There was pin drop silence in the control room.

No one spoke up for Sun Yuanju.
No one dared to say anything about Wang Teng donating his scriptures.

They finally understood the difference between them and Wang Teng.

A wisp of his aura made it hard for them to look him in the eye.
How powerful was he?

They had no chance of showing off their little tricks due to the vast difference in ability.

The Leader of martial arts didn’t say anything and just watched them quietly from the side.
He allowed Wang Teng to solve this matter himself.
To him, Wang Teng’s ability was the best way to convince and frighten them.

Punish someone as a warning to others.
Since Sun Yuanju had jumped out, he would be the one getting punished.

Wang Teng glanced around him calmly.
“Weren’t you speaking just now? Why are you silent? Commander Guardian Sun, don’t you want to continue talking?”

Sun Yuanju’s expression changed slightly.
He felt unlucky.
He raised his head and met Wang Teng’s composed gaze.
He stammered, “It’s a misunderstanding.
I was just…”

He stuttered and was incoherent.

“Just?” Wang Teng gave him an ambiguous smile.

Sun Yuanju couldn’t answer him.
He knew that Wang Teng had heard his words.
There was no use speaking up for himself.
If Wang Teng wanted to take revenge, he wouldn’t give up because of his excuses.

Wang Teng stopped wasting time.
An indomitable aura erupted from his body and bore down on Sun Yuanju.

Sun Yuanju was dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect Wang Teng to act without any scruples.
Without any time to react, he got enveloped by his aura.

The chair below him shattered into pieces, and he fell to the ground.

He spurted a mouthful of blood.

Sun Yuanju became dispirited.
His face was pale as he stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.
He moved his lips but didn’t dare to say a word.

He climbed up from the ground miserably and stumbled a little.

Everyone was shocked as they stared at this scene in bewilderment, not knowing what to say for a second.

Especially the people sitting beside Sun Yuanju.
When Wang Teng’s aura surged over, they felt it too.
Their hearts were still pounding in fear.

Imagine if they were the target of the attack.
They might be in a worse state than Sun Yuanju.

No one expected Wang Teng to be so domineering.
He suppressed a 13-star general-stage commander guardian without any hesitation.

This was a tight slap to Sun Yuanju’s face!

Many people felt lucky that they didn’t speak.
If not, they might be in the same tragic state.

Qian Boyu, Zhao Fuhong, and the other important figures who had met Wang Teng before glanced at one another.
They felt as if they just knew him.
The polite young man they knew must be a fake, right?

These important figures finally realized that Wang Teng wasn’t someone they could control easily.

Wang Teng resumed his indifference and spoke in a calm tone, “If you have anything to say, say it directly to me.
If you talk behind my back, don’t blame me for being merciless.

“You can only take the things I want to give.
If I don’t give, who dares to snatch from me?”

He scanned everyone, but no one replied to him.
No one even dared to look him in the eye.

Wang Teng was satisfied with this result.
Suddenly, a smile blossomed on his face, and he continued, “Alright, I’ve finished my speech.
Don’t be so serious.
You look as if I’ll eat you up.”

Didn’t you look like you’ll really eat us up just now?

Stop pretending like you don’t know.

They complained as they looked at Wang Teng’s smiley face.

Despite being young, this fellow was a good actor.
Which one was the real him?

“Oh right, if you want the higher-level scripture, you can tell me directly.
If you don’t say, how will I know you want it? Look, everyone is unhappy at your little cheap tricks.
Was it necessary?” Wang Teng suddenly said.

Everyone was honestly stunned this time.

It seemed like Wang Teng was willing to take out his higher-level scripture?!

What did he mean by telling him directly!

Who would have thought that he would say it himself!

Sun Yuanju’s face turned green.
If he knew that Wang Teng wanted to share his scripture, he wouldn’t have made that speech and be the bad guy.

Now, he had provoked Wang Teng for nothing.
The loss outweighed the gains!

He was filled with bitterness.
Why didn’t Wang Teng say it earlier? Why? If he did, he wouldn’t have stepped out and be the first to speak.

The Leader of martial arts and the three great commanders looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

They didn’t think that Wang Teng would give out his scriptures so easily.
Moreover, he was the one to bring it up.
He was the one who wanted to reveal it.

Erm… did he have such a high sense of responsibility?

“When the meeting ends, the Leader will evaluate everyone’s qualifications.
After that, you can get the scripture from me.” Wang Teng sniggered in his heart when he saw everyone’s expression.

“We need to go through an evaluation?”

“Of course.
If I give my planetary stage scripture to someone with an unknown or evil motive, I will be holding a candle to the devil,” Wang Teng replied.

“Planetary stage scripture?” Their eyes lit up.

“That’s right.
The next level after the general stage is the planetary stage.
If you want to reach that level, you need to have a planetary stage scripture,” Wang Teng explained briefly.

“Planetary stage!” Excitement burned in everyone’s eyes.
They looked at him enthusiastically.

“You have witnessed the power of the planetary stage.
One planetary stage martial warrior is powerful enough.
This is a special moment.
We need to be extra careful.
I don’t want to create an enemy,” Wang Teng continued.

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.
They felt fortunate that they weren’t Wang Teng’s enemy.
If not, they would lose this amazing opportunity.

They immediately agreed to Wang Teng’s idea.

“Yes, I second the idea!”

“It makes so much sense.
Yes, we should do it like this.
I’ll be the first to support you.”

“The Ministery of Education supports you too!”

Everyone felt that the matter should be resolved this way.
They had no grudges against Wang Teng, so they weren’t worried.

Only one person’s face was black.
He looked as though he fell into a drain.

Many people noticed his emotions and looked at Sun Yuanju strangely.

If there was an evaluation, Commander Guardian Sun would be the first to fail.

At this moment, they finally understood Wang Teng’s intention.

He punished Sun Yuanju to warn the rest of them, letting them fear him.
Then, he took out his scripture, which made everyone grateful.
He captured their hearts instantly.

Was this willy fox a young man who hadn’t reached 20?

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