The atmosphere in the room changed because of Wang Teng’s words, going from tense to lively.

“I’ve already said what I wanted.
Let’s start the meeting officially.” Wang Teng glanced at everyone.
There was joy in his eyes.

He was already planning to reveal his planetary stage scriptures.
All his five basic elements had advanced to the planetary stage.
The blue-haired young man, who was at the third level of the planetary stage, wasn’t his match, so he didn’t need to worry about anyone surpassing him.

Besides, it wasn’t easy to advance to the planetary stage.
Converting their Forces to constellation Force would consume most of their time, much less the most crucial part of the advancement process.

Many people wouldn’t be able to overcome that barrier.

Wang Teng was certain that most of the people in this room wouldn’t be able to reach the planetary stage.
Some of them were too old.
They had exhausted their potential, and there was a limit to how far they could go.

Of course, the most important thing was, Wang Teng would only give them the conversion method in the planetary stage scripture.
After they finished converting their Forces, he would consider giving them the advancement method.

He hadn’t finished his sentence.

Do you want the advancement method?

These words weren’t suitable for this situation.
When they came to look for him to get the scripture in the future, he would discuss the price with them properly.

In summary, he wouldn’t give his scriptures out easily.

No one knew what Wang Teng was planning.
They were still immersed in their excitement and couldn’t calm down.
They were daydreaming about advancing quickly after receiving the scripture.

They didn’t know that their assets would be gone…

“Cough!” The Leader of martial arts finally regained his composure.
He coughed and attracted everyone’s attention.
Then, he said, “Let’s have Dan Taixuan report the status of the alien invasion.”

“Yes!” Dan Taixuan let out a long sigh.
Even she felt nervous a moment ago.
She was afraid that Wang Teng would vent his anger on all the important figures present, but luckily, he only targeted one.
It wasn’t outrageous.
She hurriedly stood up when she heard the Leader calling for her and turned on the projector.
A world map shone on the wall opposite.

“Based on the information we have received, there are signs of aliens in every big country on Earth, including the White Eagle Nation, Country Inka, Country Star, and Country Bat.
They have all been conquered by aliens…”

The participants started to turn serious.
They stared at the red spots marked on the map.
Besides Country Xia, all the other areas were red.
This meant that they were all invaded and taken over by aliens.

It was a terrifying sight!

Everyone was solemn.
The situation was worse than expected.

Not much information could be found, so Dan Taixuan finished her report soon.
The control room turned silent.

“All of you understand the situation now.
Every large country has been invaded by aliens.
I have a reason to believe that they have a special purpose.
If not, they wouldn’t take over all the countries at the same time,” the Leader said.

“What do they want?” someone asked.

Everyone went into deep thought.
They couldn’t guess the aliens’ motive.

They knew that the aliens came to Earth for an opportunity, but them landing in different parts of Earth made them a little confused.

“Stop wasting your time.
We’ll know the answer by asking the blue-haired alien,” Wang Teng suddenly spoke up.

Everyone was stunned.
Someone hesitated before asking, “Will he say the truth?”

“Don’t worry.
I have a way to make him speak the truth,” Wang Teng said confidently.

“Bring the person over.” The Leader ordered his men to bring the blue-haired young man.

The swelling on the blue-haired young man’s face had subsided.
It was hard to tell that he was once beaten like a dog.
His recovery rate was astonishing.

But he was still unconscious and hadn’t woken up.

“His face healed quite quickly.
It looks like he can withstand another round of the brick’s caress,” Wang Teng touched his chin and muttered to himself.

This fellow called brick smashing the caress of the brick? How shameless!

“Huh? Where am I?” The blue-haired young man woke up right then and rubbed his head.
He glanced around him absentmindedly.

“Stop pretending.
You’re exaggerating,” Wang Teng smirked.

They didn’t realize a thing.
They were surprised.

… How did this guy discover it? The blue-haired young man was puzzled.
However, he still pretended to be lost and continued, “What are you saying? I don’t understand.
What do you want?”

“I don’t want to waste any time.
I’ll ask questions, and you’ll answer.
If you dare lie, my brick won’t show any mercy.” Wang Teng took out his golden brick and waved it in front of the blue-haired young man.

The young man felt the corners of his eyes twitching.
He immediately recalled the unpleasant memory.
He wished he could snatch the brick and smash it on Wang Teng’s face.

But he knew that he was in Wang Teng’s hands and couldn’t escape.
Thus, he wouldn’t have the power to snatch the brick over and repay the favor.

“What do you want to know?” He forcefully suppressed the humiliation in his heart.

“Why did you all come to Earth?” Wang Teng asked.

“There’s nothing to hide.
We came to find an opportunity on this planet,” the blue-haired young man replied with a flicker in his eyes.

“What else can there be? That’s it.”

“You’re not being honest!” Wang Teng squinted.
He tossed the brick in his hand and got ready to smash it on the blue-haired young man’s head, scaring the poor fellow.
He almost charged forward and fought for his life.

This brat was a monster.
How dare he still want to smash his head with the brick.
He couldn’t bear it anymore!

Damn it, if you do it again, I’ll fight with you!

The blue-haired young man glared at Wang Teng, unwilling to back down.

I was waiting for you, idiot! A smirk appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
His eyes flashed with crimson light.

Wang Teng had already raised his Bewitch skill to the perfected stage.
With the help of his Imperial Realm Spirit, he never failed.

The blue-haired young man’s expression changed.
Before he could react, he went into a daze, and his gaze turned blurry.

I succeeded? Wang Teng was stunned.

He was prepared to have a spiritual battle.
After all, when he used the Bewitch skill on Sha Didi the previous time, he struggled for a long time before he succumbed.

This blue-haired young man’s ability was above Sha Didi’s, so he thought that it would be harder.

Yet the blue-haired young man lost his consciousness almost instantly.

Is it related to one’s mentality? Wang Teng touched his chin and pondered.

Sha Didi was a sly old fox while this blue-haired young man was a greenhorn who had just entered the society.
He lacked vigilance, so he fell into Wang Teng’s trap easily.

Other people didn’t know what Wang Teng was doing, but they were stunned when they saw the blue-haired young man’s confused look.

“Now, answer me.
What’s your real purpose?” Wang Teng didn’t explain to them.
He started questioning the man right away.

“Many months ago, the Olant Federation detected this planet where Force had awakened.
At the same time, the top academy in the Olant Federation, Saint Star Pagoda, is recruiting new students.
Hence, they decided to use this planet as a trial ground.
We can only enter the Saint Star Pagoda if we pass this trial,” the blue-haired young man said with no emotions in his eyes.

Everyone was astounded.
Then, they started to get furious.

“They are using our planet as a trial ground!” Commander Long was indignant.
He slammed the table heavily, causing a long bang.

“So this is their real motive.
The opportunity isn’t the main thing.
Passing the test is their final mission,” Commander Yong said.

“Snatching the opportunity might be part of their trial.” Someone snorted.

“Our planet is extremely underdeveloped, so we’ll obviously get beaten.
We’re just a remote planet.
We have no chance of resisting,” the Minister of Education said as he shook his head.

“Is the trial only for you?” Wang Teng asked a question that surprised many people.

The trial doesn’t only include the talents from Olant Federation.
It’s also applicable to all the martial warriors on this planet.
Any gifted martial warriors 30 years old and below that have reached the planetary stage have the chance to participate.

“It’s difficult to get the chance, but as the trial ground, Olant Federation gave three spots to this Earth.
However, Earthlings don’t know about it.
They must be dreaming if they want to get a spot.

“There are a limited number of spots.
If Earth gets three spots, the martial warriors from other planets will have three lesser spots.
Hence, no one told the Earthlings this piece of news,” the blue-haired young man continued.

“What!” Everyone exchanged glances with one another.
They were dumbstruck and furious.

“What a good plan they have.
As long as no one on Earth gets a slot, those three slots will be theirs,” Commander Hong said angrily.

“It looks like this isn’t just a simple school enrollment,” Commander Yong said with a glint in his eyes.

“Trial! Spots!” The eyes of the Leader of martial arts lit up.
He opened his mouth and said, “Unfortunately, only those 30 years old and below have the right.
We don’t even have to think about it.”

Everyone shook their heads.
They couldn’t hide their disappointment.

They would be lying if they said that they didn’t have hope.
However, based on what the blue-haired young man said, only a planetary stage martial warrior 30 years old and below had the chance.

No one here fulfilled these two criteria.

No, there was one person!

Everyone looked at Wang Teng with envy.
They didn’t have the chance, but he did!

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