Chapter 76: Hunt For High-Level Mutated Beasts

The actual combat assessment had been going on for an hour.

On the island, in the sealed-off forest, all the examinees were scattered and were hunting and fighting with different mutated beasts.

The levels of the mutated beasts corresponded to the martial disciples’ levels.
They were split into low-level, middle-level, and high-level.

The candidates were all intermediate stage and advanced stage martial disciples.

The best choice was to kill the weakest low-level mutated beasts.

Many people knew that this actual combat assessment wasn’t just an exam.
In fact, it was a training for the examinees’ mentality and outdoor survival ability.

After all, if they became martial warriors in the future and headed to Xingwu Continent, the environment there was much worse than this forest.

In the future, they might not have such a good chance to find a mutated beast to train themselves.
At that time, they would be facing terrifying star beasts.

Currently, Wang Teng was squatting on a huge tree and staring at a giant forest lizard below him.

This was the first mutated beast he had met.

And, it was a high-level mutated beast!

He didn’t know if he was lucky or not.
He had hung around for an hour but didn’t meet any mutated beast.
The moment he met one, it was a high-level mutated beast.

This beast had mutated from a forest giant lizard.
Its body was covered with thick and heavy scales, giving off a metallic glimmer.
Its claws were as sharp as knives, and its fangs looked like spikes.
They were able to pierce through a person in an instant.

At first, Wang Teng thought that it hadn’t noticed him yet.
He was planning to sneak an attack on it.
Nonetheless, this was the first time he met a mutated beast.
Hence, he didn’t act rashly.

Out of his expectations, the forest giant lizard swung its tail at him.
The huge force cut the tree he was using to hide into two.


The tree cracked and fell.

“F**k, it’s so strong?”

Wang Teng hurriedly stepped on the ground and leaped into the air.
Then, he waved his battle sword and exerted strength all over his body.
He struck his sword down at the giant forest lizard.


The giant lizard opened its mouth and let out a growl.
It swung its tail again and swept it towards him.

This tail sweep was extremely powerful.
Even the air around it gave off short exploding sounds.

Wang Teng’s eyebrows jumped slightly.
Naturally, he wasn’t stupid; he wouldn’t receive the attack forcefully.
He executed his presence enlightenment stage Basic Footwork and actually managed to turn his body in the air.
The maneuver allowed him to evade the attack easily.

Wang Teng instantly lowered his center of gravity and landed on the ground.
He punched the side of the giant lizard with his fist.


His strength was terrifying.
This punch caused the scale armor of the giant lizard to crack open, even hurting the bones underneath.


The giant lizard howled in pain.
It opened its mouth and wanted to pounce on Wang Teng.
The stinging stench of blood flowed right into Wang Teng’s face.


Wang Teng snorted.
His speed accelerated, and he evaded the giant lizard’s attack.
Next, he raised the battle sword in his hand and charged forward.


Fresh blood spurted out!

His sword slashed right through the giant lizard’s mouth.
It cut off a huge portion of the lizard’s head.
The next moment, the giant lizard fell to the ground with a thud.
It was dead.


Wang Teng let out a breath.
High-level mutated beasts were harder to deal with than he had imagined.
However, it was still a piece of cake for him.

He walked towards the giant lizard to take a look.


Blank Attribute*5

Wang Teng instantly felt thrilled.

Blank Attribute!

He saw blank attributes again!

After Wang Teng picked them up, he didn’t use them in a hurry.
Instead, he kept them first.

Wang Teng looked at the corpse of the giant lizard and went into deep thought.

Is there a higher probability of dropping blank attributes if I kill mutated beasts and star beasts?

He couldn’t help but remember the giant crow star beast that was killed the other time.
That star beast had dropped 60 blank attributes.
In contrast, this giant lizard had dropped only 5 points.

He had picked up blank attributes from martial disciples in the past before, but the probability was really low.
Also, it wasn’t a lot.

Sigh, can’t the system explain the settings all at once? Why do I have to figure it out myself?

Wang Teng sighed helplessly.
He decided to try it on a few more mutated beasts.
If his guess was correct, this exam venue for their actual combat assessment would become an excellent place to collect blank attributes!

An evil smile immediately appeared on his face.

Almost simultaneously, all the mutated beasts in the entire forest felt an evil intention engulfing them.

An examinee has already killed a high-level mutated beast.”

At the same time, in a huge central control room situated in the island camping ground, computer screens filled up the entire place.
All the screens were showing the images of the examinees in the forest.

A few hundred staff stared at the screens without blinking.
Suddenly, a staff member shouted loudly.

The leaders from the Ministry of Education, including Director He, as well as the higher authorities from the top three martial arts academies and the president of the martial arts association, Qin Hanxuan, were all gathered in this room.

At first, they were chatting casually.
When they heard this shout, though, they immediately turned in that direction.

The staff member clicked on his computer and sent the image on his screen to the wall so that everyone could see it clearly.

He even replayed the scene just now.

“Haha, indeed, it’s that person.” Director He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the young man standing in front of the giant lizard on the screen.

“Director He, do you know this guy?” The principal of the Donghai branch Leiting Martial House, Jiang Hong, asked.

“This young man is not bad.
His battle awareness is really strong,” the principal of the Donghai branch Bailian Martial House, Gu Hefei, complimented Wang Teng.

“This examinee is the only extreme martial disciple from our Donghai this year,” Director He smiled.
He secretly glanced at the valiant-looking man sitting properly at the host’s seat.

Qin Hanxuan and Fu Tiandao exchanged glances with each other.
They didn’t speak.

The valiant-looking man calmly glanced at the screen.
He didn’t express too many emotions.
However, when he heard that this was an extreme martial disciple, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Extreme martial disciple.
Not bad, let’s continue watching,” the man said in a composed manner.

Director He was elated.
This sentence was enough to prove that Governor Jiang had developed an interest in Wang Teng.

This man was the governor-general of Donghai!

The last time, Qin Hanxuan and Fu Tiandao had said that he was on the brink of his breakthrough.
Now, he had appeared at the martial arts exam…

No one else said anything.
After all, the exam had just started.

However, they couldn’t help but pay more attention to Wang Teng.

Time passed slowly.
Gruesome battles were happening in many different corners of the forest.

These examinees didn’t have an easy time like Wang Teng.
After all, this was their first time facing a mutated beast.
Some people couldn’t even release one-fifth of their true power.

For an intermediate stage martial disciple to kill a low-level mutated beast, he needed to use a lot of strength and brain.
In theory, they knew that they had to target the weak spots, but in an actual battle, everything was thrown to the back of their minds.

Some people even cowered right at the start.
Before they started fighting, they had already run away in a flurry.

Within two to three hours, close to half of the examinees were eliminated.

3 pm.

On an empty area in the forest, two black figures were engaged in a fight.


After a cold flash of light, the two figures separated from each other.
Wang Teng landed on the ground stably.
The battle sword in his hand was pointing diagonally at the ground.

A trace of blood dripped down the tip of the sword and landed on the leaves-covered earth.

The other black figure slammed hard on the ground.
Its head flew up high before falling back.
A large amount of blood spurted out like a fountain.

“They are both high-level mutated beasts, but this green python was harder to deal with than that forest giant lizard.”

Wang Teng lamented to himself.
Then, he went forward.


Blank Attribute*6

As expected, blank attributes were dropped again.
Wang Teng was cheering secretly in his heart.

He picked them up.

The instant he finished picking up the attribute bubbles, the python head at the side suddenly leaped up and opened its mouth wide, baring its fangs.
It wanted to bite Wang Teng.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Wang Teng sneered.
He slashed his battle sword sideways and cut the python head into two.

In the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’, it was mentioned that mutated snakes had a strong vitality.
Even if their heads were chopped off, their central nervous systems would still be functioning for a short period.
It would produce certain instinctive reactions.
If one wasn’t careful enough, they might be attacked by it when it was at the brink of death.

It didn’t mean that the larger mutated beasts were poisonous.
If a mutated beast was poisonous before it mutated, not only would its size grow bigger, its poison would become even more deadly.

If a person was bitten by it, he might die on the spot.

Hence, they needed to be extremely careful.

Wang Teng turned around and prepared to leave.
Suddenly, the sound of something cutting through the air was heard behind him.


The sound was shrill and loud, and one could guess how fast the speed was from the wind.
A stinging pain was felt on his leg.

Wang Teng reacted almost instantly.

His speed increased exponentially, and he executed his footwork with full power.
His body moved away slightly from his original position.


A sharp arrow cut through the air beside his leg.
It pierced into a huge tree and formed a large hole in it.

Examinees weren’t allowed to endanger each other’s lives, but they were able to defeat one another.
That way, the mutated beasts that the other party killed would be counted as the winner’s.

Just now, that arrow wasn’t aimed at Wang Teng’s vital point.
Still, if it had hit his thigh, his battle ability would have decreased greatly.

Wang Teng looked at the examinee on the tree far away who had released this arrow.
He immediately dashed into the bushes and executed his footwork…

The snake walk!

The other party wasn’t able to get a lock on him.
Then, Wang Teng moved in the direction where his opponent was at.


Are you looking for death!

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