Of course, these features were useless for Wang Teng.
The room wouldn’t be able to withstand a blow from him.
But he didn’t come here to cultivate.
He just wanted to count his gains.

Wang Teng sat down cross-legged in the middle of the cultivation room and closed his eyes.
He focused his attention on the attributes panel.

He came back in a hurry, so he didn’t look through the changes on his attributes panel when he advanced to the planetary stage.

The change this time was different from before.

His entire attributes panel was refreshed.

Enlightenment: 2352/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Spirit: 2585/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Luck: 36 (Limit of a normal person: 10)

Handsomeness: 98 (Limit of an ordinary person: 100)

Battlefield Awareness: 7560/9000 (9-star)

Space Fragment: 1250/100000 (??)

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent: 2056/5000; Ultimate Stage Wood Talent: 1635/5000; Ultimate Stage Water Talent: 1560/5000; Ultimate Stage Fire Talent: 1080/5000; Ultimate Stage Earth Talent: 1280/5000; Ultimate Stage Wind Talent: 1305/5000; Ultimate Stage Ice Talent: 530/5000; Ultimate Stage Dark Talent: 1330/5000; Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent: 1460/5000

Space Physique: 10000/100000 (first-rank)

Heart Of Magnetic Essence: 1000/100000

Demon Lotus Poison Body: 3360/10000

Light Physique: 2150/10000

Eight Arms Devil Physique: 6000/6000 (perfected)

Ice Cocoon Physique: 848/5000

Spiritual Sight: 1/100 (intermediate stage)

Eyes of Essence: 1/100 (intermediate stage)

Ultimate Stage Sword Talent: 1250/5000; Ultimate Stage Blade Talent: 1480/5000; Ultimate Stage Arrow Talent: 430/5000

Constellation Metal Force: 1/10000 (planetary stage first level)

Constellation Wood Force: 1/10000 (planetary stage first level)

Constellation Water Force: 150/10000 (planetary stage first level)

Constellation Fire Force: 1/10000 (planetary stage first level)

Constellation Earth Force: 1/10000 (planetary stage first level)

Ancient God’s Body: 14505/100000 (2-star)

Star Metal Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Wood Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Water Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Fire Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Star Earth Scripture: 10000/10000 (perfected)

Space Tornado: 9776/10000 (perfected)

Star Fire Sword Slash: 1/1000 (big achievement)

Abyss Burial: 26/100 (well-versed)

Bestow Of The Goddess: 360/1000 (big achievement)

Darkness Clone Technique: 5000/5000 (perfected)

Amalgamate Blade Scripture: 74/100 (well-versed)

Spiritual Battle Techniques:

Spirit Penetration: 125/300 (specialized)

Spiritual Illusion: 335/500 (small achievement)

Spiritual Shield: 63/100 (well-versed)

Strength of Ultima: 56/100 (first level)

Thousand Crashing Ripples (water element sword ultima): 35/100 (first level)

Xingwu Continent Common Language: 460/1000 (small achievement)

Dark Language: 860/1000 (small achievement)

Medical Knowledge: 750/1000 (small achievement)

Runemaster: 2160/3000 (master)

Blacksmith: 2380/3000 (master)

Alchemist: 2160/3000 (master)

Poison Master: 870/1000 (advanced stage)

Force Chef Master: 2165/3000 (master)

Musician: 735/1000 (advanced stage)

Spirit Flame Ghost Crow: 3560/10000 (10-star); Talent: Spiritual Sight, Ghost Fire.

Metal Armor Flaming Scorpion: 17880/20000 (11-star); Talent: Flaming Poison, Emerald Flame.

Wang Teng went through his attributes line by line.
After some time, he let out a long sigh.
He didn’t know that he had already gained so many achievements.
What a shock it was.

Also, he could tell that the attributes panel had filtered away many useless talents, scriptures, and battle techniques.
These attributes weren’t displayed.
If not, there would be even more rows on his attributes panel.

The entire attributes panel had been simplified greatly… bullshit!

There were three entire pages of attributes, scriptures, and battle techniques.
Wang Teng wondered how many words the author wasted on describing them.

However, his eyes were still glistening.
He almost placed his hands on his waist and laughed loudly.

This is the land I conquered!

All his five main Forces had reached the planetary stage while his five special Forces had entered the general stage.
There were also talents that others wouldn’t dare to think of.

Force talents, physique talents, and even the rare sight talents.
He had two sight talents.

The thing that stood out the most was his space talent.
He had already reached the perfected stage at ten thousand points but now, the limit was increased to a hundred thousand points.
Ten thousand was just the first rank.

His space talent was only at the first rank?

Wang Teng almost cursed when he saw this.
The system was increasing the difficulty of his cultivation!

Wang Teng felt helpless, but he had to accept this reality.

Then, there were the scriptures and battle techniques.
The system only mentioned the sky-rank ones and above.
It was too lazy to list the weaker ones.

The main items were the planetary-stage scriptures and battle techniques.
The others were scriptures and battle techniques the system felt had great potential.

There was no need to explain the Ancient God’s Body.
It was easy to tell that this skill was above the planetary stage.
How high was it? Wang Teng didn’t know, and he couldn’t guess either.

When he went up the Mount Saint in the past, he had raised his Ancient God’s Body to the 2-star beginner stage.
His physical body was already very powerful.
He couldn’t imagine how powerful he would get if he raised it further.

However, he would need a hundred thousand points to leap passed the 2-star level.
Who knew how many attributes he would need in the future.

He looked at the battle techniques the system listed.
Darkness Clone Technique, Amalgamate Blade Scripture, Space Tornado, Bestow Of The Goddess, Abyss Burial, etc.
They were either useful or had great potential.

The other lower-tier scriptures and battle techniques didn’t disappear.
They were still ingrained in his mind.
He could pull them out if he wanted to know their progress.

There were also three spiritual battle techniques.
All of them were on the attributes panel.
The system probably felt that there was huge growth to be made in these three techniques.

Moving down, there was Ultima.
Wang Teng possessed two Ultimas, the Strength of Ultima from the ancient god’s corpse and the Thousand Crashing Ripples from the blue-haired young man when they were fighting.

The system didn’t list his other ‘consciouses’ but Wang Teng knew that they would appear on the attributes panel if they reached the Ultima level.

There was nothing much to say about his knowledge and secondary professions.
These might seem useless, but they provided him convenience during crucial times.

He knew what others didn’t and what they knew.

This feeling was amazing.

Other people wouldn’t even dare to imagine having such skills.
These achievements and reserves were enough for Wang Teng to feel proud for a moment.

After some time, Wang Teng regained his composure.
He was extremely calm and composed.

These achievements were nothing.
He would have more in the future.

He decided that he would focus on a few scriptures and battle techniques moving forward.
He didn’t have to raise every single one to a high level.

Knowing was enough.
He didn’t need to specialize in everything.
That would require too many blank attributes.
He couldn’t afford to use them.

Wang Teng thought about this sadly.

Scanning his attributes panel, his gaze landed at the top.

After reaching the planetary stage, his Origin Of Life rose from a thousand plus to 5016.

No wonder the planetary stage was so different from the general stage.
From the Origin Of Life, he could tell that these two stages weren’t on the same level at all.

This was a jump in the very nature of life.

Then, there was the luck and handsomeness index.
It was rare for him to see these two attributes normally.

He only managed to get luck attributes from Little Zi Ye.
Other people didn’t have it.

Speaking about her, he kind of missed her.
He wondered how she was in the Darkland.

Fortunately, he left a clone there, who hadn’t disappeared.
It looked like he hadn’t been discovered yet.

Little Zi Ye must be safe.

He had gained the handsomeness attribute from vampire dark apparitions.
Other races wouldn’t drop this attribute.

Well, it made sense.
Were the giants, the sheep-heads, or the Eight Arms Devils supposed to give him handsomeness attributes? Honestly, they looked very strange.

The system only acknowledged the appearance of the vampires.
The rest were all ugly.

Wang Teng looked at his luck index.
It had exceeded that of a normal human.
His handsomeness index was also better than an ordinary person’s.
He touched his chin and nodded in satisfaction.

He was handsome and lucky!

Indeed, he was the son of Lady Luck~

At this moment, his wristwatch sounded.
There was a notification.
The Leader of martial arts was informing him to attend the meeting.

Wang Teng stood up and walked out of the cultivation room.
After informing Grandpa Wang, he headed to the military command building.

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