was influenced by Wang Teng.

Lin Chuxia was depressed.
She wore a sad face as she walked behind them.

Everyone from the Wang family was present at the dining table.
The blue-haired young man had brought the whole family to Capital Xia.
What an unexpected turn of events.

Lin Chuhan’s family was also present.

This was the first time the Lin family was sitting with the Wang family.
No one expected it to happen like this.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei invited them to the table enthusiastically.

Wang Teng specially placed Doudou and Lin Chuxia together.
Then, he served a bowl of rice personally to each of them.
The rice was piled up like a small hill.

“Eat, we’ll continue practicing afterward.” Wang Teng signaled them to start eating.

“Why are you serving so much rice to a lady?” Li Xiumei reprimanded him gently.

Li Xiumei nodded her head fervently.
She hoped that Li Xiumei could save her from her predicament.

“Mom, you don’t understand.
Martial warriors need to eat more.
You might not know, but Doudou is already a beginner-stage martial disciple,” Wang Teng replied.

“What? Doudou is a beginner-stage martial disciple?!” Wang Shengguo was dumbstruck.

The other members of the Wang family looked over and fixed their gazes on Doudou.
They were bewildered.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng nodded.

They all gasped after Wang Teng’s confirmation and looked at Doudou as if she were some rare animal.

“No wonder this little girl became stronger lately.
A few days ago, she carried my vegetable basket for me without much effort.” Li Xiumei was enlightened.

“Why didn’t you say earlier?” Wang Shengguo felt speechless.

“How would I know? I thought that she became stronger because she practiced with our son,” Li Xiumei replied innocently.

“Hahaha, our family has a dragon already, but it looks like we’ll have another phoenix in the future.” Grandpa Wang laughed heartily.

Wang Shengjun and Wang Shenghong were envious.

Look at their brother.
His son was an exceptional talent, and the daughter they picked up from the street was a genius too.

Then look at their family.
None of the younger ones was talented in martial arts.

In this era, martial arts was the only way to succeed.

Doudou noticed everyone staring at her.
She bit her chopsticks and asked timidly, “Am I eating too much?”

“No, not at all.
Eat all you want.
If you ever get hungry, tell me.
Grandpa will buy food for you.” Grandpa Wang laughed.

“Thank you, Grandpa,” Doudou replied obediently.
She was elated.

“Good, what a good child,” Grandpa Wang praised her happily.
The more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

“Stop daydreaming.
The dishes are getting cold.
Let’s eat quickly.”

Everyone started moving their chopsticks.

The dinner was sumptuous.
The family drank some alcohol to celebrate surviving this disaster.

Doudou had a taste too.
Wang Teng tapped his chopsticks in the alcohol and placed them in her mouth.

The atmosphere was harmonious.
The fear and anxiety during the day were dispersed entirely.

After dinner, everyone went to the living room for a casual chat.
The elders and the youngsters gathered in two different groups.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan sat together unconsciously.
They played with Doudou and enjoyed this sweet moment.

“I think we can start preparing for their wedding.” Grandpa Wang smiled as he watched them.

“I think so too.
However, we’ll have to ask for the children’s opinions first.” The smile on Mother Lin’s face never disappeared.
She was extremely satisfied with Wang Teng.
Where would she find another outstanding son-in-law like him?

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