The ultima was higher than the conscious level.
It was harder to comprehend.
You could say that anyone who reached the ultima level was the cream of the crop.

Raising the level of their ultima was more difficult.
Each level was harder than the previous one.
You would need high enlightenment and plenty of opportunities to upgrade your ultima continuously.

If the conscious level was an entry-level luxury item, the ultima stage was the real luxury brand.
Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford it.

All in all, the ultima stage was a high-end product.

Mind you, ever since Wang Teng received the Strength of Ultima, it hadn’t increased much.

Unlike the Thousand Crashing Ripples, which had already risen to the second level, the difference in advancement speed was vast.

He was working hard to pick up attributes, but there weren’t many martial warriors on Earth who had reached the ultima stage.
It was like finding a cock that could lay eggs and a pig that could climb a tree.

Wang Teng felt a little helpless~

However, things were getting better.
The arrival of aliens on Earth opened a new path for him.
There were numerous attributes he could pick up on this path, attributes he had never gotten before.

The future was beautiful.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t very satisfied with the attribute bubbles this time…

The blue-haired young man didn’t drop any scriptures?!

Wang Teng was furious and contemptuous.
Then, he thought of something and muttered to himself, “What was this fellow’s name? I forgot to ask his name just now.
Never mind, he’s dead, so there’s no use knowing his name.”

He shook his head and threw the blue-haired young man’s corpse into his space fragment.
Then, he looked up at everyone.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the blue-haired young man’s corpses disappearing.
They thought that Wang Teng had kept it in his space ring.

They couldn’t say anything.
This was Wang Teng’s spoil of war.

“Why are you looking at me? The meeting hasn’t ended,” Wang Teng said.

The attendees were speechless.

So you do know that the meeting hasn’t ended.

Do we look like we were in a meeting a moment ago?

The Leader of martial arts knocked on the table helplessly and attracted everyone’s attention.
“Since we know the purpose of the aliens’ invasion, it will be easier for us to come up with a plan.
Wang Teng, you’re the only one who has the right to fight for a slot in the Saint Star Pagoda.
What’s your opinion?”

Wang Teng pondered before answering, “Actually, there isn’t much we can do now.
First, you will need to work hard in your cultivation after getting the planetary stage scripture from me.
I hope that you can achieve your breakthrough as soon as possible.
As for the second matter…”

He paused and glanced around him.
Then, he smiled, revealing his white teeth.
“We need to be proactive and attack and catch the alien invaders.
I’ll turn their trial into a joke!”

Everyone was stunned.
They stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“You plan to catch all the alien invaders?” Commander Hong exclaimed.
He looked at Wang Teng as if he were a maniac.

“Why not?” Wang Teng asked indifferently.

“Erm… nothing.” Commander Hong choked on his own words.
He wanted to say that Wang Teng was too daring and overestimated his ability.
However, he remembered all the events he had gone through.
All his words had come true.
He wasn’t boasting.

“Well, it’s decided then.
Do what you’re supposed to do and leave the aliens to me.
I’ll catch them.” Wang Teng stood up from his seat and stretched his back.
Waving his hands, he walked out of the meeting room.

The others looked at his back view and exchanged glances with one another.
For a moment, they didn’t know what to do.

When Wang Teng reached the door, he suddenly stopped.
He turned and said, “Oh right, if you want the scripture, remember to bring enough money.
You can exchange for it with other things if you don’t have enough cash.
I’m not picky.”

He disappeared afterward.

Everyone was puzzled.
They had a bad feeling.

But Wang Teng had already left.
He didn’t give them a chance to enquire more about it.

“Wait, we have to buy it?”

“How much is it? Is it expensive?”

“That’s a brainless question.
It’ll definitely be expensive.
I knew that this fellow was up to no good.
I got happy for nothing.”

“Can I pay in installments? My family is poor.
We have no money!”

Everyone started discussing.
There was frustration in their tones.

The Leader of martial arts had a strange expression on his face.
He coughed and said, “Stop complaining.
This is a planetary stage scripture.
We’re lucky to have the chance to get it.
Go back and raise some money to buy it from Wang Teng.”

The instant he spoke, everyone felt even more exasperated.
Alright, alright, they would go back and raise money!

“Leader, Wang Teng is going to target the alien invaders.
Do we need to make some preparations?” Commander Yong hesitated before asking.

The Leader shook his head and gave a sad smile.
“Wang Teng is right.
The only thing we can do now is to raise our ability.
Let him handle the rest.
I believe that he can do it since he’s so confident.
Let’s wait for him to take over the entire trial.”

Everyone was astounded.
The Leader trusted Wang Teng wholeheartedly!

What poison did Wang Teng feed the Leader? Why did he believe so much in him?

“Disperse.” The Leader of martial arts waved his hand.
“Remember to raise money when you go back.”

“Oh right, try to raise more money,” the leader of martial arts added.

All the important figures were frustrated and helpless.
After leaving the control room, they rushed to their homes.

They might complain loudly when they were asked to raise money, but they were extremely hardworking in their actions.

Wang Teng went directly to his lodging in the military.

Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia were playing with a little child at home.
Well, you couldn’t say that they were playing.
They were actually practicing martial arts.

However, the child was too young.
She looked like she was playing when she moved her little arms and legs.

Wang Teng burst out laughing when he saw this scene, especially upon noticing the serious expression on Doudou’s small and chubby face.
He found it funny.

This little girl has grown plumper!

Wang Teng muttered in his heart.

“Brother, you’re back!” Doudou’s black eyes lit up when she saw Wang Teng’s figure.
Her short legs shuttled back and forth as she ran towards him.

She threw her hands behind like a little fat kite in the air.

She came in front of Wang Teng within a few seconds before putting on her brakes.
Then, she raised her little head and asked him in a sincere tone, “Brother, are you done with your work?”

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