Wang Teng was contemplating the blue-haired young man’s words when he noticed everyone staring at him.
There was strong envy in their eyes.

He was stunned for a moment.
Then, he understood why.

The blue-haired young man’s words must have been a huge stimulation to everyone.

The Saint Star Pagoda was the top academy in the Olant Federation.
If they could study there, there would definitely be ample benefits.
But they had lost this precious opportunity.

Well, it was more appropriate to say that they had never gotten it, so they couldn’t lose it.
From the beginning, they didn’t meet the requirements.

“Don’t act as if you lost a billion.
Who knows what the Saint Star Pagoda is like.
I might not want to go,” Wang Teng comforted them with a nonchalant expression.

This consolation didn’t have any effects.
Instead, they wanted to beat him up even more.

Look at what he was saying!

Get out of this place, bastard.

Everyone stared at him with hidden bitterness.
They didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

“Cough, Wang Teng, question him and see if you can get any other useful information,” the Leader of martial arts coughed and said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He thought for a moment before asking, “How many candidates are there?”

“No one knows which factions will get the right to participate in this trial.
My Lan family was extremely fortunate to get one slot after spending much manpower and wealth,” the blue-haired young man replied.
His gaze was rigid and stiff.

Wang Teng frowned.
Things were getting complicated.

He exchanged glances with the Leader.
They thought of the same thing.

From the blue-haired young man’s explanation, they inferred that this trial was targeted at the gifted disciples groomed by powerful factions.
Normal martial warriors wouldn’t be able to get the right to participate.
Even if they did, they would only make up a small fraction.

They could imagine how hard these talents groomed by powerful factions would be to deal with.

One’s background was a strong factor.

Wang Teng wanted to ask about the strength of the aliens that had landed on Earth, but from the looks of it, he wouldn’t be able to get any answers from the blue-haired young man.

He didn’t even know who they were or how many people there were.
How would he know their abilities?

Wang Teng thought of something.
He couldn’t get a specific answer, but he might be able to guess a range.
He asked quickly, “Are there any strength requirements for the trial?”

“By right, there isn’t.
However, reaching the planetary stage before 30 years old is the limit for most martial warriors.
In history, only a handful of gifted martial warriors have reached the celestial stage before 30.
In my generation, less than three martial warriors have gained this achievement.
They have already been specially admitted into different famous academies in the universe and don’t need to participate in this trial,” the blue-haired young man said.

Everyone started pondering.

The planetary stage, the celestial stage…

These two names sounded high and mighty just like the universe.

No one had experienced the power of these two stages, but just listening to the name was enough to get them excited.
They wanted to go home and start cultivating immediately.

As the top-tier martial warriors on Earth, they had their own extravagant hopes for the powerful realms.
All of them wished that they could climb to the peak and look at the scenery from a higher mountain.

Wang Teng’s eyes were shining too.
He saw a wider world opening up in front of him.
It was attractive.

After some time, he sighed secretly, and a sharp glint flashed past his eyes.
Based on the blue-haired young man’s words, it wasn’t hard to tell that none of the invaders had surpassed the planetary stage.

Wang Teng had the confidence to deal with a planetary stage formidable warrior, but asking him to fight against a celestial stage martial warrior was akin to gifting his life on a silver platter.

Fortunately, there weren’t any martial warriors at this stage on Earth.

Since they were all at the planetary stage, it would be easier for them to have duels.

A smile appeared on Wang Teng’s face.
There must be many planetary-stage formidable warriors among the aliens.
He would definitely be able to get some attributes from them.

Everyone looked at his face and felt that his smile was a little evil.

Was he conjuring some evil plan?

Wang Teng asked a few more questions.
They were mostly about the Olant Federation, the Saint Star Pagoda, and information about the Lan family.

The blue-haired young man answered without reservation.

Very soon, everyone had a better understanding of the Olant Federation.
In summary, the Olant Federation was a universe alliance formed by many factions.
It was one of the top five powerful factions in the universe.

Olant Federation wasn’t the only major power in the universe.

The blue-haired young man didn’t know about the other powerful factions, so Wang Teng didn’t ask for the details.
One Olant Federation was strong enough to destroy them, much less the other factions or the entire universe.

The Saint Star Pagoda was the biggest and most powerful academy in the Olant Federation.
It had groomed numerous formidable warriors in the universe.

You could say that this was a holy location in the Olant Federation!

The Saint Star Pagoda would open for enrollment every three years.
The criteria would be planetary stage martial warriors 30 years old and below.
They would need to participate in a trial.
Only qualified people would be admitted into the academy.

This time, Earth was chosen as the trial ground.

Who would assess their scores at the end of the trial?

Wang Teng knew the answer through the blue-haired young man.

It was better if he didn’t.
After hearing the answer, everyone in the control room turned eerily silent.
They realized that someone was monitoring and watching over the entire planet!

That meant that someone was watching all their actions.
They might have clearly seen everything that they had done.

No one doubted the young man’s words.
After all, the technological advancement of the alien civilization had exceeded their imagination.
It was possible they could monitor the entire planet.

They felt uncomfortable after learning that they were under surveillance.
Their expressions turned awkward.

Who wanted to be watched all the time!

What if the person was a pervert?

What if the person was a peeping Tom?

What if the person had some weird fetish?

Everyone shuddered in their hearts.
They raised their heads and looked at the ceiling, trying to find the eye that was watching them.

“Can the Saint Star Pagoda see everyone’s actions?” Wang Teng took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.

“Not everyone, mainly the candidates.
They wouldn’t see everything since there are only a few surveillants.
They can only focus on a few events.
But they know what’s happening around the personal terminal of the candidate,” the blue-haired young man explained.

“Personal terminal?!” Wang Teng relaxed a little.
“That’s good.
That’s more acceptable.”

The other people heaved a sigh of relief too.
They felt much better.

“Where’s your personal terminal?” Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.

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